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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Dancing In The Moonlight, In The Jungle

Last updated on December 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Diana: My Girl

Well ladies and gentleman, here is my first guide. Please provide feedback, ask questions etc.
In LoL, Diana is wonderful. A hearty AP assassin that jungles like no other: she is wonderful. She has survivability as well as burst, making her a prime contender in the Fields of Justice. Her Q makes her, of course. The shield is good, it lets her jungle. Her E is purely for ganking, and her Ult just ends people.
IF you play Diana, you must:
Be able to coordinate your Q with your Ult
Watch the map actively and CONTROL both blue buffs
Not get overzealous (shes good, but a 1 v 3 probably wont end so well)
Enjoy getting kill after kill after kill after kill

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Basics of Playing Diana

Early game is your time to shine. Open with their blue (bring friends to counter jungle) and move down and take their Wolves. Swing and drop a harass mid before moving to your Red. Golems, then Wraiths, then Wolves, then Blue etc etc. While you do this WATCH THE MAP and communicate with your teammates. Be pinging, be aware of enemies' health bars at all times. Once you hit 4, into a lane you go! If you can't pick up a kill at least force a recall and let your team farm for free. Your job is to over level your opponents, always remember that. Creepscore wins games. If you pick up a kill or two, grab and ward their blue. Just play a smart jungle, do your rounds and what not. End game YOU initiate team fights. Immediately target the AD or AP carry and land your Q on them, then its goodnight. At all costs (this will involve lots of deaths) Use your E to save lives other than your own. If a Darius runs at your full health AD carry, you pull him onto you and take the hits so the carry can get the kill. Nothing here is all that different from many melee fighters.

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As Diana, you have lots of goodies at your disposal. Past level 11, you can bring down squishies under tower like its your job. Do not forget this. Barrier soaks hits, your shield soaks hits, and you can burst them down easily in 2- 3 hits. With Malady your passive pops at least once. The burst is usually high enough to break down underleveled or squishy champions. DO NOT attempt to dive if you can land your Q. DO NOT dive while Barrier or your Shield is on cooldown. DO NOT dive if you cant ult in to the person BEHIND the turret. Those are my general rules for tower diving. Good Luck!

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Pros / Cons

Pros Of Diana:
High burst
Good 1 v 1
Can survive indefinitely in the Jungle
Combos easily for sustained Damage
AMAZING underrated passive

Cons of Diana:
Can get shut down early game
Focused in team fights
Easy to get reckless and overextend what you can actually do