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League of Legends Build Guide Author Squirtle

Cuddly Teemo

Squirtle Last updated on November 18, 2010
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**UPDATE** Gave a more in depth equipment selection.

Foreword: Play it before you rate it. Comment when you rate too, thank you.

My Mastery Tree focuses on the CDR, brings the mushrooms to appear around every 14 secs.
My runes focuses on the AP side while also including CDR. I think magic penetration is a must, because you dont want them to absorb some of that Bloodrazor damage.

Item Build: ~In Progress

I usually start up with Boots and health pots, then later on I get either Swiftness or Threads, although most of the time I go for Swiftness just because it's faster. It helps me move around easier, and dodge skillshots I cant dodge otherwise. I think its pretty important for Teemo to be able to move around a lot considering how easily he can be killed. Lately I've been rushing Nashor's Tooth then getting my boots.

It doesnt really matter if you want Malady or Nashor's Tooth first, but with Tooth, I found that I could have more mushrooms planted at various places because of the CDR and the MP regeneration. Malady helps more with the kills, and its cheaper, so if you feel like you are dominating your lane, the Malady helps you get that kill. I would also remember to have a dash of mana pots here and there, if your keeping up the mushroom planting, you run out of mana- FAST.

Madred's Bloodrazor is really the core of the build. It is the one that dishes out all the damage that you would ever need. The attack speed you would have late game would really make this item overpowered.

After you finish your Bloodrazor, it should be mid-late game, so a Phage at this time would help a lot considering how squishy Teemo is. Gives you some HP, helps with chasing, and sometimes running, so theres not much to dislike. Usually, a Malady would be considered after the Phage because the extra atk speed boosts you up to be pretty damn fast. More atk speed= more Bloodrazor hurts. Wits End or Swords of Divine could also be considered here, maybe even a Stark's, although that takes some time to build up. Malady is basically a standard option because of its magic pen and 50% atk speed is nothing to joke about when comboed with Bloodrazor.

About the Summoner Spells:

Exhaust is invaluable on a Teemo. <--PERIOD. The main job of a Teemo during a team fight is to silence those melee dpsers, with exhaust that's 2 down. It's perfect for chasing, and perfect for running, so there's nothing to hate about this on a Teemo.

Ghost basically lets you run in and out of fights, works well in chasing as well as running. 550 speed? Thank you come again. Flash could also replace ghost if you're a good flasher. Ignite is also an option here. It stacks on your poison and deals a surprisingly large amount of damage to the enemy. Surprising for you, but more surprising for him. It also enables some easy First Bloods, which is always nice.

Of course, the other summoner spells are also useful in some degree, and for me, summoner spells really depend on what is best for YOU. It's like using something you know how use instead of something you dont.

Playing Tips:

Sometimes, I see Teemo's that like to save up their mushrooms and I'm like, ok it helps in team fights when u got 3 mushrooms as an escape plan, but we all still die ...
I really think mushrooms should be placed everywhere, and i mean EVERYWHERE. Every single bush in the jungle should have a mushroom, and no they arent going to be useless- you know how much people decide to recall with 100 hp in bushes? It also saves your team from ganks. Another place mushrooms could be handy in is in front of turrets and in the middle of lanes. It slows minions down, and your team would be thankful that you had those mushroom there when its the ripe time to push but you see a bunch of enemy minions heading to your turrets. With this build, there should be a constant stream of mushrooms, since you have one every 14 seconds mid game.

On occasion, one of the best strategies a Teemo could use is to place a mushroom in a bush, and then hiding in there himself. When an enemy walks by, you have that 40% attack speed for a few seconds as well as mushroom damage and the element of surprise to finish the enemy. I also wanna note that it's super fun LOL.

Teemo's dont initiate. That's period UNLESS, you have that tower, a mush in front of you, your invisible and your team is somewhere close by. But no one really falls for that ... You also usually end up dead. Just wanted to point this out because I always see some Teemo's that run ahead of the team. I know we are fast but ...

That also brings me to the next topic. NEVER stand in front, be aware of your team mates reactions to various things. If they start running, you should too.

I know some Teemo's that like to harass with the dart, its not a bad idea, but you really have to choose between harassing with the dart or having mana available every time you plant mushrooms. If your laning mid and your opponent takes a lot of hurt from your dart, and especially if you max out dart first
(good idea when your mid because 200 damage nuke early game aint a joke)
As long as your keep up mana pots for mushrooms, harass them. If your side laning, I would dart less because the enemy also takes less damage anyways, poisoning them and saving dart for later could really surprise your opponent. This concept also applies for mid. If you continuously dart them they play more defensively, might be a good option, but also increases your chances of suffering a gank
(i know, mushrooms act as scouts and being ganked is like not going to happen)
Anyways, on the other hand, continously poisoning them saves you mp for mushrooms, and if they low enough an exhaust, dart for 100 hp, and maybe one more hit is gg. They also play less defensively if they only get poisoned, well, thats my opinion, and increases your chances of killing them first.

Without any Doran's items, playing Teemo probably means getting mass harassed, that's what makes it so important to load fast and get to your lane faster, stealth, and pop at least a few auto attacks into them while you both are still level one. Preferably also have blinding dart to nuke them of 80 damage and auto attack to scare them early game so you wouldnt be harassed that badly and could actually have a decent farm. If you're laning mid and you know you're up against a champ that skill shots, getting boots is actually a pretty good choice, especially if you predict fast, dodge their shots, and even get a few auto attacks on them. Really tricky to keep up lane presence when you're using boots, since you have to play more defensively... or you may think that, but your increased speed usually also means that you can harass them and run away with only losing about 30 hp: stupid caster minions >.<.

One last thing, your magic resistance is so ****py that kennen's star can drop you in 4 hits and just about any caster can drop you in one round of nuking- doesnt matter if they are fed or not. so thats why TEEMO HATES CASTERS. Btw got that phrase from this other guide, probably Blues, so credits go to him <3

PS: This guide is still a draft and suggestions would be nice, it IS my first build.
Oh and I've been changing my skill order so much I donno if the skill order posted is possible- mobafire doesnt stop you if you have 5 points of poison on the first five levels right ...?