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Zed Build Guide by kao0521

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kao0521

Cut The Last Throat Of Enemy Mid

kao0521 Last updated on April 5, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my Zed build and Zed excels at taking down enemy ad carry and ap carry. In this guide, you will learn how to beat your lane and what you should do to win the game.

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First about your runes, getting a Armor Penetration runes with a Brutalizer can pretty much ignore most of your enemy's armor in early game. For Mark runes, get flat attack damage yours, Armor for Seals, and Magic Resist for Glyphs

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Skill Sequence

For Zed in my opinion, mastering the RAZOR SHURIKEN (Q) is a really good idea for mid lane. You can farm without your LIVING SHADOW (W), and it also does quiet a lot of damage to champions. After you mastering your RAZOR SHURIKEN (Q), it is your choice to master either your LIVING SHADOW (W) or SHADOW SLASH (E).

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Mid Lane

While farming in lane, it is important to always remember not to use all your energy, and you don't always want your lane pushed. You will want to farm with your RAZOR SHURIKEN (Q), because you don't really want to get close to your enemy since zed is a weak champion before level 6. Once you get to around level 4 to 5, you want to start poking with your W E Q E combo, but always remember to have a ward or else you won't be able to escape without your LIVING SHADOW (W). Remember to always farm even if your trying to poke, you can use your RAZOR SHURIKEN (Q) to poke and farm at the same time.
Once you are level 6, it will be really easy to finish your opponent off. Poke your enemy to around 50 percent health, and you will be able to use your ult and ignite to finish your enemy. If your enemy recalls, this is a good time to roam either top or bot, but before you do, always clear your minion wave with your W E Q E combo. Once you clear your minion wave, Your are free to roam. If you are purple team, it is important to gank from the Tri bush, if you are blue team, you might want to perform a lane gank. Once you get a kill from your lane, it will be really easy to snow ball them, but remember to always ward the lanes or else you fail.

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Team Fights

Once your pretty fed, you always want to go for the ad carry. It is your job as an assassin to kill the enemy ad carry, but remember you should never initiate a fight or else you will get crowd controlled and die instantly. Once your team mate initiates, you want to catch up and ult to the ad carry. In order to perform this, you might have to pop your flash but often you just need your LIVING SHADOW (W) to catch up. Once you have killed the ad carry, you always want to go for the ap carry, but by this time you don't have your ult. Don't Worry, all you need is your LIVING SHAOW (W) to kill an ap carry. Always remember to watch your positioning. You want to always save your LIVING SHAOW (W) for either you getting caught or over extending.

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This is my Zed guide, and I main Zed as my champion. Wish you good luck in Field of Justice and carry your games to challenger tier!