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Diana Build Guide by Advengr

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Advengr

Diana Pro Mid

Advengr Last updated on August 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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#1 diana ap mid Build

*ITEMS* - the reason u want mek 1st and not boots is very simple. Diana is a mele champ which means she cannot just sit their and free farm, so but getting the mana regen you are able to harras enemy champ consistantly allowing you to move in for creep kills. For those of you who always go boots first please keep in mind this is a middle lane build, you will not need speed to farm mid, just don't over extend and u woulnt get ganked. once you return to shop boots should be purchased as u should be close to lvl 6 if not already lvl 6, which means its time to take control of middle lane and ur ganna want to be able to chase down your opponet. then once u have the gold get your tear drop, as this will allow you to build up ur mana pool very early off and give u all the regen ull need to substain middle. once tear drop is aquired u need to get some ap so get your blasting rod and start building your ryla septer, getting this early off will allow you to do great damage, have hp so you are able to dive in being a mele champ, also it will be very hard for foe's to escape when all your spells slow them. after that you should be almost impossible to kill so get your rabadons hood keep the kills coming stack some ap, by this time your teardrop should almost be fully charged time to turn it into a staff and gain even more ap u should be over 500 ap at this point and have your enemy on the run. if the game is still going by this point the last 2 items are all situational so u can finish up the build i suggested or change it up a little either way you should be in good shape.

*SKILLS* - i recomend maxing your Q as soon as posible for this will be your most powerfull skill, even more then your ult. but with that being said u must max ur ult (R) as soon as possible as well because these two moves will be your bread & butter skills. simply use your Q on enemy ( this is a skill shot it might take some practice) this move will curve in half circle shape, anything that is hit will give of a beam of light for a short period of time, any unit giving off this beam of light is now in trouble because now you can ult them and your ult will instantly cooldown meaning u can hit them with your ult again or wait till Q is back up and repeat yhe harrass. your W is also important this is your sheild but also does damage with the 3 orbs that circle you. i recomend useing this item for deffense early off to absorb incoming blasts from enemy hero's but then later on use it when your in your enemy's face to realy make them sweat! last but not least is your E which works as a Va***e to all enemy champs within a close distance, this ability will pull them to u and slow them you dont need to max this item any time soon just make sure you get it at lvl 4 so you have it ready when you have your ult, it will make for a very hard escape. once you have all four of your ablitys the fun begins, i recomend trying to bait your enemy into your 1st Q simply because chassing them might make them retreat back to close to their tower, and you dont want to tower dive just yet. if u can sucsessfuly bait them into your Q quickly then hit them with R and follow up with W + E + ignite then Q and R and if they r not yet dead then they must be cheating because at lvl 6 with that combo ull do over 1500 damage. i find that once i hit lvl 6 ill get 2-4 quick kills mid lane and then the ganks start to happen. at this point rember its better to stay alive then to get kills. and a kill for a death is not worth it unless your ending a spree.

*Runes / Masteries* - These are both preferential although i do recomend the magic resist, if your mid lane this will help out alot.

last but not least - please make sure to vote for this build. if you are sceptical plz try this build. i have been doing this build for a while now and at 2100 ello i have a k/d of 14-6-8 with diana. now if this works this well at higher ello's i can only imagine the damage u can do in any other game.

P.S. if this build isnt working for you, then you probably arent that skilled of a player thats ok just play with a safer build that takes less skill. TY GL