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Diana Build Guide by Guest

Diana- Simple and Effective/The not so complicated build

By Guest | Updated on August 14, 2012

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This build is very flexible. You do not have to follow the item build strictly as ability power items can be expensive. However if you do end up with a good early game you should be fed enough to buy all the items you need. If there is a jungler in your team who does not require mana (i.e lee sin) ask for the blue buff as often as possible, but once your level 13 you should be able to handle it easily on your own.
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For items you basically want to stack as much ability power as possible. I start off with a doran's ring rather than boots because Diana uses A LOT of manna in order to harass in lane. For boots you can take Berserkers Greaves if you are not farmed enough to buy sorcerers shoes. Take rylais crystal scepter early for the health so you can dive more often. Adding a sheen will increase her mana which you need alot of in order to constantly use your abilities and building it into a Lich Bane will add to the damage dealt when using your ultimate. Add some spell vamp near the end if you havent won the game already for more durability and survivability
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With diana you can farm an entire wave very quickly and easily by using cresent strike followed by pale cascade. This along with your passive should be able to clear the wave once your about level 10. Keep in mind that if you do not take sheen for the extra mana or have the blue buff, this method will drain you of mana very quickly.
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Guest Diana Guide

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Diana- Simple and Effective/The not so complicated build
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