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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Darius: Beefy Bruiser

Last updated on May 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone, and welcome to my Darius guide, where I will do my best to show you how Darius can be nearly unable to be killed if played right, and to in the same process screw over the entire enemy team.

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Fairly High DPS output
Ult is like [Garen] on steroids
Armor pen from e is amazing
(More but these are the most recognizable)

Slow early game if lane partner is bad
Build is pretty concrete here
CC will be a nightmare unless you swap zerkers for merc. treads
Q for max damage will require clever footwork
(These are the biggest, the others aren't worth mentioning)

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Darius' Abilities.

Q: This is your main source of destroying an HP bar and applying hemo other than auto attacking. This should be maxed out as soon as you can and used at mid-max range for maximum output from it.When you get phage/Froz. mallet it also will slow targets hit so it is a very abusive move and can inflict serious punishment if you are being ignored.

W: This is a slow that deals extra damage based on your AD on hit. Other than the fact that it slows it is kind of garbage, use this after an E pull to do extra damage and increase the like-hood of a kill for you or your team.

E: Free armor pen / small vers. of Bliz's Rocketgrab. Why not? this is a NICE if not best passive for an Ad bruiser IMO.

R: Holy ****... It's like Garen on steroids. Get 5 stacks of hemo and I've actually brought a tank at around 75% down with it. THIS IS AMAAAAZZZZZIIING! It does true damage based on your AD, and does additional AD based true damage for EACH stack of hemo. It's downright amazing. Not to mention that it gets refreshed if it makes a deathblow. So It's Fairly amusing to ult 5 times and get pentas... Darius has joined Kat's level of penta potential if not passed her in my opinion.

Passive: Hemo is just an epic passive, For each enemy you hit you get a bleed on them and +movement speed, though the movement is fairly small unless you have a lot of hemo everywhere. The best part of it is its double-whammy. While the damage scales up from your AD, the actual damage done is magic. so theoretically, If you had a *****torm of AD compiled against an armor stacker, he would still take a ridiculous amount of damage from the bleed itself. This passive is my 2nd favorite, due to the fact I've gotten triples from the grave from it. It's lovely.

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Do's Don'ts and the Gamechanger (Teamwork and some Tactics)

So, Darius is the new guy in town so, not too many people realize what/how they are ballsing up here.
Personally,Here are my opinions;
Don'ts first:
Q after you pull with E
You do more damage withe q hitting around max range. Enough Said.
Initiate a fight!!!!
Now just because you think you are a tank here means you are.I cant stress this enough, WAIT FOR THE INITIAL CC!!!You will get shredded regardless if you are locked up in CC! Although Maw makes you increasingly dangerous at low HP it's not too advised unless you are going for 'The Gamechanger' I'll cover that Bada** later.
And for the love of god don't get one kill with your ult when that target is in a crowd, it should be more wisely used to pick off stragglers or quickly dispose of high priority targets!

Now for some of the main Do's
Q at max range for Everyone's sake,I've seen to many Darius' E > Q, Reverse that and you're fine
E is good for Armor pen and a gap closer for w. Armor pen on an only AD champ? Epic!
Being able to separate squishes from a group and Then slow them to get more hemo stacks up...Free Kill.
Another fun part of your e is to pull squishes into towers early on, It also helps if you have a lane partner to drag them away from the tower or like in the champion spotlight; pull away from a low teammate.

The Game-changer
This is... The epitome of epic.
So, how to pull this off? Simple, Wait for the tank to initiate, Try to get everyone with your q about 3 times, Cripple the lowest target, and finally, feign a lost battle, while watching your hemo stacks and finally, start up your ULT SPREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! And grab some heads. :D

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Creeps,Farms,and You

Now Farming is one of the easiest to do as Darius. I like to harass/farm with 1 q, To do so, sit in the corner of one of the bushes and wait for a melee or someone to get close to YOUR creep closest to your spot in the position, then a simple q smash is a quick way to farm up as well as getting a quick,mana efficient, and DMG efficient harass/CS+.

Last hitting, Q spam, and normal auto attacks are Darius' only efficient ways of creep farming. Sadly the E pull only pulls, and using Cripple on a creep is a dumb move.

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Masteries,Runes,and Summoner Spells

Masteries: Okay so, what's going on here? Why did you get those masteries over some of the more preferable ones that so many AD's get? Why didn't you get tanky masteries to compensate for your build and have 9 in Offense? Simple. 1) YOU ARE -NOT- A TANK
2)The items are your tankiness, the masteries are for extra Damage as well as rune, which I'll cover in a moment 3)If you went all out tank this would be a waste of time because Darius is a bruiser, Beefy,High damage output. It's what you want.

Runes: Alright smart guy Why get flat Damage runes, scrub uninstall, dont make builds yadda yadda rabble rabble. Flat atk dmg > Armor pen... Why on Darius...3 words Read. His. E. He get's bonus armor pen. flatly from his e, and thus why I max it 2nd over cripple....Because you just want the slow from it really... Then late game it becomes extra damage once you get Froz. Mallet and can slow with q smash.
Armor Seals, Ehh pretty typical, they'll keep you on your feet against a Yi / GP
MR Glyphs, again fairly good for An OT-ish type of champ. They can sustain you pretty well. Even though MR per level gives you more MR later, I say It's my MR and I want it nao!
Quints: A mix of Flat damage(again) and attack speed. Why? The thought behind this is to get the 'powerhouse' feel from these. By that I mean, early to mid game when you have fairly 'meh' items you still hit like a train.The attack speed is to help get hemo up faster, alot of darius interacts with his passive, Personally I abuse his passive. Getting doubles/triples from the grave is just funny.

Summoner spells:
This one shouldn't even need to be explained. It lets you juke,chase,get in range, gtfo, steal baron, save ally, et-cet-e-ra!

In my opinion, the best offensive spell. It screws over any ad carry as well as slows targets that will get away, and it never loses it's usefulness... although it can be debated against an all AP team you face but ehh WTH it's an epic spell.


Replace flash with this if you want it, it's okay to chase/get in range and gives you another mastery point to put wherever, but Ghost goes good with TP for solo-top

Really useful for if you are a good back-door or have to solo-top, good with ghost in my opinion

This is good early-mid game, then just becomes an anti heal late. Most of the time too much of this is on a team, it should replace exhaust but exhaust/ignite can be pretty lethal if played right, if you do grab Ignite/Exhaust, then by no means should you NOT get Mercs treds. Or else you will have no chance at all.

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Skill Sequence

While I've hinted at this earlier, I think that I should go over some of my thoughts.

so, you've watched the champion spotlight, Phreak is sooo pro and says to max e last...... NONONONONONONONNNONO.
To start, this screws you over so haaaard. W is next to worthless to me when I roll Darius. It's a slow that does a bit of damage based on your AD. And Hey, your runes are all flat damage, so if you get armor stacked you have to invest in a brutalizer to sell later or even a last whisper mid-late game. This is going to screw up the entire point of being tanky but nuking squishes and sometimes even other tanks as your AD soars as you get lower and lower.
So, Q is your main move, Farm,harass,damage, it's your bread and butter. E is to secure the kill and give you all important Armor pen. W is just the slow, it's why I max it last.

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Let's Review.

So remember, Darius.
Tanky bruiser, but NOT a tank nor initiator.
Fancy footwork is needed to maximize effectiveness of your q
Only use your E to secure the kill for the team or to close distance to slow, or separate squishes from the group. Otherwise you just want its armor pen.
If you feel you're getting CCed to hard, pick up merc treds instead of zerkers, I juust recommend a bit of atk speed to apply hemo faster so you can ult for maximum dmg later
wait for first few CC's but dont wait for all of them, you are going to be one of the main sources of dmg for your team if you play this right.

That concludes my build!
Well Thanks for you time in my guide! Go Lob off some heads! GLHF!