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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Last updated on December 2, 2011
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Vladimir Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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My first working Vlad build

Hey everyone i am showing this build to see what everyone else thinks. I know most of you that will try this will think it sucks and yes fare warning it will be slow going till you get the first 3 items. I know that most whom play Vlad are aggressive in play style. but this build is a semi passive one till you have at least your abyssal scepter. Anyways if you want to try it the build is here for others to try and have fun with.

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I know most of you are most likely asking what the hell i am thinking but it is in my experimentation of Vlad and play time as mage type characters i found this build by accident and a good thing that i did because it works. The runes i chose are simple. I play of of Vladimir's passive. At start with the added health, little bit of ability power and the stack of magic penetration you can dish out damage and on your transfusion get some good health back from it. The reason also is your there to test the patience of your enemy long enough to get your will of ancients and Abyssal Scepter. with those in your inventory it will be time to stop harassing and start killing. As one might say once your sorcerer's shoes are on "Oh it's on like donkey kong" because then they will not face you solo so be careful of M.I.A's because that means you are doing more then your job you have upset the enemy to the point that they need their friends to help them.

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No there are many ways you can do the new mastery set but i have chosen these specific ones for a really good reason. First and foremost the offensive tree offers a great hand in battles with Exhaust as your close friend. the stacked ability power also helps you dish out more damage and heal more off of your transfusion as well as your combined use of tides of blood. Now stack all the items i have shown you and not only are you being the biggest prick in the world at slows,but your also forcing enemy to either chase you and die or turn around and run in fear.Combined the spell vamp and ability power gained you can see where everything is going in a really fast hurry mid to late game.

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I chose the fallowing skills because as the lord of blood you need as much health as you can to keep cycling spells in order to farm and help get kills when the timing is right. Secondly the added health from crystal scepter is a must other wise you are just to squishy and easy to kill. With the annoyance you can create Crystal scepter can get you out of those fights that you are going to lose. like those famous 2v1's that are against stunning champions "Sion eat your heart out". Will of the ancients is a must have for Vlad in this build because with out it you can not cycle spells fast enough to stay lane or even jungle if that is what you prefer.Abyssal Scepter is another must have item as not only the ability power from it help but so does the magic pen. and the magic resistance.I feel that Rabadon's Deathcap is a must for any mage type since the high increase to ability power is greatly rewarding and with Vlad's passive there goes more health to your needed cause.Anyways the 3 main staple item for this build you must get first is: Will of the Ancients,Abyssal Scepter,Sorcerer's Shoes those are the must have items Rylia's Crystal scepter is a maybe choice and the last items is up to your needs.

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Summoner Spells

Now i know that your asking why are you choosing Heal and Exhaust? Simple answer why not make the choice of them. Heal although to most is not needed or so they say for a champion that self heals. But what most don't realize is you self heal yes but you don't self heal that fast due to wait time for transfusion because of prior use in perhaps a battle or farming. So Heal in battles that again you are annoying the enemy so well they need to 2-3v1 you and you being almost dead as they close in for the kill you heal bang you just made the whole enemy party upset because you got more health then they planned for the lovely turret dive they thought they was getting a kill for. Exhaust well like your mastery page states exhaust for getting into battles because of the armor and magic penetration addition and exhaust for the cases where you need to slow the silly enemy that wants to turret dive you for a kill. "greedy little morsel you just got your self killed because you thought to hard".

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Pros / Cons

Pro's of this build is mid game you can really venture out and start to push for kills. you also can get those team battle wins because no one expects you to be the hero of the fight. Late game you have annoyed the enemy so much that they are to frustrated to want to fight you alone. Squishy enemies like i.e. teemo will not stand the chance to even want to battle you. As soon as the enemy see's you get say 5 kills and no deaths or even 4 kills and maybe 1 death. They will understand that their underestimated you and shouldn't have.

Con's Slow at starting game can be overpowered till you get the needed core staple items of the build. Tanks with high health rating such as the new champion Volibear and others like him can still get massive kill ratings on you until you can pack that punch with crystal scepter and rabadon's then you can cut through their health like it was water. Your ultimate will consume your health really fast and not do much damage till late game.