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Azir Build Guide by Haika D Raigne

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Haika D Raigne

Disruptor Azir Support

Haika D Raigne Last updated on March 2, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 4

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 7


Utility: 19

Threats to Azir with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Alistar Whenever he tries to get close poke him with your soldiers, if he knocks up your ADC to knock him back to his side, use your ULT to intercept.
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In this build you will play support azir as a teamfight disruptor,
Annoying the living hell out of your enemies will be your main objective with this role.
This will include:
- Marking & slowing enemies
- Scare & guerilla tactics
- Flanking & confusing
- Splitting up enemy teams
- event changing

This build is my first, and is highly experimental.
I came up with this build when trying out new ways to play Azir as a support.
I cannot guarantee succes with this build yet, as I need more test sampling.
You are free to provide me with suggestions or points of improvement.

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Your rune page is just a standard AP Champion rune page.
Nothing special about it currently.

<Optimization required>

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The magic starts the happen here.
With the above mastery tree you will start with 10% CDR right off the bat.
Followed by a 15% bigger cast range & 10% CDR on active items.
While still following the classic support build mostly.

Since you are in the same lane as the ADC, you'll need the extra bit of defense against them as Azir.

This mastery build enpowers your active items, which this build relies on heavily.

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Relic Shield:
might sound like a weird item on Azir, but it gives just the extra health for yourself you need and the extra heal for your adc.

When upgraded to "face of the mountain" it will provide you with a shield that can save your teammates or yourself.

Boots of mobility:
Ideal for surprising enemies & setting up wall-traps in the jungle by cutting them off into a dead-end with your ult.

Twin shadow:
Acts as your alternative for a sightstone, instead of giving vision to an area, it gives off the general direction of the closest enemy, and can sometimes surprise an enemy jungler trying to clear his camps. Also ideal for slowing down enemies who are chasing or fleeing a teamfight. The 80 AP + 10%CDR are also ideal for Azir.

Zhony's hourglass:
When you find yourself getting focused, or give just enough time to activate your passive "tower" ability before you stasis. Also gives armor + AP

Rod of ages / Rylai's sceptre:
Rod of ages give you more health and AP,
(bit more tanky)
but rylai's has the benefit of slowing your enemies
(Ideal for kiting.)

Mikeal's crucible:
Heals/removes CC on your team, gives Magic resist, mana regen + 10% cdr.
(This + Face of the mountain + a Highy bonus health Azir can turn tides during teamfights)

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Always pick this one, it is the most useful spell you can have.

Your main spell pick as a support in most games.

When playing against a enemy support that can heal, use ignite instead of exhaust.

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Disruptor Tactics:

Here follow the main tactics you will follow during a match:

Enemy Cs denial:
By placing your sand-soldiers between the minion-wave and the enemy champions, you will
give them a very hard time getting CS, while giving your own ADC time farm.
If they try to get past your soldiers, attack them.

Controling minion-wave position:
Azir can hold-off Bot-lane minion waves easily while the ADC recalls and returns.
Depending on how many sand-soldiers you summon, you can freeze the wave or push very easily.

Jungle gank/ kill denial:
Save your ult for when your adc is in trouble, most junglers rely on chases/dashes to get to you. Same applies to enemy bot-lane, escape/save your ADC using your ult.

Late game with some enemy towers down, you can get behind enemy lines when a teamfight is about to break out and rise a sand-tower. This will deny them a quick escape.
If they dare going back to base through your turret, use your ult to close them in between your wall, your turret and your team.

Wall Death-traps:
When an enemy is chasing or fleeing through the jungle, try to cut them off at certain points of the jungle with your ult. The enemy will either have to walk around another path or waste a flash to get over your wall.
(It also gives your allies a speed-boost when they run through it.)

Seperating enemy team:
Your ult can also be used to split the enemy team apart from eachother. Giving your team time to kill their adc.

Dancing, taunting or laughing are the best way to lure out an enemy attack.
If the enemy gets annoyed, they make more mistakes.
Stay respectable in chat thou

Since this build makes Azir pretty-fast,
you can lure out chases by the enemy team and still get away while your team obtains an objective else where.

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Pros / Cons:

- High cc potential
- Deny enemy ADC cs early game
- Surprisingly tanky & obnoxious
- Be a bird

- Relies on teamwork a lot.
- Relatively low AP-dmg compared to other builds
- usability based on anticipating enemy movements & expertise.

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Team Work:

<Work in progress>

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End note:

This is my first attempt at a guide.
It is currently still unpolished and needs refinement.
On feedback I'll try to add images and improved descriptions.
I'm open for discussion & pointers, so leave a comment if you wish.