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Shyvana Build Guide by Duosora

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Duosora

Dancing On Their Ashes - Jungle Shyvana Guide (WiP)

Duosora Last updated on July 21, 2016
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Bounty Hunter
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Hello, I'm Simplar Duosora, the 22-years old Shyvana, Soraka and Lulu main, which started to really play League since season 5 (I've created my account in 2011). I haven't had that much success in ranked plays lately (say hello to 0/33 zilean trolls and surrender guys ^^"), though I'm sure it's possible for everyone to carry himself out of any elo with properly mastered champion. I hope this guide will help you to master every aspect of one of my dearly beloved champions, a demacian half-dragon called Shyvana.

New chapters come once a week, so be sure to check out!

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Should you play Shyvana?

First of all, it's worth to analyze for yourself if Shyvana fits your desired playstyle.
It's simple to do. Answer these questions:

  1. Do you like dragons?
  2. Do you like to think on the fly?
  3. Do you like to towerdive enemies?
  4. Do you like to delete squishy glass cannons in moments?
  5. Do you want something more than just mashing your right click mouse button?
  6. Do you prefer raw damage over hard crowd control?
  7. Do you want something that is easy to learn but hard to master?
  8. you hate when someone calls your darling main a 'Shyvanna'?
  9. Do you like Prince Jarvan Lightshield the Fourth, The Exemplar of Demacia?

If most of your answers are yes, then Shyvana is made for you.
Other people should probably seek something more fitting for them because further stuff will describe things which relate to positive answers on questions above.

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Jungling Theory

I have rarely seen this information in guides and videos overall, so I've decided to sum up everything that I discovered in a separate chapter.
You could ask me something like 'why do I need to study all jungler types when Shyvana occupies only a specific niche?'
I won't deny that Shyvana is in a specific niche, but it's important to know the behavior of different jungler types because it provides you better information on what can be expected of every specific jungler type.

One type of classification states that there are Farm Junglers, Gank Junglers and Control Junglers.

Farm Junglers is the group of junglers which spend most of the time in the jungle. These are mostly late game carry junglers which mostly focus on farming the jungle and objectives in other stages of the game. They will only try to invade when their jungle is completely farmed and no lane can be ganked without a risk.

The general counterplay against farm junglers is pretty easy: be a control jungler. Constantly invade enemy jungle to leave him with as low farm as possible. It'll force many of them to gank lanes in an attempt to snowball. You've got to foresee which lane will he gank. This will give you a chance to countergank him and snowball even more (his farm+your farm+his death=your domination in jungle). Simple as it is!

Gank Junglers is the group of junglers which spend most of the time ganking lanes. It's someone who quickly grabs two buffs and starts to actively participate in ganking. Their key strength is always the same: strong early to assassinate a target or secure a kill. This makes jungler's team to snowball early on and if they will keep playing it right, they will win the game. These guys will try to invade you very early on to steal the second buff they need with a smite.

Countering a gank jungler may be a problem if you aren't a gank jungler yourself. All other types of junglers can not countergank a gank jungler early on. All you can do is to reach your early powerspike as soon as possible and catch him on his way to gank (he'll usually won't have a high health which makes him an easy target).

Control Junglers is the group of junglers who constantly counterjungle you and often steal your objectives extremely well in aim to get benefit connected with their mechanics. That's why they are called as control junglers. They control enemy jungler and got all necessary things in their kit to do so well. Most of them are good in 1v1 fights, even kiting. You need to always be aware of invades of this type.

The easiest way to counter a control jungler is to get as much vision in your jungle as you can, so early Sightstone and Vision Ward are quite good investments of gold against such a jungler since else he will leave you without farm with ease. Knowing where he is can help to avoid dueling with him until you will want so. Basically, with a Sightstone, keep your buffs warded. Vision Ward must be placed in a rarely visited bush near your blue buff (helps to know if he's behind you).

Of course, everything said above is just a general data and you've got to adapt these general advices to concrete enemy jungle comps and picks.