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Nocturne Build Guide by Ploopinator

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ploopinator


Ploopinator Last updated on November 15, 2011
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Hello this is my first time using mobafire so bear with me. If it sucks behonest and tell me lol. This is a guide for the awesomeness that is Nocturne. Before we start things i jsut want to say stacking damage never works for any melee champion unless you can go invincible for 5 secounds. So dont do it, they will just target you and poop on you, so dont. So after that little peice of hate/advice we will start :)

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Pro Cons

You look awesome
You have great jungling capability
You can scare the **** out of people with your ult.
You can block stuff with shroud so your a good initiator.(kinda)
Very mobile and awesome ganking capabilities.
Your dance looks like your getting BJ
Can offtank or AD carry
Your squish without items.
Doesnt have as good dependable CC as other jungles ( Udyr stun, Leesin aoe slow)
Your jokes and taunts are lame.
You have a ponytail.
Small childrean may also hate you.

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Im not gonna spend alot of time on this because its kind of ******ed i even have to say this lol.
For quints what your gonna take is one of two things, Greater Quintessence of Desolation or Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed They are both nice but i think armor pen is better since it carries into late game.
For marks your gonna have the same Greater Mark of Desolation or Greater Mark of Attack Speed
Whichever you choose you should stack on top of the other. Like stack attak speed or stack armor pen.
I use armor pen.
For glyphs the only good choice is Greater Glyph of Sheilding
CDR is also i choice but i dont recommend it since you will constantly have blue.
For seals i take Greater Seal of Armor That makes jungling possible without these your gonna jungle like a pile of **** melting so just take them or you will have to constantly B.
Those are what i use but the choice is yours so just do what works for you and what you build.

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I go 21/0/9 because first of all I like the damage output it helps me with jungling faster and killing people. Then the 9 in utility is a must. You need the increased experiance gain and the longer buffs to be a good jungler. You could also go 1/8/21 for some more utility armor and still have that smite bonus you need. That is really the only ways i can see your masteries being.

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Nocturne: Abilities and other ****

To start out with Nocturne is a pretty sick looking champion. Secound off read his lore, he was forced to be in the League so disrespect him and he will kill you in the night.

Nocturnes abilites are:

Umbra Blades Every ten secounds, Nocturnes next attack strikes surrounding enemies for 120% physical damage and heals himself for 15/20/25 per enemy hit. Nocturnes basic attacks lower this abilites cooldown by 1 secound.

This ability is awesome and put you even one more step ahead of other players, especially early game it gives you a nice boost in damage and lifesteal. This skill also considerably increases Nocturnes ability to jungle.

Tips for this skill: This skill makes Nocturne pretty devastating in teamfights try to hit someone or something that will make it as usful as possible when you first enter the fray.
This skill also can be used to heal yourself up and stay in the jungle longer especially early game. For example after a gank go to the center of the enemy minion mob in that lane and hit one of the minions. This should give you a nice heal of about 60+ then return to the jungle. :)

Duskbringer Nocturne throws a shadowy blade that deals damage, leaves a dusk trail and causes the enemy champions to leave a dusktrail. While on the trail Nocturne ignores unit collision and has increased movement speed and attack damage.

This is what makes Nocturne a rapist. This skill is so nice, it has so many uses. This skill makes you the mother of all duelers, nobody wants to 1v1 nocturne in the jungle.

Tips for this ability:
When you first gank you want to land this skill, its important, it makes you faster than them and do more damage, its beastmode.
This skill can also be used to just increase your movement speed. If you need to get somewhere to help someone just use it on the ground to gain precious secounds. Just make sure you have it up when you get to whoever you need to help so you can use it.
Next this skill can help you run like an Udder but in some cases even better. Ill give you some tricks on running. One thing about this skill is it give you ignored unit collision which makes you versatily faster. So say some monkey Blitzcrank is chasing you, hes tried to grab you but you shroud of darknessed his *** and he cant do anything. But hes gaining on you, he is hauling with overdrive or whatever its called. So your running and there is this creepwave in a straight line. Use duskbringed right through the minions and walk right over them while he cant. Then the minions block his next grab. Then you can TROLOLOLOL and bend over in the turret and block his next grab just to be awesome.

Shroud of Darkness Nocturne empowers his blades, passively gaining increased attack speed. Activating Shroud of Darkness allows Nocturne to faqde into the shadows, creating a magical barrier which blocks a single enemy ability doubling the passive if successful.

This is the skill that makes or breaks a good Nocturne. This skill makes Nocturne a beastmode mid if he has to. Because of this skill plus a banshees passive you can basically walk up to a brand block two skills stop before attacking him
FlamingTitties42(All): FML
Kill him.
Tips for this ability: Block Karthus ult and laugh at him for wasting. I have went games where Karthus ult never affected me. Ever.
Garens chasing you you got 50 hp, you have a little more movement speed but he pops decisive strike OMG HES ABOUT HIT.
Block it.
He loses speed on you you gain ground. stop.
Watch him attempt to turret dive you, use unspeakable horror, when hes about to kill you use shroud of darkness. Block it he gets feared,Kill him with turret

Unspeakable Horror Nocturne plants a nightmare in the targets mind, dealing damge every secound and fearing them if they do not get out of range in two secounds.

This skill is pretty straight forword. Its basically sex in a can. It gives you a nice CC to disable enemy carries. It makes you such a good dueler you could poop on a Warwick.

Tips: Use this to stop Nunus ultimate short.
Use it when your running so it ends up fearing them becasue they are chasing you so they will stay close. Then they will go wondering off looking for boobies for a secound while feared. Then you escape and they are like
NoobNipples73(All): Stiupid fear! Would be so dead without it.
Ploopinator(All): Hoe your on more laps than a napkin. You would be so dead if i had 6 Infinity edges.
Ploopinator(All): oh and btw.
Ploopinator(All): *****.

Paranoia Nocture reduces the sight radius of all enemy champions and removes their ally vision in the process. He can launch himself at a nearby enemy champion.

This is probably one of the coolest skills in the game. Like honestly when your against a Nocturne and you hear this ult and your poppin a B Your like no, no, NO,(You(critical disable)) (Sexy Nocturne(block)) NO!,(You(dead)) NOOOOOOO!
Tips: Use this to have probably the most awesome ganks of all tittin time.
Use this to scare the Lactation juice out of people. Say someones poppin a B you show yourself pop ult. They run back further from there turret. You dont jump on them but you let that teemo hiding back in the bush between there outter and inner turret pop out of the push kill them and defile there corpse with shrooms.

Ok so your skill sequence is Q/E very simple right? WRONG YOU GOTTA BE A FREAKIN BEAST OF MIND AND ANTICIPATE WHEN TO USE W. YOU ALSO HAVE TO LAND YOUR Q. Landing your Q is critical to your damage out put and chasing ability. Because unless whoever your attacking is a ******ed noob they will run. Its obvious they will run.
Be smart when you use your ult. Dont fail like i do when they are right at the end of someones vision and right when you use paranoia they are gone and your like poo.

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Summoner Spells

I use Smite obviously as a jungler. If your not jungling then do not take it but your Nocturne so you will most likely be jungling in virtually every single game. Even though Nocturne can lane and mid well hes best and jungling so Smite is obviously one of your choices.
Your secound choice is where it gets interesting. This is all based on you but what i choose is Ghoast. I choose this because its name fits since Nocturne is a Ghoast jk lol. I like it because its good for hit and run, it can also be used straight up offensivly so when you pop out of the bushs land a Duskbringer pop Ghoast your hauling *** and i dont care if its Kassadin There is no escape.
With those points people ask me why dont i want Flash? Well personally they are both the same thing really but i find Ghoast a more solid option because it works everytime. With Flash Unless you flash over something its not very effective and i just do not like it. But with Ghoast You just pop it and you start hauling.
Other great choices are Ignite and Exhaust. Ignite helps u take down big regens like Dr.Mundo or Warwick. Take Exhaust For that noob Tryndamere that can only kill you because of his Undying Rage.

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In Depth: Equipment

Ok so as we all know Nocturne is a jungler so you start with cloth armor and 5 Health Potions. Dont start with Vamperic Scepter it sucks. You will have to return to base before you can gank which is gay and your team will report you for extreme suck. So after you do your jungle route and get a gank in you b and you should have enough for Wriggle's Lantern like i state in jungle chapter. So once you have your wriggles you can kill dragon with 1 health pot and blue so go for it, kill and ward the dragon then jungle / gank as you please. So after that it should be about 12-14 mins in and you should go back and buy boots, boots as in Mercury Treads or Beserker Greaves depending on what your up against. You really should have at most 450 gold left over which you would buy a longsword with. Then you renter the game. At this point there are probably some teamish fights going on that you should not enter head on. Your nocturne and right now you have no survivability really. So just clean up team fights, make people **** themself with your ult etc. After that little chunk of time you can do 3 things but a BF Wword, make that Longsword into either a brutalizer or a Last Whisper. If they got some rammus or something stacking armor, LW if not brutalizer, simple. Then after that you should start building survivability. This is all depending on them. Say they got a twitch with 2.0 atk spd. Get a randuins omen. Say they got fed Brand, get a Banshee's Veil ( your getting a banshees virtually everygame but this is just if you get it soon or not) use your W and go drop him. Say they are really balanced and you need to be balanced, Frozen Mallet Banshees Veil and an Atmas Impaler. That will make you quite tanky.
So your just average build should be: Wriggle's Lantern, Boots(It depends, i usually get beserker greaves) Ghoastblade/ The Black Cleaver<- this is all just how you feel about the items. Banshee's Veil, Frozen Mallet, Atamas Impaler. Thats your basic build you want to strive to have it or have things that help you with it.
If it gets late game and you need cereal damage output substitute wriggles for a The Bloodthirster

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Jungling + Nocturne = Epic. Jungling is what Nocturne is ment to do. Although Noct can lane like an animal and destroy AP's mid he shines in jungling. The main purpose the jungler is to apply as much pressure on the enemy team as possible. That sounds a little a broad so lets break it down.
Step Uno: Rape there jungler make him worthless so its basically 4v5. Do this by stealing his buffs, killing him because you can because your nocturne so your better. Never give up the dragon. Never!
Step dos: Stay strong. If you do well you should have more or just a little less experiance than your mid and top. Never be dormant, dont wait for your idiot top to get pushed back, you gank when you see something is open your the eternal nightmare in this relationship.
Step Three because i dont know how to spell trayes: Gank. Nocturne is the definition of gank so use this ganking ability to gank. Its simple hide in the river, get behind them be like yo susan(Nasus) wither that fool. Then you attack them and you use your skill sequence i talked about.
Now for the jungling route. Start at your blue have your mid and top hard leash it kill it, use a pot kill the wolves use another pot kill the wraiths. Remember use your skills. Like fear the golems and stuff. You got unlimited mana with blue buff. After wraiths smite one of the golems and fear the other kill them use your pot and if my calculations are correct you should have full health be level 3 and half and have one potion left. After that you gank bot, mid. If you were successful on at least one gank and got a kill or ***is you should be level 4. and have about 1.1, 1.2k. After this the choice is yours. If your low b buy a madreds and boots of speed. If your mid health go do a jungle route minus the blue. If you got good health go gank top. I usually do the secound choice and then b after the route so i can get a wriggles then i go get b then gank top but thats just the way i usually do things.

After that jungling should pretty much stop being a major thing and you just participate in team fights, get dragon whenever you can ect.

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When it comes to warding im not a big warder, supports are the ward monsters i believe. Im not saying i dont buy wards, i do, every game. But i do not ward as much as most junglers and this is why.

I like money.

I dont want to spend 2k on effing wards throughout the game when i could be getting items and raping face. I usually buy about 6 wards a game plus that constant Wriggle's Lantern so it enough i think. I dont ward the enemy jungle unless its some weak noob jungler like Evelynn who can do nothing but try to steal your buffs to no avail because they suck and you kill them.
So IMO warding is more of a job for supports, lessly shared with the jungler. If your looking to counter jungle don't waste money and ward there buffs. say...
Ploopinator: Yo gayboy diamond man
Anal32: what:) <3!!!!!!<<<<33333
Ploopinator: when i ping map cv k
Anal32:o thats all....
Ploopinator: ya keep your pants on.

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To Conclude

Thats my guide. I will edit it more and answer any questions you guys have. Sorry if it sucks i tried to make it as well as i know, its my first guide haha.