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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Demolition in the Form of a Monkey (Build - not a full guide

Last updated on February 19, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Wukong is a an all-around champion that is fairly easy to play, and yet has a very high skill cap at the same time. Using the best out of his abilities can result in very exciting plays and can turn the game in a single team-fight. His combination of Survivability and AD Burst can make him snowball out of control.

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Pros / Cons


- Easy to play
- High tier
- Great in Teamfights
- Lot of damage for natural tanky-ness
- Low CD jump makes good gap closer
- Good snowballing potential
- Can make comebacks in teamfights
- Strong roaming power


- Lot of counters laning phase
- Item dependent
- Mana dependent
- Ult dependent
- Can screw up badly if you don't know what you're doing
- No ability is good on its own

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Good Spells:

Flash is a very fundamental item for Wukong, if not for most champions. You can combine it with Nimbus Strike for a huge gap-gloser, combine it with Decoy for a daring escape, or combine it with Cyclone to position and engage a teamfight.

Like Flash, Ignite can be used by Wukong in a variety of ways, including cutting off the healing from a target, securing a kill in lane, or simply to deal more damage. Using at the start of a good Cyclone will finish off a champion for first blood.

Acceptable Items:

This spell is definitely a viable spell on Wukong. It gives you very good chasing power, incase the enemy is an inch away from the range of Nimbus Strike. It's also good in teamfights, extra speed + [cyclone] can ensure that you'll hit everybody. Compare it to Flash though, and you're basically trading out the short & instant distance travel to a longer distance travel over time. Choose wisely.

This is a good spell to get if you think you're going to beat your laning opponent easy. Then you can start to roam mid & bot lane without losing your turret.

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How to Build

The goal to building Wukong is to deal as much damage as possible with your abilities to the enemy team so that your ADC can finish them off, as well as building tanky so you don't get shredded yourself. A lot of Health and a lot of flat AD is what fuels Wukong.

1. Don't Build Full AD: I have seen many people build Wukong with just a ton of damage and no tanky items whatsoever. You might think this works because you have played one of two games doing it and you completely wrecked, and it does happen. But what starts to happen is because you do so much damage, your objective in teamfights goes from a fighter that peels to an assassin that targets. Then they start to target you, and you die too easily because Wukong isn't trained to assassinate a target and get away with it, Wukong is trained to take damage and deal more. And without any tank items you'll die within seconds.

2. Don't Build Full Tank: Now this is just absolute facepalm. Wukong's abilities mid-late game have such little natural damage, but scale a ton on AD. If you have all tank items, you take little to no damage in teamfights, that's great. But you also don't do any damage, making you useless in teamfights. You always will want to build a good amount of damage AND a good amount of survivability.