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Deception is Key - A Wukong Guide

Last updated on November 5, 2011
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Hi, I have been playing Wukong since release and I have found the best way for myself to build him. Hopefully you will find it the same.

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For my runes, I take flat AD reds, yellows, and quints with flat as glyphs because I try to rush as in my early game, so i need that extra damage. as far as survivability is concerned, I find it isnt needed early game ( flat armor or mr ) because of his skill set, and since you will find yourself focusing squishies more than not, you wont need much armor pen, and once again you need that early game damage for a proper farm.

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For my masteries, I go 21/0/9 because wukong needs that early game damage in order to zone properly. Also this with his Q will be your main source of armor pen. the 9 is for a bit more sustain and for the extra gold.

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For my items, I like to start with either a boots and 3 pots or a dorans blade. boots if i am solo top, and dorans blade if i am forced to be in a duo lane. From this I get 2-3 dorans blades depending on my farm, but mainly for the damage and hp so i can make the best out of my next item, recurve bow. then I grab ninja tabi or mercury treads, depending on team comp. from recurve bow i build wits end to give me some nice damage and as with magic resist for those pesky high dmg mages early game and to nullify the magic damage some others do as well. after wits end, i will build a guardians angel, followed by a wriggles lantern if my early game is going well with lots of farm and i wont fall too far behind in dmg, other wise i will do the wriggles into the GA. Guardians angel in my opinion is a great item and allows you to stick on squishies as long as possible. Wriggles is good for the damage, armor, life steal, and a free ward... super cost efficient. My next item is usually a force of nature, for the regen, massive mr, and mainly 8% movement speed. Wukong needs more speed so he can really stick on people and make the most out of his ult. Finally, the last few items will be either a randuins omen, if there is lots of physical damage, or an atmas impaler, to give some armor and increase your killing potential.

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Skill Sequence

My skill preference is R>Q>E>W. Q needs to be maxed first because it is the main source of armor pen and the reason why there is no desolation runes. E should be maxed second because the benefits from leveling up w are just minor and you need lots of damage so you dont fall off. Of course take ult whenever you can.

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Summoner Spells

My summoners are always either Ghost, Flash, and Exhaust. Ghost and Flash together allow you to make the most out of your ult and your ability to stick on people. Exhaust also helps with a debuff to boot. Really all of these are just as good as the other, so take your pick. More sticking power vs a debuff.

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Ok, this is pretty much the most important part. Knowing how to efficiently farm with wukong. The reason why wukong's qwe are grabbed at the start is because you need them all to farm properly. The real farming will begin at level 3. Until level 3, be very passive especially in a top lane, do not take harass yet and do not dish out any with your spells. Once you are level 3, wukong's supreme zoning potential makes way. Go more aggressive, if you go for a cs and you see your opponent making a move to poke you, ranged or not, go for this combo. If melee, Q->E->W and walk away, maybe even q again after you are out of stealth just for the good bye, and if ranged, E->Q-> auto attack ->W. These will allow for the most poke and with the runes and masteries, your harass should be stronger. Just lather rinse and repeat until you cause your opponent to play passively, thus allowing you to free farm. Wukong's ability to close the gap, harass, then reform the gap and take minimal damage is the greatest asset he has in the lane phase and allows him to not need runes or masteries for defense. In my opinion, do not use your mana for killing minions. Just auto attack because if you ever getganked or your opponent engages on you, you need to be ready to out damage them, and its a pretty hefty mana cost for the q e w q combo.

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Team Work

You have one job and one job only. Disrupt the squishies, and deal damage to the whole team. I can't even tell you how many times when I see my team initiating I just go right into the middle with my ult and just melt 40-50% of the hp of the squishies. His ult is insanely powerful in teamfights. The best time to use it is when you see the carry trying to get ready to burst or start their combo, or get into position. This will cancel it for a good few seconds and when they see 50% of their health gone from you alone, they will back. Because of the build chosen, you can tank and go ape**** and it wont even matter, because you have guardians angel, and when you die, you are alive again, to once again, focus squishies, or more likely if you team doesnt focus the tanks in the front, win the fight. If you ever go too ape****, just use your w, flash, reposition, and re-engage. Also another way to engage with no summoners is to w into the middle of the fight and pop ur ult. <3 his gimmicks

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tl;dr, wits end tank wukong allows you to be a true tanky dps with hard cc and amazing sticking ability and great survivabiity and damage.