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Sona Build Guide by Jaetriel

Didn't i kill him?Oh,wait she healed him (AP Sona)

By Jaetriel | Updated on August 6, 2011

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LoL Summoner Spell: Clairvoyance


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hello everyone,this is my first guide for Sona.I know she is a support and most people get her aura items and such but i prefer to build her with more AP because that way she will heal more and do a bit more damage which is always good. Enjoy! ^^
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Great healing abilities.
Easy and fun to play.
Probably one of the best damage of all the supports.
Has persistent auras for each skill.
Has a stun

Mana hungry early game.
Has only one heal.
Team dependant.
Not a very good farmer(in my opinion).
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For masteries i go 9-0-21 taking magic penetration in Offense and everything major in Utility.
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For runes i choose mana regen per level seals and glyphs AP per level marks and flat AP quints to help me with my mana problems and lack of AP early game. Note:I didn't take cooldown reduction runes because i max it with items and masteries.Also i see some builds take magic pen runes but i don't think that's wise considering you ARE a support.
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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i usually pick Clairvoyance and Flash.I think Clairvoyance is a great spell which most people don't appreciate but i like it because it can save lives! Flash is just very useful not much to say about it,you can initiate(though u shouldn't do this with Sona),you can escape and everything it's just a great spell.
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Skill Sequence

This part is really easy.I start with Hymn of Valor and then take Aria of Perseverance and Song of Celerity.I max Hymn of Valor and Aria of Perseverance first depending on what i need more,heals or dmg and i put a point in Crescendo when i can ofc.
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I start with a Meki Pendant and 2 mana pots or health pots.Before i go back for the first time i make sure i have enough gold for Tear of the Goddess and Boots of Speed or atleast for the tear.After that i grab an Amplifying Tome and make it into Mejai's Soulstealer.I finish my Ionian Boots of Lucidity and rush my Archangel's Staff.Afterwards i buy Morello's Evil Tome and then Abyssal Mask and to finish i buy Zhonya's Hourglass for a bit more survivability and a good AP boost as well as a useful passive. I don't buy Rabadon's Deathcap because it is too expensive and a support rarely makes enough money for an expensive build.
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Optional Items

Ofcourse,you could change some of the items to fit your playstyle.Here are some options:

Rod of Ages-This item is cool for Sona because it give you HP,MP and decent amount of AP but the reason why i don't get it is because it is just too expensive and i'd rather buy a second Archangel's Staff for that amount of gold.

Eleisa's Miracle-This item is awesome.It gives you much needed mp/5 and tenacity and also hp/5 which is always good to have.And it's very cheap,too so i'd recommend it if you don't like one of the items in the main build.

Lich Bane-This item is for the kind that like to deal massive amounts of damage.It gives you magic res,AP,Mana and Movement Speed but what really is cool about it is it's passive.Combined with your own passive you can deal around 700-800 damage with a single shot!If you want to buy this item put it in the place of Archangel's Staff.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter-This item is good because it gives you some health which means more survivability,also it gives you AP and a passive which slows enemies when you hit them with your Q which is also good for letting your allies chase them down and kill them but i don't really buy it that often.

Void Staff-Get this item if you are facing a heavy MR/Tank team and you can't penetrate through their defences(though it's not your job actually).

Deathfire Grasp-A useful item if you're facing a tank team with a loooooot of health

Chalice of Harmony-This little cup here can give you a lot of mana regen if you're low but late game you won't really need it.

Guardian Angel-I know some people will think i'm crazy because i recommend this item but it's just an option if you get targeted a lot and die when your team needs you and you don't have Teleport to get there fast,but it's not really good overall.
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So i'll try to talk a little about the playstyle.With Sona you have to be very careful who you are laning with because that can be very important for the result of the game.Try not to lane with squishy champs which die fast,pick tanks or high burst dmg champs,certainly not casters or other supports.And also don't go mid if you don't want to lose the game.So in your lane you want to let you tank/carry get the last hits on minions to get gold and also to get the kills so he can get more gold and exp and put that gold in good use,you're main role is to support and not to carry(though maybe there will be times like this if you play AP Sona)
so you don't need kills and last hits that much,you should rely on assists.Clairvoyance nearby bushes when you can to check for ganks or Clairvoyance the other lanes's bushes to help your allies and stay behind you teammate,you don't want to die!
Another VERY important thing is positioning in teamfights.You want to be behind your team healing them,speeding them up,stunning with your ult and hitting with your Hymn of Valor for some extra help.If you stay behind your team you'll be safe and you'll get assists in order for your Mejai's Soulstealer to stack up and boost your AP.
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Last Words

So guys i hope you liked my guide and please comment and vote.Also,if you have any ideas on how to improve the guide please feel free to post them. Thanks!^^
League of Legends Build Guide Author Jaetriel
Jaetriel Sona Guide

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Didn't i kill him?Oh,wait she healed him (AP Sona)
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