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Darius Build Guide by ProNO.

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ProNO.

Darius The Solo Top King

ProNO. Last updated on July 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my new Darius Build.
I have play Darius for 2 weeks now and like him so much!
So I planned to make a build how I play Darius solo top.
Please enjoy the build!

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Pros / Cons

Have good damage from early game to late game.
Hi's ulti Noxian Guillotine reset it's cooldown if he get a kill whit it.
He take down squishy target like twich or teemo realy fast.
Apprehend hes E can not be blocked by minions.
When you have full stack on the passive Hemorrhage the tarrget bleed and after some seconds you hear YOU HAVE SLAIN AN ENEMY.
Apperehend have a long long cooldown.
Crippling Strike hes W dont have so long slow effect only 40% for 2 seconds in rank 5.
Have no escape tools so thats why im use flash.
Not so good ganks if the other players in enemy team have CC.
If you are in one team fight your mana end fast.

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Skill Sequence

Hi's passive Hemorrhage, Darius aim his attacks strategically, magic damage over 5 seconds this effect stacks up to 5 times, Darius gains 5% movment speed for each bleeding enemy champion.

Hi's Q Abbility Decimate, Swing his axe in a wide cirkle and damage all inside the cirkle and next to it also.

Hi's W Abbility Crippling strike, Dariu's next attack severs a crusial artery, dealing 20/40/60/80/100% additional Physical damage and their movment speed slows 40% for 2 seconds, in rank 5.

Hi's E Abbility Apprehend, Darius hones his axe grant him 25% passive armor penetration,
hi's sweeps and pull his enemy's to him.

Hes R Abbility Noxian Guillotine (his ulti) it's a very strong abbility he leaps to an enemy champion and strike a lethal blow, dealing tons of damage and if you get a kill whit it your ulti reset and you can use it again, you can do this how much you want but you will get out of mana cuse it cost 100 mana per ulti.

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Which Items

I start with a Ruby Crystal for solo, so you have health to take some damage in the start.
Then I buy Boots of speed for the litte speed you need in the early game.
then I buy Phage for the healt and attack damage in early game to.
Then I buy Ninja tabi or Mercury's Treads depends on whether it is more AP or AD
Then I continues with Hexdrinker for the shield if you have low life in a team fight.
I upgrade to Maw of malmortius for the extra damage.
Then I upgrade my Phage to Frozen mallet.
Then I buy Randuin's omen it give's you both armor and magic resistance.
I continues with Guardian angel so if I die in a team fight i come back for some extar health.
I buy Atma's impaler for the 1,5% of your max health turn into damage.

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Which play style

In start I run next to turrent and wait, I dont want any fights i focus to take minion kills.
But if a team mate or your jungler ganks ofcurse I fight, but dont turrent dive early.
When I buy maw of malmortius and Frozen mallet I fight much more and im play litte bit as tank
in team fights.
When I get my randuin's omen it's more easy to have a fight whihout die.
When I have buy Guardian angel i never dies maybe sometimes but not more often and i have one extra chance if I die.
How I play in late game.
In team fight I play roll as tank but in 1v1 or 2v1 I play like more AD and not tank.
You have a very important roll in the game and must protect other squishy champions in your team.

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When you farm it's realy important to NOT autoattack minions.
You only take minion kills when they have realy low life (Minions)
When you farm you must ensure that your jungler dont take your minion kills.
And if you dont get all minions kills it's okay, but if you dont get minion kills be sure you get kills.

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Summoner Spells

I chose Flash and ignite for summoner spells cuse Darius dont have good escape tools so I chose flash and you dont realy need ignite you can use exhaust cuse you have Hemorrhage your passive,
thats like ignite but ignite have more effect cuse Hemorrhage only magic damage.

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I have search for counterpicks and I only found 3 that counterpicks Darius
Early /Mid /Late game
nocturne Kennen Ahri
so be very carefull to these 3.
If I found more i'll say it.

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The End

Thanks for looking at my Darius build and I hope you like it.
Im sure I do more builds on other champions and we see which come next.
see you later bye!