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League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilDice

Dice's Quickey Guide to Jungle Nocturne

EvilDice Last updated on March 19, 2011
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Hey guys.. This is the first guide I will release that isn't very in depth... Just wanted to share my jungle path with ya'll as well as my build. Since a load of Nocturne builds are just getting trollvoted to hell I'm not going to even bother writing too much. Hope some of you see this and hope it helps :)

I like this path because it is more cost efficient than Cloth Armor +5HP and it is also a faster way to 6... Which significantly increases his gank ability and map control.

Only way this guide becomes more in depth is if it gets some good reception which I feel is unlikely based on looking at the other nocturne builds. I'm going to laugh at some of these trollvotes! :P So here we go!

Please try out the build before voting/commenting and please leave a comment if you have any questions/criticisms of the build. Thanks and enjoy!

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Jungle Path

Video here. Requires LoL Replay to view! Google it.

Wolves - Use Q on the camp and proceed to kill all of them. Do not use smite here.

Wraiths - Run up to the big wraith, attack it for max heal then smite it, use Q on the rest of them, kill 'em and level up W.

Golems - Use Q and kill them. You are going to be kinda low so it's time to go back to base and buy cloth armor and a health pot.

Blue Buff - Jungling becomes pretty straightforward now... Basically just start with Q and kill your target. Save smite for blue and red buff.

Wolves, Wraiths - Keep going.

Golems, Red Buff - Pop your health pot on the way to the golems. Other than that just keep doing what you been doing.

Wolves, Wraiths, Golems - This will get you to level 6 and it's time to start ganking. Get to it!

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Item Explanations

- The premiere item choice on any jungler, gives nice survivability, a ward for dragon, and speeds up jungling considerably.

- I like to rush an IE for a huge increase in damage and carry capability. I find it isn't too difficult to get fed with nocturne and even if you have a rough time he is a beastly farmer. Carries should be farming.

OR - I usually buy Zerkers here for the attack speed, however if their cc gets bad Merc's is the way to go.

- Best survivability item on carries IMO. Time to buy it now for some extra protection.

- Ghostblade is a pretty awesome item on nocturne. Gives cdr and crit chance as well as an awesome attack speed active to help you burst down your target.

- Since you attack so fast this is the clear item for nocturne's armor pen. You are going to put three stacks on them faster than they can blink allowing for nice, quick burst.

- Chances are you are going to be focussed down.. A lot. Guardian is great not only for the passive but for the very nice stats it gives you.

- Time to sell your wriggles and tell your tank to buy wards. Your final item is for lots of damage and lifesteal... Nocturne loves both of these.

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Early Game

You are jungling! If you see an opportunity to gank go for it, however your main goal is to get to 6 THEN gank.

Mid Game

Now that you are 6 your primary goal is getting fed and farmed -- this means ganking. Abuse the long range of your ult and stay away from brush near the lane you are ganking.. It is probable that there is a ward there and you don't need to be so close. When ganking your combo is:

(dash to target) (don't miss!)

Try to always keep blue buff as the sooner you have your ult up the better. After a successful gank at bot tell your team mates there to help you get dragon. When you are not killing dragon keep it warded!

When you are not ganking you are farming. Nocturne's passive makes him a farming beast so take advantage of it!

Late Game:

In teamfights you want to wait until the fight is initiated before you dive in. When you do dive in your target (most of the time) is going to be their ranged carry or caster. Take them out of the fight before the other team knows what hit them(remember youmuu's active!). You have done your job and everything else is just gravy. Most likely you are going to get focussed down fast, however because an ignored nocturne is going to do crazy, crazy damage.

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- I like ghost because it's ghost. You move faster. Your enemies will probably have it so ghost + duskbringer is going to make you faster than them. If you are forced into the lane as nocturne take:

- If you can't have the jungle your second spell is exhaust. You can gimp another damage dealer's damage while you focus down your target.

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I know, this is a pretty weak guide and not very in depth. I just wanted to share my path and build as I've been having a lot of success with it and it's pretty different compared to others. If you want in depth try out my other builds ;) Thanks for reading!