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Garen Build Guide by Eddie EGT

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eddie EGT

Destruction Man

Eddie EGT Last updated on July 24, 2015
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Threat Champion Notes
Teemo Destruction Man counters every single champion in the game.
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YOU MUST GO AROUND KILLING EVERYONE (AFTER ALL YOU'RE DESTRUCTION MAN). This build should ensure that you have enough armor to dive any tower in the game and kill anyone in seconds without them being able to leave a scratch. Destruction Man is the strongest champion in the game and can dish out tons of damage without even stacking Trinity Force. The 6 Sunfire Cape build ensures that you will have enough damage to destroy everything on the map. Take 2 Flashes so you can ensure that no one will be able to get away from your destruction. You also should take pure armor runes so you can DIVE ANY TOWER IN THE GAME. When playing as Destruction Man you must kill the enemy and never turn back. Towers don't scare you, you're DESTRUCTION MAN. Chase the enemy all the way to the fountain if you need to. As long as you DESTROY them.

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In-Depth Summoner Spells

Make sure to take 2 flashes so you can chase down anyone in the game. You can flash to the enemy and start destroying them instantly, and if they try to flash away just use your second flash. Does the person you are trying to kill have a stupid gap closer? Well show them you mean business with your two flashes. Flash to that ***** twice to ensure he meets his ultimate destruction.

Note: Never use your flashed to "run away". You are Destruction Man, you never run away.

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In-Depth Items

6 Sunfire capes is the only way to build Destruction Man. It gives him the armor and health he needs to dive towers and show his enemies he means business, and it also destroys all the enemies around him by lighting them on fire. What other item causes the same amount of destruction while still providing you with the health and armor you need? With 6 sunfire capes everyone will burn around you as you chase them down diving their tower and cutting them apart while you spin around with your blade.


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In-Depth Abilities

As Destruction Man you should start with DEMACIAN JUSTICE and max it first. This will ensure that no one will be able to escape as you hunt them down. If they try to run you just press 'R' and a GIANT SWORD will rain down from the heavens killing them where they stand.

Next you should max JUDGMENT because SPIN TO WIN (Enough Said).

Next make sure to max DECISIVE STRIKE. This move will allow you to chase down your enemies even faster and make sure they can't get away. It also silences them to make sure they cant use any stupid escpaes. This ability also makes you do a wicked flip as you bring your sword down through their skull.

Finally you should max COURAGE. The reason you max this last is because you already have all the defense you need from your 6 Sunfire Capes. But now that you have this ability maxed you have so much defense you can run straight into their fountain and get a PENTA KILL!!!

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In-Dpeth Masteries

Go 0/30/0 to make sure you have the ultimate defense. There is no way the other team can do anything against your destruction if they can't kill you.

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In-Depth Runes

Take pure armor runes so that you can dive anyone in the game from level 1. Turrets deal physical damage, so making sure you have pure armor will ensure that those turrets will do NOTHING to you. With these runes whenever you see some one ****ING DIVE THAT ****.