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Death lotus hurts! (Apc katarina guide)

Last updated on May 6, 2014
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Hi! I would like to share my katarina guide! I know this is not the best katarina guide. But thanks to all the people who read this! This guide focuses on apc katarina. I love playing katarina because she's really really fun! Her death lotus really hurts ! Katarina is my favorite champion i play her since season 3! Im currenlty standing on silver division 2 ! I won 82 ranked game with her! I recommend you to play katarina! She's really really nice to play! My opponents we're like "kata really hurts". Yupp. Your right dude kata really hurts! Now let's stop chatting! Lets start to the pros and cons of katarina.

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Pros and cons

-death lotus hurts if her ap is high
-really fun to play
-hard to gank because of shunpo
-champion kill or assist reduces katarina's cooldowns by 15%
-hard to counter in late games

-really squishy in the early game
-easy to gank in level 1
-easy to counter in levels 1-5

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Now here's the champion that really hurts. Leblanc is quite hard to kill because she really hurts. She can doge your ult with her eathreal chains! Go avoid her chain or stay behind to your allied creeps! You can counter her if you have death lotus. But if her health is low there will be rwo leblancs. You want to know who's the real leblanc? The fake leblanc acts crazy while the real one is acting normal. Go flash and ignite her to finsh her off!

Probally she's the doge queen! She can doge mf's ult, fiddlesticks's ult and your ult! Try to stay away from her! Once if you're level six, go finish her off with the combo; q e w r. If she doge you ult and she has low health. Flash (if far away) then q e w if she didnt die Counter her using ignite. And avoid her summon tibbers thing. It will stun you and she will deal magic damage on you. So stay away from her because she will summon tibbers (which really hurts). Try to stay behind to your allied minions. And be aware because she's about to summon tibbers, and if she has a white swirl around her, in her next ability she will stun you. So if you see it, try to fall back she might stun you.

"Im more fabulous than you" xD im just joking now lets go to the serious mode. Ezreal is kinda powerful and has a good escape with arcane shift. If you have low health. You will probally know what will happen.... He will ult you! So go to your tower as soon as possible (of course go behind your tower not in front). Then your safe. And honestly he's easy to counter, just do your combo. If he has low health and he arcane shift, go flash and press q e w on him if he didnt die go ignite him as soon as possible!

Cuttttte! Im just joking xD. Beware of his shrooms. He will put his shroom in the left bush and in the right bush. Do not go to bushes because you might step on it! Its easy to counter him! Use your combo and if he has low health and if he press his w. Probally flash and press q e w and ignite him if he didnt die.

She's the best combo queen. Has good escape with spirit rush. All you have to do is avoid her charm. Go behind your minions. She's really easy to kill. Just avoid her charm. She can doge your ult. If she escape with her ult. Use these spells: flash and ghost. You can chase her and of course finish her off. (Her charm can doge your ulti)

Easy to counter, go use your combo. She can doge your ult by her light binding. She can use light binding as an escape. Go flash and use your combo and ignite if she didnt die.

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Defensive runes
Seal of armor
I pick this rune because it gives katarina some armor in the early game. It helps her be less squishy. Usually i love defensive runes to katarina because it makes her less squishy. Your opponents will have a hard time to counter you to get first blood! So get this rune because it helps katarina in the early game a lot! Thanks to this rune it makes katarina less squishy! So go stick this rune to your rune book!

Mark of magic resist
One of the important defensive runes to katarina, this was my first rune ive ever bought for katarina. It helps her a lot in the early game. This rune make her less squishy too and this rune gives katarina a strong magic resist in the early game! It helps her a lot! Opponents will have a hard time countering you !

Offensive runes
Glyph of ability power
This is one of the best offensive rune. This gives katarina more ap in the early game! I pick this rune because it makes katarina strong in the early game! Opponents will say "dat kata really hurts". So get this rune to wreck your enemys and enjoy your high ability power! Get this rune for katarina because this makes her so strong in the early game! I luv this rune so much! Thanks to this rune it helps katarina so much in the early game ! ^^

Quint of ability power
No much to explain in this rune. This is just the same rune ! So get this rune as your quint!

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Being an apc

Being an apc is really really nice. You can win a game using katarina because your enemys cant beat you! An apc carries her whole team. Or apc is the role who has the many kills !
Carrying your team is really easy, all you have to wreck your enemies ! And enjoy your killing spree! Dont just look for a kill go help your team! And go push! Dont just go carry. If you see one of your teamates is in the trouble situation go help and dont just hook up a kill go do teamwork! Remember an apc is the leader of the team! Go fight with your teamates! Pinging smartly makes you a good apc. So go on do teamwork amd remember dont just hook up a kill!

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Warding is one of the important things you need to do ! Keep warding up in mid to be safe from ganks. Dont worry if someone is about to gank you go shunpo to your allied minions. That way your safe! Good thing kata has shunpo! Shunpo is one of the best escape. Plus katarina can shunpo her wards or your team's wards. If all the enemys are chasing you plant a ward in front of you then shunpo! Now your far away from them! Warsing is really important! Go ward rivers and ward bushes! That way you're safe from ganks! And again warding is really important! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^plant wards!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Items explanation

Amplifying time
This is the perfect starting item for katarina. Go pick up this item as your starting item. Plus your ap will be up!

Abyssal scepter
I pick up this item because it gives katarina a strong magic resistence plus extra abillity power! I get this item as soon as possible! I cam be safe from clashes. The enemy will deal less magic damage on me because of the strong magic resistence given! So thats why i get abyssal scepter as soon as possible because it helps katarina a lot. I get this so fast to be safe from ganks, clash and if my enemy is attacking me. Definitely they will have a hard time countering me! So get this item as soon as possible or get this fast as you can!

Mejai soulstealer
I love this item because you need to stack (by killing) and you will have extra ap! Sorry for the short description (tell me if the spelling is right or wrong)

Void staff
Probally gives you extra ability power. I would always rush this because its really nice because of the high ap.

Sorsceres shoes
This makes you safer from ganks. I get this item as soon as possible because i want to be safe from ganks and i dont want to die because of the gank! So get this item quickly because it is resally important! Why? Because it gives you movement speeed which makes you escape ganks! Buying sorsceres helps you escape ganks! If blitz is about to grab you go shunpo quickly to your teamates or your wards of your allied minions! (As soon as possible)

Rabadons deathcap
Probally it gives you high ap so take this item in late game or in mid game.

Zhonyas hourglass
This item helps you alot! This gives you armor and a high ap! Activate this if your on a low health (if your enemies are attacking you)

Liandrys torment
Gives you extra ap

Deathfire grasp
Gives you cool down reduction! And plus gives you ap!

Hextech revolver
Gives you ap

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Abilities explanation

Wehn killing or assisting reduces katarina's cooldown by 15% (this is a good passive tho)

Bouncing blades
Hits an enemys and bounces to first three enemies katarina deal magic damage.

Sinister steel- katarina whirls her blade dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.

Shunpo- teleports to an allied or enemy
Teleporting into an enemy katarina deal magic damage

Death lotus- katarina becomes flurry of blades, katarina throw thirty daggers to nearby three enemy champion.

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Team work

Team work is what you really need in league of legends. Communicating with teamates and participating in team fights is what you called teamwork. You the leader go make the right decisions! Pinging smartly makes you win the game. Amd having a teamwork makes you win too. Go communicate with your teamates! Go make decisions (not just you)! Go work with your teamates to win ! Remeber teamwork is what you all need in league of legends! And sorry theres no much to say in her but teamwork is what you really need in league!

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Thank you for reading this! Katarina is my favorite carry! She is really really fin to play ! Hope you improved playing her after you read this guide!