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Dogeball - Playrules and Styles

Last updated on June 26, 2013
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Welcome to my first Guide.

I actually don't make guides, but this is so new, I just thought I make something about, so everone can show this link, to be sure, everyone know the right/same rules.

I'm no high Elo player, but still, this isnt about, how to play, more like what to Play.
(Still, my Name is xxJimmsxx, im not best player, but i have my fun :)

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What is Dodgeball

Dodgeball is a new kind of "Minigame" in League of Legends and were played by the gamer and became popular by the pros and streamers who playing it.
It's somehow the same like ARAM used to be.

So it's a costum game, and you're playing it like the dodgeball you may learned in school. Means: Dodge the Ball(=Spells) and land some hits!

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    Blind Pick Mode on Summoner's Rift
    Play in the Baron Pit
SINGLE-TARGET Skillshot Champions
Only Wards and no Items (there a variation with 1 Mana Manipulator per team)
No Summoners except Ghost and Clarity (NO HEAL + NO BARRIER or FLASH!)

    Start at 1:40, when "The Minions have been spawned!"
    No Farm etc, you have to stay Lvl 1
    Everyone stays
IN THE Baron Pit!

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Possible Champs and their Skills

Ezreals Q
Brands Q
Mundos Q
Kennens Q
Morganas Q
Le Blancs E
Nidalees Q
Lee Sins Q
Rumbles E
Shyvannas E
Urgots Q

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Some Examples

Here go some Videos

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Good Luck and Have fun

I will try to improve this guide, but
1. I am no professional Buildmaker
2. Here are just some basics


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