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Diana Build Guide by BioRecon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BioRecon

Diana, Scorn of the Moon (Solo Top)

BioRecon Last updated on August 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Heyy all, this is my first build and and since Diana is pretty new I figured i'd put what works for me up. It may not be the most visually inciting build but it gets the point across. It's your typical assassin build with some added survivability added. I made her build like this because Diana having such huge damage is typically targeted and focused down. This gets you the damage you need while letting you take some damage, and still being able to get away. If you like it let me know. :)

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For the runes I used a pretty typical AP rune set that I like to use. Your probably thinking why movement speed runes and not AP runes? Well as top you generally are the first to take the tower (in most cases) so you would run off to help other lanes. Since after taking your first tower your gonna be moving around alot ganking and giving that extra support where needed so the movement speed runes just get you there a little faster. That little bit of extra movement speed can either insure the kill your chasing down or getting away from that gank. The mark of Insight was added to help with tanky tops with alot of armor which you will run into alot. The reason I added flat armor runes was because you want that extra armor so you can really farm your minions and push that lane and just overpower the top. Finally, I added the scaling AP runes because generally your going to get better and stronger through the game right? Well with flat AP runes I feel like yeah you may be really strong at the beginning but you tend to fall off, and if you happened to have someone decent at top who is able to hold their own then you want to have that extra damage coming each level to things out.

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For masteries I did a typical AP while adding some survivability. The reason I did the MR instead of the armor is because you already should have the armor from the runes so just taking the basics so you can move up the latter. Again I chose health per level instead of the health regen because with this build you don't need to have regen you pick your targets and use your shield like your suppose to and everything will be fine.

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The items like I explained above is Diana is so squishy, thus she has amazing damage but that doesn't mean anything if every time you get into a team fight your focused down first.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is pretty simple to understand if you have played Diana or not you know that her E does no damage and only pulls and slows. So I take one point early and then max it last. I max my Q first since it's her main source of damage and also applies that moonlight which is so important to harasses and also that instant CD on your ulti when attacking people afflicted with moonlight helps you burst people down so fast. The reason I do W second is because yeah it's your main protection but because of the build adding that health generally your using it for damage instead of really shielding. Besides it works wonders against Teemo's randoms Shrooms or those silly Yordales.

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Summoner Spells

I chose Ignite and Flash. Why? Well it let's you get those kills getting away or because of Diana being able to burst you down under the turret, she is able to get that damage shield up and ignite. All while walking away and watching you die. I don't think i'd really use anything else just based on how she is played. You could go for Exhaust but why waste the extra AP and damage from ignite when you already have her E to slow and pull.

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Pretty simple and easy to understand Diana build. The items let you use that Q as much as you want so while either going against ranged or close you can throw it out to do damage or pick up minions. Generally you want to lead with her Q and Follow up with a R and Ignite. Quickly I also activate my shield so incase they try to return some damage you can still protect yourself. You never wanna use your E until they are running away trying to escape. If needed try to keep that R still avalible and try to use it only after using Q so that way its always on CD. I find it so funny that you can burst someone down just because you take the time to affect them with moonlight so you can burst them down with your ulti multiple times instead of just once or twice. Your slow and flash will get you out of almost all ganks. Just becareful of people like Lee, Alkali, Fiora, or anyone who is just sticky. Try to avoid Lee's Pulse, or just play smart. I don't usually have to buy wards but if your getting ganked alot or they have someone like Skarner or Shen it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy a ward or two just to insure you don't feed anyone. Also if against any stealth characters please remember to buy atleast one pink ward and just throw it in the middle of your lane. I can't begin to express how that can be a real game changer. :D