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Jax Build Guide by Loggit

Demolish Tanks, Eat Squishies (Life Steal Jax)

By Loggit | Updated on August 21, 2019
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Runes: Fighter

1 2 3 4 5
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Relentless Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
What Smite to use.
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Challenging Smite

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Chilling Smite

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Top Lane
Ranked #17 in
Top Lane
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

Demolish Tanks, Eat Squishies (Life Steal Jax)

By Loggit
About this guide.
This is my Guide to Jax, my main. I will be adding more Synergies/Threats at a later date, as it takes quite a while to compile all that I've dealt with, and how easy/difficult it was. This guide will tell you about myself, seeing as this is my first guide, as well as how to play Jax, where to play Jax, and his abilities (as well as their uses.) I will also make this guide (as well as any future guides) more clean, with videos, links, and images.
Who is this Loggit? Back to Top
I am Loggit, a level 64 Jax main. Now, before you say "Only level 64? How do I know he is any good?" my win rate as Jax (according to Facechack) is 86%. I can play all positions, and have a plyable play style allowing me to play all types of champions, as well as do some questionable things and still have it work out. With every champion that I play, I have created my own build, and every time it has worked out after a few rounds of practice. I get the hold of champions very quickly, but have the problem of getting bored with a champion very quickly as well. I am currently M4 with Jax, and trying to reach M5. I had been using the normal build for a bit and had gotten completely bored with Jax, but bringing the lifesteal build back is very fun. If you really feel the need to make a follow up, here are some of the people that I am online with most of the time:
Who do I play? Back to Top
I am a Jax main. I can also play Nautilus, Aatrox, Ryze, Taric, Thresh, Veigar, Orianna, Xayah, Rakan, Fiddlesticks, Teemo, Sion, Blitzcrank, Karthus, Sona, Kog'Maw, Akali, Garen, Amumu, Pantheon, and quite a few others. As you can tell from the above, I am better than the average level 55, and I frequently go against players of 20-100 levels higher than myself and carry. This is not to brag, but just to show some more reason as to why you can trust this build.
About Jax Back to Top
Jax is a strong duelist, and loves to devour squishies. It is VERY easy to get a double kill, and not much harder to get a triple. Quadra and Penta kills aren't quite as easy, but can be done if you are a hard carry during the game. Aceing the enemy team can happen as early as 15 minutes, and if they are smart, they FF as soon as possible. Jax melts through tanks, and eats squishies like they were a cookie. He has decent sustain from the start of the game, and late game can be nearly unkillable. Jax works well with life steal, damage, and some minor health. He has 100% AD Scaling, meaning that a hybrid build is not going to be anywhere near as strong, since his AP Scaling is only 70%. Also, as most strong life steal items have 80 attack damage, he can very easily melt through people with my personal build.
How to properly make plays Back to Top
Jax is not difficult to learn or play. Walking out of brush from either the side or behind, then leaping in with an Empowered Leap Strike, activating Counter Strike, then just keeping up with the enemy is all you need. As for the activation of his Ultimate, you really only should ever use it in a 1v3, or a fed 1v2. It is not a very useful ultimate unless its a hard match-up. His combo is incredibly simple: WQ->E->AA->WA->WQ-AA If this does not kill them, then I suggest just spamming Q at them and autoing them to death. If you are in the Jungle, take the Drake at level 5, and you may need to have a leash for this. At level 6, Jax can solo drake, but their is a slight problem with this as it will nearly kill you. Level 7 gives you a very easy solo drake, seeing as your abilities will be slightly stronger, and hopefully you have more items. If you are in lane and are currently ahead, you can start to roam and get more kills. This also will not put you behind, which is very nice. To get the maximum amount of damage in the enemy, you want to empower all possible auto attacks and Leap Strikes. Jax's E also deals more damage with the more auto attacks that it absorbs, so it will be stronger in a 1v1, seeing as the target will almost definitely be trying to kill you. There is a weird set of wording in the description of Jax's E, and that is that it absorbs incoming damage. It does not absorb all incoming damage, and instead only auto attacks. This is not very useful against mages, but still stuns so you can keep them where you are and take less damage if they do auto you. So using your E to its fullest extent would be to go after an Auto Attack oriented champion and stick to them during team fights so that you get more damage from them, and consequently more damage into them.
Runes Back to Top
As for Runes...

  • My favorite Keystone on Jax would be Lethal Tempo. This gives Jax more survivability in a Life Steal build, but is not going to be useful if you are not doing a Life Steal build. Completely ignore this keystone if you want to play Jax like a normal person.
  • The normal Keystone on Jax is Conqueror. This is definately a good keystone, as it gives a lot of damage to pool from. I like this keystone, it just does not fit my personal build quite as well.

  • As for [icon-press the attack size=50]Press the Attack, it can work but is not anywhere near as good as the other two. It does cause the target to take more damage, it just won't help you very much. Not as strong as Conqueror, but technically stronger than Lethal Tempo.

    The other Keystones are experimental and not very useful. I can not suggest using them.
When it comes to Lesser Runes, the order is as this:

  • Overheal works well, and is one of my favorites. I use Overheal to create an even more powerful shield from the Bloodthirster. This is a very good lesser rune for life steal.

    Triumph is the normal Lesser Rune for this slot in the Precision Tree. It gives you extra gold and keeps you from dying. It definately gives you better cabapility for multikills.
  • Legend runes are interesting when it comes to Jax. They all work, so it really just depends on your build. Legend: Alacrity is the normal, but the other two can work just as well. As I already said, it just depends on your build. Try them all out, see how they all work.
  • Coup de Grace is normal on Jax, and for good reason. It gives you the chance to get a kill faster, as he is similar to a DPS Champion due to the low cool down on his W, Empower.

    Cut Down works well in Top Lane if you want to use a Life Steal build, since in Top Lane, you will mostly be going against other fighters, using a normal build.

    Last Stand could work, but that is a bit of a risky thing to run. It means that you have to go to near death before you can start to deal more damage, so it can be very problematic.
Secondary Runes are FAR simpler.
Domination Tree is about the only thing you would ever want to use on Jax.
[*] Taste of Blood works well in a Life Steal Build, or really anything else for Jax. It gives him some extra Staying Power, which is very important.

[*] Cheap Shot is kinda shifty, but can work. This would be for an incredibly stun-reliant play style, and wouldn't work well on a normal Jax build.

[*] Sudden Impact is normal for Jax, as he engages with his Q. Works well, no need to explain.

The middle row is not what you would want to use, as you need a Hunter rune to maximize ganks.

[*] Ravenous Hunter works well, since it procs off of an Empowered AA.

[*] Ingenious Hunter is NEVER USABLE on Jax.

[*] Relentless Hunter makes your ganks easier, since it gives you the chance to book it across the map.

[*] Ultimate Hunter is not much good on Jax unless you are doing a tank build, since Jax's active ultimate is a resistance buff.
Items Back to Top
As for Items, its pretty simple. Anything that can give you some sustain will be very good, or any attack speed that can let you melt. Pretty simple. Nothing to explain tbh. Except for the build that Riot gives. Armor. Why armor? The armor piece that Riot suggests is the Randuin's Omen, which is useful as its active is an AOE Slow. Good follow-up capability when this happens.

Right now, my favorite item on Jax is the Frozen Mallet. It gives a lot of health, some damage, and a fancy slow. Very useful, and pretty destructive. Try it out, it is very good.
Possible places to play Jax Back to Top
I got so good with Jax by being stupid. I started to play him in Bottom Lane (not support, ADC). This gave me a not-so-easy place to get used to him. Since this is where I started Jax, I got the skills of Jax. Getting good as a champion is not neccesarily easier, or better, in places where they should not go, but it gave me a VERY quick Jax play. But, if you do not really want to be dumb like me, do him in the Jungle. It is easier and less stressful than lane, but you will get harrass if you don't get dragons and such. So check out some Jungle Guides if you do not know how to jungle yet. I will be making one myself at a later date, and when I have it, the link will be posted here. Jax is a natural Jungle/Top, but can be played (albeit kinda awkward) as an ADC. He starts Blue Buff in the jungle, but can go for Red Buff first. It also helps if you get both the ADC and the Support leashing for you, as you can get to the scuttle crab sooner, granting vision and movement speed for when you gank. If you are in Top Lane, all you have to do is apply some early pressure and take as much CS as you can while doing this. This will take practice, and you may want to play against intermediate bots to get used to this. Often times you will out-CS your opponent just by pushing them away with the Q->E combo. It is kinda scary if you got at least one early kill. I really can't say much more about Top Lane Jax. It is quite simple, and very painful to go against. In Bottom Lane, don't try it unless either A. You already are good with Jax or B. Really need some hardcore practice with Jax. It is a difficult way to learn, but very rewarding, as it will give you the ability to head pretty much straight into Ranked if you have consistency in your plays, as well as a high KDA ratio.
Thanks for reading! Back to Top
Thank you for reading my guide. As I have already said, this is my first guide and I would appreciate any/all suggestions or feedback. I also welcome an active discussion about my build(s) or any other part of this guide.

As I stated above, I will make some guides for how to play the different positions, and my next guide will be to my other main, Jhin.

If you would like to see any specific guides from me, leave it in the comment section.

Now, get out there and....
Get a piece of the champ!

(If you did not understand my ending statement, Jax's taunt is him saying "Who wants a piece of the champ?")