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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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DEMACIA! A guide to Jarvan

Last updated on December 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Table of Contents

Skill Sequence
Summoner Spells

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This is one of my guides on Jarvan. I don't really visit MOBAfire a lot so I don't know how to add the sprites of items, abilities. I hope you will learn something even if it might take you some time to read, I also don't know how to add pictures, so sorry for no pictures and simple text.

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Pros / Cons

Easy to farm with
Kinda bulky
Has good escape
Good in teamfights and 1v1

Hard to sustain mana early game
Gameplay relies on your team
Champions with blink easily abuse his ultimate

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I take Armor Penetration Marks because as Jarvan later you will rely on attacking while they're trapped.

Magic Resist seals might seem weird, but they are great, because you will take lower damage from the "finish" ulti and combined with your shield you might survive, also they come in handy against mage assassins like Kassadin. (Finish ultis: Ashe, Lux, Karthus, Ezreal, Brand, Blitz and etc.)

Mana Regen glyphs are awesome early they help you maintain your mana, also late game you get mana faster. You can replace these with cooldown reduction or magic resist, but then you don't really want the magic resist seals and you want armor or something else defensive.

Health quintessences are great on every champion as they help you early game.

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21/9/0 on an offtank is good, it gives you some defenses while also giving you huge power, you dont need as much defense as offense as Jarvan, because you are supposed to dish out and absorb good damage, and your runes are the bulk, masteries is the power.

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Basically there are 2 ways to start Jarvan: The more offensive (Boots, 1 hp pot 2 mana pots), this start will ensure you have a way to recharge mana early and have a mini heal potion also the mobility to chase and escape early. The other way is the way I show to you in the cheat sheet, I find it more viable, but then you dont get as much mobility losing the easy chases but getting safer escapes bonus HP, of course you suffer no potions and this is kind of refunded by giving you health regen and if you are laning with people that can heal you or have passives like Heimerdinger's aura you get early tankiness and its better to start with the mobility. So you choose your starting item route and buy the boots if you took defensive or improve them to Merc's if you started with the more mobile. You get an early Phage and begin doing your Yoummu's Ghostblade. After you have done the ghostblade there are two choices, one of them is to finish your Frozen Mallet the other is to get 2 defensive items (let's say Guardian Angel and Randuin's Omen) then get Mallet. You mostly want to finish with Atma's Impaler, though if you like the bonus crits, damage and armor you can make your own way to get the items, but I prefer the other two.

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Skill Sequence

Why do I max Dragon Strike?
Well it's the good harass for Jarvan

Why do I max Golden Aegis second instead of Demacian Standard?
The slow might come in handy,though the flag is giving you bonus stats the main usage people expect is for you to use it to deal some damage or pull to it with your Dragon Strike to knock them up. Some people don't know that the slow is very huge at the final level and mid-game there is a lot of ganks so if a lot of people jump on you your slow becomes even more powerful allowing you to escape,at major teamfights like Dragon or Baron Nashor, you should focus on last hitting the monster to get the team bonus and if the enemy jumps on your carry go lift him in the air and make sure that if most of their team is near to slow them for your carry to unleash crazy damage. Good carries are: Miss Fortune and Katarina because mostly everyone tries to run away from you when they see the big slow.

Why max flag last?
Flag or Demacian Standard is a good ability but I dont see a reason to max it first or second, though I agree it has great usage good aura the slow will come in better in teamfights.

Why level Golden Aegis instead of Demacian Standard at level 2?
Most people will think you levelled flag so they'll think you can escape easily and they will try to harass you with ranged attacks or abilities that deal damage from a distance like Ksrthus's Lay Waste or Pantheon's Spear Shot.

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Summoner Spells

Jarvan has good synergy with summoner spells like Exhaust, Ghost, Flash, Surge and Ignite. I will explain every spell I mentioned.

Exhaust is very good for slowing enemies and lowering the damage the main use of this is that you use ultimate on a target that can't escape it and then use Exhaust while he is in it if its a direct 1v1/2v2 or when he gets out so he doesnt get out that easily. Also good while chasing or escaping. My favourite use is to use Flag>Dragon Strike>Exhaust>attacking

Ghost is very good I sometimes think it is better than Flash on Jarvan, because Jarvan already has his Flag>Strike combo and can use it easily also Ghost grants you the mobility to chase and escape all the game. I still put Flash in the cheat sheet and I will explain why. My favourite use of Ghost is Ghost>Cataclysm>total pwnage

Flash is the most used summoner spell, every champion benefits from it, it's basically the same like for everyone on Jarvan, you can use it to initiate, escape, chase and to use your ultimate like champions like Malzahar or Irelia sometimes do to get in range. My favourite use of it is Cataclysm>attack>Strike>if losing Flash>if winning wait till the ult ends if they are still alive Flash>attack

Surge, unlike Flash is rarely seen, it's a good spell for Jarvan because it has good synergy with his ultimate and also allows him to get bonus damage from flag, but I don't think that really matters. Also there are only 2 uses for Surge so it isn't used as much on Jarvan. 1 of them is to push very fast and use Flag to even make your attacks faster, the other use is the one I told you you use ultimate and use Surge to get the improved stats. My favourite use of Surge is Surge>Flag>attack turret like a boss!

Ignite is good for finishing people, thats the only thing I can say, it's also good against healers like Soraka, Nidalee and Taric.

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I hope you learned a bit, because I don't think you liked this, it isn't really that detailed looking at my standards, but it is better than my build on Katarina which I made when I got very fed as Katarina on my first game. I might remake that Katarina guide, also I hoped you liked this guide on Jarvan, I didn't even mention Dominion, because I don't play dominion at all. I know there are a lot of better builds than this but I just wanted to post my guide to let you know how I play Jarvan. This guide might be edited later to add Tips, Good lane partners, Bad lane partners, Easy enemies, Jarvan jungle, Jarvan MID, Hard to beat enemies, Farming, but for now since I am doing this on a laptop which is very uncomfortable (i know you do not care) I can't do this,this guide might change in a week when I learn Jarvan even more ;P