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DEMACIA MOTHERF***RS!!! (Attempt to make a Jarvan guide)

Last updated on May 20, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Ok here we go :) This is my first attempt to make a guide, so I am open to all suggestions and stuf. Jarvan is a super-beast champion. He's a strong jungler, but where he really shines on top lane. First goes summoner spells- Flash and Ignite is just a solid standard combination. Sometimes you need to close huge gap, jarvan can easily manage that. Example: There is a fleing Ezrealy with 300 hp. He just used his E and burned his summoners flash and you got approximate distance of 1000 between you. You go: E-Q-Flash-Dunk. Also a good escape out of sticky situations, those happen all the time anyways :) Also for example there's Olaf in their team-Olaf's usually go with Ghost, you can lock him up out of the fight for the duration of your ulty. Anyone without flash is a fairly easy target for you, have that in mind. Also you ABSOLUTELY need Warring Kingdoms skin, looks totally badass.

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Runes/Masteries/Ability Sequence

I really love season 3 defensive masteries. It just boosts you defensively so well, perfecto amigo! +30 hp,+ 108 hp at lvl 18,+ 5 armor/mr, +5% armors, CC reduction, Overall damage reduction. All of this compliments your kit so well, makes you STRONK. Other thing-i dont like 4% aspd on jarvan. I think it sucks. You will not feel it at any point of the game, however cd reduction is good. you will have 10% from Black cleaver, which will stack just nicely.

Masteries: Well here is pretty straightforward. Flat ad, Scaling ad, Scaling mres, Scaling health. I see people go armor pen a lot, but the problem is that jarvan does not have high base damage. It's pretty mediocre, and since you are building Black cleaver anyways there is not much of a point to max flat armor pen. Black cleaver+your Q will be more than enough.

Ability Sequence is also pretty standard. Max Q for damage, take W once as a utility, dont use it much till you get several more points. Take ulty whenever available.

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This is the fun part :) You can build Jarvan in Both Very tanky, Very DPS-y or a mixture of both. To be fair I like bursting down carries and surviving, so a mixture is my thing. Jarvan's kit allows for that, but you can go balls to the walls protecting your carry (can be a lot more beneficial) jut go tank mode. Also dont lock him up in your ulty :)

So I start with Elexir and 3 pots. I was generally going boots-pots, but since I accidentally purchased elexir once I loved it. I prefer very agressive Jarvan, and it allowed me to kill my laners with ease. Just try it, it's really worth it.

My first buy is generally Phage. Personally I find it very cost-efficient. Then goes brutaliser, Afterwards finish up Frozen Mallet. That by itself gives you pretty decent survivability with nice damage output. Not saying about Epic slow, it's just so godly on Jarvan. And here starts the dilemma: build MR or not? Well I will generally go for yes, but dont go fanatic. 1 Items is generally more than enough, and Runic Bulkwark is a great item, just dont forget to tell your support that you are building it. At this point you can start maxing your damage, and Black Cleaver will do just great. It shreds armor per whatever, with stacks perfectly with pretty much everything but damage from E.Combined with Shred of your Q, eveny heavy armored tanks will feel you Demacia. Also Recently I started building Blade of Ruined King, and I should say that it's just amazing on Jarvan because of the active part. Like when you go E-Q- RK active- Ulty-Ignite-Autoatacks Inbetween you are can burn pretty much anyone. As a last items I would recommend Zephyr - CC reduction, aspd, cd reduction, movespeed, atack damage. Dat shizzle fits! However you can go Randuins, also a very viable option since you can combo E-Q-W-Randuins and just slow the whole world around you...

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This is the fun part. As a top laner you will try to maximise you advantage over those puny mid/bot laners and carry the whole world on your manly shoulders. So lane dominance is crucial, especially for Jarvan. Also I need to say this-if you fall behind you need to build as many tank items as you can so you survive through everything and hope that your teammates can actually do some damage. Depending who you laning against playstyle needs to be adjusted. Abuse your level 1 passive, best to do it this way: wait for enemy to try and lasthit your minion, when minion is low he will try to lasthit him. That's when you go in, autoatack and back of. This trick should work in almost all cases.

Then goes your E-Q-Autoatack combo. Jarvan is a big bully on a lane, so try to hit it as much as you can before going for a kill. In all fairness I would love to write everything about every single possible laner you can face, but I'm a lazy ****. Just go read Plazmuh guide if you are really into it :)

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Finita la comedia

Jarvan is a champion that really shines when ahead. If you can build items faster than your enemies you will stomp the battlefield at all time. Jarvan is designed to manmode the opposing team, so go and show some piece of your Huge Demacia! :)

P.S. Thank you for reading, I would really appreiate any constructive comments.