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Dominate your lane - with Runaan's Hurricane!

Last updated on February 3, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Teemo is the best champ, I have 250 wins and about 800 games with him, I very rarely play anyone else. From my experience I've created this guide to share my success as teemo and what works for me.

In this guide I'll talk about my strategies, item choice, and a few tips and tricks to help you dominate anyone in top or mid lane as Teemo, the hurricane master.

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Runaan's Hurricane (Core Item)

Runaan's Hurricane was made for Teemo. Not only does it give him huge early game advantage, but it will give you so much farm so you can dominate late game as well and carry your team to victory.

In laning phase, rush recurve bow so you can push faster then your laning opponent. Generally they will only care about the last hit on your minions, so use this to your advantage by pushing to their tower. Under their tower they will have difficulty getting last hits, but you will have no problem farming their minions.

When you get Hurricane, this will be easier then ever. Your attacks will hit 3 minions at once, and your enemy will be forced to retreat under their tower while you get lots of money from farming. When you've won your lane, you'll have so much farm and you'll also be able to join team fights which is another place where Runaan's Hurricane really shines, because it hits 3 champions at once and you'll get lots of kills and assists.

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Early Game Advantage - Boots and 5 Pots

A little trick I've discovered recently is that if you wait a little while after minions spawn, you'll generate enough gold to max out on pots. So wait in base until about 2:00 and you'll be able to purchase 5 pots with your boots which will give you an early game advantage against your laning opponent and huge sustain.

Occasionally, your team will get mad because they want you to leash or scout, but ignore them and stay positive. There's 3 other players on your team to leash and you shouldn't have to leash every time, especially with this little starting trick. Besides, you'll make it up to them when you carry late-game with your huge farm.

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Summoner Spells

Choose flash so that you can flash toward your enemy when engaging, escape when their jungler unexpectedly is in your lane, or to get back to base to defend when all 5 of the enemy team is rushing your inhibitor turret. Ghost is stupid on teemo because you already have a speed-boost, and teleport is also pointless because you will rarely need to leave lane because of your extra pots.

Also choose ignite to do more damage in lane. I generally use it at level one when I go in for first blood. With your extra pots and your full-AP runes your guaranteed to secure first blood for your team.