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Darius Jungle S5 - How to wreck some ***

Last updated on January 20, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Since the pre-S5 i've always wondered if Darius could be a good jungler. It's true that he is quite slow and don't have any gap-closer. As i couldn't find any guide on the subject I try it myself and it turns out Darius is actually and excellent jungler in the S5. I've only lost 2 games out of 15, which is good in my opinion. In the other 13 i was able to snowball a lot and had no real trouble wrecking the enemy team late-game.

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With Darius you need both tankiness and damage, these masteries will help you stay alive and in the jungle and have good dps.

You might want to change these to 21/9/0 or 9/21/0 depending on your play style, i personnally think that this is a good balance between tanky and DPS.

Note: Both AS and CDR are useful on Darius as they both help you stack your passive.

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These runes will help you for both the goals we want to achieve: being a tank and a carry.

The extra attack speed will help you stack your passive and clean the jungle faster.
The AD is always good to take, with the machete you should have 80 from the start i think.
The Armour Runes will help you stay alive in the jungle and be more tanky.
The MR runes are good against any AP carry, which you will encounter a lot when you gank (it will help you not getting one-shot by a LeBlanc for example).

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Skill Sequence

Take Q first to clean, then W to help you stay alive (slow AS from monsters and champions) and finally take E to be able to perform your early gank. If you have the possibility to gank at level 2 which I would not advice, you can take E before Q.

Max your Q first for extra damage and faster jungle cleaning. Then it's up to you to max E or Q depending of your ability to grab.

Like always level up your R each time you can (6/11/16).

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Early Game

If you are on red side try to invade. If the enemy jungler start here, try to get a kill or more to your team without putting yourself in danger. If he doesn't and nobody has seen you take the krugs as they are a better starting buff for Darius. Then take Red Buff and go for your blue. If possible gank midlane. Otherwise go for your RedBuff and to your golems. Now Back as you should have low HP (if you don't try to gank top lane).

Start at the camp near your botlane (krugs or gromp), clean it and take your buff. Then rush the other buff and gank the top lane if the enemy has push the lane. Otherwise, clean the camp closest to the top lane (krugs or gromp)

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Mid Game

Try to farm a lot in jungle, cleaning should be easy. If you successfully take enemy buff during an invade early game, continue to counter-jungle the enemy, be careful though you don't have a lot of escape (just the flash)

Gank everytime it's 100% to get a kill for your team, don't lose to much time on useless ganks as it will only slow your snowballing ability. Don't hesitate to flash in, smite, Q, E, W, Q the enemy when ganking.

Note: If you successfully grab when ganking, the kill should be easy to get, otherwise just go back to your jungle, you want catch up to most champions.

Also try to secure and take objectives with your team: drake mostly but also turrets.
Come and help your teammates if they need to back, only a fool would towerdive a Darius so you should be safe.

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Late Game

Wreck the enemy team.
During teamfights try to have a good placement. You aren't that much of a tank (you don't have any ability to do it) so let your tank engage first, because if you get CC you could "easily" get killed.
Try to go for the skishy enemies and Q, E, W, AA, Q, R them, don't forget that if your ultimate is a killing blow it resets immediatly so wait to have some passive stacks and kill your target then take out the next one, etc.

Note: If you have to go after an enemy don't forget that a Q + Hydra can easily kill minions wave and make the Phage passive proc which will give you extra speed.

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Creeping / Jungling

Jungling is quite easy with Darius focus the big one when you do a camp, use Q and W to kill him, your Q should have damaged the little ones enough so you can kill them with one AA. Try to clean fast and don't forget that your passive deals a lot so you don't have to actually finish off the monsters to kill them (if you do it properly this should save you a lot of time).

Note: Early on, try to engage camps with Q then auto-attack until the big one has 4-5 stacks of your passive then use W, this will allow you to get the cooldown reduction associated with your W.

Note 2: It's kinda of basic but always try to hit all the monsters at max range with your Q. After the initial engage step a bit back when you have to do the other ones.

Try to let the blue-buff to your mid-laner once you get your level 6. (you need it for the gold, XP and Mana Regen. before that). Usually you will take the first two.

Try to counter-jungle if you're begining to snowball (successful gank top at level 3 for example) and if the enemy jungler isn't a threat to you (search for hard Darius counters match-up to see if you can or not).

If you caught the enemy jungler when he is low on HP don't hesitate to flash in Q, E, W, AA, Q him to get the kill. It will get you more gold and slow him down. If you successfully kill him and have still a lot of HP (above 60% HP) take one of his camp if possible.
Note: Check the lanes to see if no one is missing, you don't want to be catch.

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I haven't find any difficult match-up yet. They are the same as a Darius Solo Top more or less. Be careful with the usual counter-jungler like Shaco or Nunu as they will try to take your buffs.

Early on your are quite reliant on your blue buff as your abilities used a lot of mana, so try to get to it quickly.
Your redbuff is also important to gank as he will synergise with your passive ability and deal a lot of DOT.