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League of Legends Build Guide Author muggy8

do unto others as you would have them do unto you

muggy8 Last updated on February 19, 2011
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so i bought karma on her first day like most other ppl making karma builds because i'm a person who plays support i just cant resist the idea of a good support champ that can do damage. for me personally i find it that it is actually more beneficial to set the your hotkeys (q, w, e and r for most people and a, s, d, and f for me) to smart cast spells instead of normal cast spells. you can think of this as turning your spells so that they target the location of your mouse instead of you having to click for a target. for those of you who dont know how to do that press Esc in game and open the menue and then click key bindings and scroll down (there's a scroll bar to the side) and find your hot keys for smart cast spell 1 - 4 (default should be <alt> + q, w, e, or r) and change it to the standard cast for spells. i found that this was the way to go because i can cast my spells alot faster (the reson i like it is probably i'm too used to auto target spells from playing with sona so much lol). but some people does like to see the range of their attack and the cone to aim better so practice until you know the range of your attack and the size of the cone.

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for the marks i use flat attack damage. this is because i've had so many times in the laning phase that after exhausting both my damage spells i am left to auto attack and wait out my q while my pray gets away. and by the time they walk out of the range of my auto attacks they are left with ever so little health that any hit would have killed them. this is why i take the attack damage runes. as well it helps farm better since you dont always have enough mana to use your q all the time. or your mantra isn't always up to farm. for the seals its classic mana regen seals and because i love cooldowns i'm currently taking cooldown reduction per level quints and glyphs however if you feel that you need a bit of extra health going into laning phase then by all means do take the flat HP quints. flat ap glyphs are also not a bad idea as karma do have a relatively weak early game.

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nothing special here. looks pretty normal to me and to you.

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Summoner Spells

the reason i didn't take clarity is because her heal is unreliable. its good to save someone from dieing once but its not like sona or soraka's heal which can keep someone alive during a chase (mainly yourself) so you need both ghost and flash to get in and get out. other good choice is clarity as you are spam happy, clairvoyance as you are a support at heart, and ignite as you can be expected to carry games and same goes for exhaust. tele if your planing on doing some teleward gank early game but other wise i'd stick with those heal is ok but your built in heal is enough generally.

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Skill Sequence

feel free to add more points into your shield to stay alive longer at any time. in fact feel free to max shield first if you will as its a good source of damage output. but i personally like to max the fan first because i like heals. she's got lots of ways to play so make sure you maxing the right spell for the right situation. if your team has a garen who's gank happy early takeing a few points in your rope is not a bad idea either or karth and fiddle. but most of the time you want to max your e and q first. anyways her skill sequence if pretty flexible so feel free to mess things up for the situation.

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play through

i dont like to start off with a duran's ring because it cant build into anything else. and you can only sell it after. not only that they also made it more expensive that you cant have it and some potions so i like to start off with my personal favorite meki pendent. and 2 potions of course. next tear and then boots at your first time you port home. next time you port home you get survivability as it is the ganking phase and you either just managed to survive the a gank or just died. ruby crystal and if you have the cash because your a good farmer amplifying tomb. or if your like me and you wanna go gank ppl then grab the cooldown boots and the amplifying tomb and go around ganking. and when you port back again (or died of fail ganks) its time to start actually buying your first big item, the archangel staff. get a few potions with your left over money as your mana will be running dry a fair amount. after you get the archangel, work for your will of the ancients then your aegis of legion if you can get this far then horay for you you probably dont need my guide and can play karma well and should focus on making your own karma build rather than looking at mine. you are free now to choose what items you want most of the time more support aura items like soul shroud or abyssal scepter but any aura item is fine and if your team is really heavy on physical damage starks is not a bad idea too (and they're probably getting thornmails so your screwed either way), lich bain is also ok so is deathcap, guardian angel, banshee's vail and what not. but as i always do i leave 2 spots for your wiled card and that can be anything and if you find that you really need the banshee, your ruby crystal can build into a catalyst protector and later into a banshee. very versatile items for very versatile build on a very versatile champ.

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alternate branching with items

items that can be used differently however the ones i have recommended are marked as preferred.

amplifying tomb -> majai's soulstealer
-> void staff
-> sheen -> lich bane
-> rylai's crystal scepter.
-> hextech revolver -> will of the ancients (preferred)
-> hextech gunblade (its actually not bad)
-> fiendish codex -> death fire grasp
-> morello's evil tome
-> nashor's tooth

ruby crystal -> kingdlegem -> shoul shroud
-> shurilya's reverie
-> spirit visage
-> catalyst protector -> banshee's vaile
-> rod of aegis (please get this first if ever)
-> warmog's armor (just in case you need it)
-> heart of gold -> randuin's omen
-> aegis of legion (preferred)

blasting wand -> archangel staff
-> rod of aegis
-> morello's evil tome
-> rabidon's deathcap
-> void staff
-> lich bane
-> guunsoo's rageblade (not a bad idea if you need to carry)
-> every single good AP caster item

so if your fine with mana at just a tear then blasting wand can turn into so many other things that you can just stack 3 or 4 of them after your tear and boots if you want and still end up with a decent build