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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Darius Build: Patch 6.21! *Diamond*

Last updated on November 1, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Darius with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Malphite It's Malphite, do you thing and watch all his armor do nothing when your true damage ultimate shreds him. Just watch for enemy ganks because of his initiate with ultimate.
Poppy Just like before her rework, every Poppy fears a darius. Just do your thing adn watch out for jungler ganks, because of her heavy lock-down kit.
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Life as a Top Laner 101 (General)

Life as a Top Laner can be pretty confusing at times, so here are some simple tips for those not so experienced in the ways of Top Lane.


There are several basic ways to position yourself in the early game as a Top Laner.

You want to be inside the minion wave near, between the enemy melee minions and the caster minions. The objective of this position is to completely deny your opponent farm or harass them continuously if they decide to farm. Make sure that if you're harassing them that you use the bushes to your advantage to lose minion agro and to not take unnecessary damage. Here you need to rush the level 2 advantage add push the wave to tower if your cheese kill strats don't work. The reasoning behind this is to reset the minion wave to the center of the lane. After this you only want to last-hit minions, in an effort to force the lane to push to you, and to give you more space to chase down your opponent for a kill. Don't forget that the average first gank occurs at about the 3:20 mark, so ward at the 3- 3:10 mark to assure you won't die for first blood!

If the lane is too difficult to play you simply want to last hit minions when they are about to die and let the lane slowly move towards your tower. Here you can ping for jungler assistance and keep the lane frozen near your tower (I will talk about freezing the lane in the Lane Control paragraph). Don;t rush the level 2 here unless you really think you have a chance in killing your laner.

The lane is pretty chill, no one really wants to fight and the match-up is even. If you don't fancy your chances keep the lane middle centralized in order to suit for every scenario. You don't want to push in case a jungle gank screws you over, but you could potentially win the lane in a 1v1 as well. Just make sure that if you decide to go in that you have some type of advantage, Eg: Backing advantage or minion.

Lane Control

Some find this difficult, but a few simple tips can have you freezing or slow pushing a lane like a pro!

Freezing a Lane:
Freezing a lane isn't really difficult, most people know the tank method where you literally face-tanking enemy minions at your favored position and wait for your minion wave to come up and greet it. Whilst this does work it is hardly efficient. You lose a ton of health and a good top laner will punish you severely.

The more effective method is the drag method. This involves walking down the river or to the top lane bushes in order to take reduced damage as the minions follow you and need to move into range before attacking. With practice one can do this correctly and get the minions to the spot you desire. In addition to dragging the minions and running into the bush, one can further reduce damage and increase efficiency by stuttering in and out of the bush. The idea behind this is to keep the minions in the same position they are in and to cause them to get confused between agro'ing you and following there AI pathing towards tower.
Slow Pushing a Lane:
Slow pushing a lane means that you purposely delay the minions journey to tower and let them clump up to a giant wave of minions. This usually consists of up to 3-4 different waves worth of minions. This strategy can become useful when you want to leave your lane and follow and objective. The most common being the early game dragons, or slow-pushing bot lane in the late stages of the game for a baron. Using a Slow-Push can take chunks of towers if the enemy champions are distracted or leave the lane to its own devices. Below i have taken a screenshot from a video i found to demonstrate the easiest way to Slow-Push a lane. The YouTuber who created this is called, 'Do'ng Huap' adn a i very much recommend you watch his videos, whether you enjoy the educational or the entertainment side of league of legends content.
Link to video:
Link to Channel:

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So, You're a Darius Player

What you will find as a Darius is that everyone loves to camp you, so be prepared for those good 'ol 2v1's with your 0 mobility!

Basic Combos

    Q>E>AA>W (Use the Q and Phage to get in range for your E, then cancel your auto animation with your W)
    E>AA>W>Q (A slight variation to be used depending on how slippery your opponent is. Also to be used as a lane trade)
    Q>E>AA>W>AA>AA>R (Your 1v1 combo isn't pretty, really just hit 5 stacks as fast as possible, then rain down hell with your ultimate)!

Darius Tips

    Use your W as an Auto-Attack cancel!
    E no longer pulls flashed enemies (Rip old Darius cheese :C)
    Don't underestimate your power to turn on multiple enemies if you can successfully hit 5 stacks on one (Every Darius is known for their ultimate chain kills)!
    You can use your E to delay enemies and to pull them away from allies
    Don't forget to sue the Randuin's Omen active in fights!
    If an all-in didn't end up in a kill, consider charging your Q and flashing in range as an execute
    Don't forget to utilize the fastest exit route from your lane in a gank or a bad 1v1 (Walking in a straight line as close to river as possible)
    Use your Q whilst retreating (this can save you a ton)

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General Warding Patterns as a Top Laner (including Blue Trinket)!

General warding locations for Pink Wards and Green Wards (Green Wards can also be replaced with Blue Trinket Wards). For those interested in this site, follow the link:

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Mid Game

General Rotations/ What to do

The Dragon Rotation:
Save your teleport and push your wave in (or Slow-Push it if the enemy laner isn't present) then simply walk down river to dragon. This seems really cheesy and stupid, but with correct timing you can guarantee numerous dragons with a 5th man present in the pit. This can also force the enemy top laner to teleport if he wasn't paying attention.

Stripping Objectives:
Your team is strong? Why not just run it down mid and take their tier 1 and 2. You want to visualize taking objectives as peeling off parts of the enemies vision. Traditionally you want to strip of the layers (tier 1 and 2) before you begin peeling another layer. Unless random circumstances give you the ability to push an inhibitor (Eg: ACE). This is because even a fed team can lose whilst tower diving. So the safest and one of the most effective ways to begin your ending of a game is to gather as much gold as you can to accelerate your lead further. If tier 1 top is still up 30 minutes in, just ping for some assistance and give the money tree (tower) a whack!

The Spilt Push:
Sometimes your team will have the game under control and all you have to do is force an enemy to follow you to another lane while allies win you the game. Nothing tilts a player more than when that annoying split pusher won't challenge you, or let you get back to help your losing team. Bot lane is the most common split-push for a top laner because of the positioning of the Baron near top lane. Make sure your teleport is off cooldown and see whether you are needed for the big baron or mid lane fight; otherwise, split-push away!

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Team Fighting/ Late Game

Sometimes the best option is to simply 5v5 a team, make sure you choose an appropriate position to fight that works well for yourself and your fellow allies (Eg: a narrow path is great for a Rumble ultimate).

As a major bruiser/tank on your team your front-lining is most likely necessary. You need to make sure you can maximize your Q and focus the squishier targets, like the supports, mids, and ADCs. However, if your carries are having trouble getting into fights are are being killed easily by enemy mid/jungler you want to kite back and assist them with your E, W and your raw damage. Work around your carries and let them have the easiest time possible. Assisting them may give you a free 5 stack passive.