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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MerlinDarkMage

Dat's My Bad Bi7ch

MerlinDarkMage Last updated on November 8, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is a variation of the Morgana Prime that I like to use.

Main differences you will see is in the mastery skills, runes, and items.

This build allows you to gank as well as support.

I will keep this brief:

1. Clarity is considered a crutch by many players, but it is also a tool to use for lane partners/teammates needing mana or a trick I like to use. I will run low on mana, and then "get sloppy" with my playing. Then when the oppenent in my lane makes a move, Morgana can pop her clarity and Q,W,R combo (bind, pool, soul shackle) and you have the ignite for extra damage. There is nothing better than draining an enemy, watching them run away to heal, then seeing his/her death pop up on screen after they attempted to get away.

2. Ignite: I basically just described why I love this, but it serves a few purposes. Firstly, once it is used, the mastery set up gives you extra AP. Also, ignite helps do extra damage early game when laning to get a quick kill and starve your enemies of xp and give you some extra coins for the expensive build that this is. Ignite also does damage over time, so it tryn uses his lame 6 sec ult, you can pop him with that on a get away and problem solved.

Skills learned are a personal choice if you ask me. The dark binding (snare) and pool are used more early on. I like to snare enemies for a quick kill in lane. And the pool is used to help farm since Morg is a dirty farmer girl. Also, I pick the shield right after getting her Sould Shackle Ulti. This is to prevent from being silenced while performing a combo as well as to last the 4 seconds needed while using soul shackles. Zonya's ring also helps with that too.

Knowing how to shoot bindings through walls and into bushes to check for enemies is great to know. Also, if you are short on oracles and want to avoid those dirty invisible rats like Twitch, Shaco, Eve, etc. Soul Shackles will light up when near enemies.

The item build gives you AP, mana regen, and one significant thing I have is the Deathfire grasp. Deathfire grasp is nice when having to deal with tanky fools that just won't die. In a team fight, one on one, whatever the case, I try to cast it on them since it takes 30% of his/her current health away which allows your team or your combo to stand a chance against the slippery Vlad. Sorcerer Boots help deal more damage, but Merc Treads aren't a bad idea, just depends on who you are up against. Void staff is mean, and the stacks from Mejai's is essential. If you are being fed, rush the soul stacker before Archangel's staff.
PLEASE KNOW: Item builds are much like poker, in the fact that you are basically playing and building due to who you are up against. If against other AP and magic folk, Banshee's Veil is useful. Rod of Ages isn't a bad choice either. Just be conscious of your opponent and make adjustments as needed to your item build. Also, Elixir of Brilliance is an awesome item to use to boost AP while waiting for items.

Magic Pen on Red's to help spells hurt a bit more :)
Force on Yellows and Blues to help have more AP and hit Harder
Quinns are built for AP too
But it is fluid in the fact that some may like to have more mana or quicker cd.

Hope this helps you slay more enemies and march to victory.