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Teemo Build Guide by zagdem

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zagdem

Dominion AP Teemo : Subtle but so Lethal

zagdem Last updated on December 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, and welcome to this AP teemo build.

I will describe here a very specific way of playing teemo in dominion. It is not the only one, it is probably not the best one but it is definitely fun.

If you already know AP teemo very well, you won't find this build incredible. Nevertheless, there are points of the metagame that are explained here that should interest you. If you don't know AP teemo, this guide is for you. I will explain everything in order to share my knowledge and experience with him.

Be careful, this character is very different from the ones you are used to play. I am not joking. It is an AP that relies on attack speed, discretion, movement speed and tricks. If you are not a pro-teemo-player, you will need several games to understand its power. Do not underestimate this build : take the time to understand it (3 or 4 games is a minimum in my opinion). 4 Dominion games takes about 1 hour, and you will not regret it.


  • Reduces the mobility of the enemy team by punishing their movements
  • Forces them to play in a predictable way
  • Forces them to go back to their base when they have < 20% hp
  • You will make kills and assists without fighting
  • Suitable for different purposes (defend, take, kill, disrupt)

  • Very squishy, but we will try to fix it
  • Easily countered by invisible enemies early game
  • If your team can't defend properly you will not be as useful as you could be

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Your role in the team

Your role is simple but complex, and you will have to play alone without forgetting your team. Every single decision you take must be taken because of your team's choices / strengths / position. Teemo is known as a good capturer, but he is even more useful. There is no precise role that describes Teemo's gameplay when he does not capture : he traps the map, he blinds and damages the enemy team during the fights and he moves to the places where he's team needs help. After mid-game, he becomes an excellent slayer too.

Capturing with Teemo

Capturing requires several qualities. First of all, you have to move fast from a point to another. Teemo has Move Quick and Boots of Mobility to do it. You also can take Ghost that is a very useful summoner spell. Finally, you have Swiftness .
But movement speed is not the only thing. You have to be able to escape from a gank. Teemo is not as strong as Janna in that role because he is CC-vulnerable. I often take Cleanse to capture easily. Do not forget Camouflage that helps a lot when you can't escape or when you are waiting for your team's help.
The third thing is pricilla's blessing. It is an excellent item for every capturer but you should never take it as Teemo. Why? Because you are not only a capturer, and because you depend on your other items.

Fighting and Killing with Teemo
There are two main tasks that are attributed to Teemo : putting Noxious Traps and fighting. You will notice that Noxious Traps are also useful during the fights. The next two sections detail what you should do with your traps and during the fights.
Remember that Teemo is not a brainless OP character. You will have to find the precise balance between capturing, trapping and fighting. It seems easy, but after a myriad of games, I am not certain to have 100% understood what to do in every single situation.
The most important thing is to adapt to your team. A solo Teemo is nearly useless but a good one is worth two characters : he is everywhere.

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Your job : The art of Noxious Trap

You have to put as many Noxious Traps as you can all around the map. After that, the enemy team should be scared to go in the jungle. They will start to stay in their lanes => you will see them. If they do not care about your mushrooms, then continue to kill them. At the end it will work or you will win easily. The two options are nice. Moreover, Noxious Trap can be used to defend a point or to slow the enemy defense.

Mushrooms in the jungle

In the jungle, your mushrooms have several roles. First, they will damage the enemy team when they go from one point to another. It will force them to engage the teamfights with less than 100% health and it will slow them. Secondly, it will kill the enemies that try to escape. You should always think "where would I escape from here?" when you put a Noxious Trap. For example, the bushes in the bot lane are a good place for your mushrooms.
  • Add Noxious Traps around the points you want to defend
  • Add Noxious Traps in the enemy part of the map to damage and scare them
  • Add Noxious Traps around the buffs (health, movement) to kill the squishies
Defensive Mushrooms
You can also defend easily a point when you know that it will be attacked soon. Put mushrooms everywhere around it (not in the creep way if you don't need to kill them) and become invisible. The enemy team may forget you. When a mushroom explodes, finish your target.
I also like to add two "lines" of mushrooms when I have the time to put at least 4 of them. In that case, an enemy will take a mushroom during the attack and another one when he will escape. For example : one mushroom in the lane next to the boneyard and one in the bushes. People tend to teleport from the bushes. People tend to die here too :).

Offensive Mushrooms
I want to take the Windmill and my team is about to arrive. I will put as many mushrooms as I can around it, mostly next to the enemy accesses. One in our side one can also help if you have to escape, it depends on what you want to do.
Anyway, it will damage and slow the enemy during the fight. I sometimes (when there is no need to take the point because I have already 3 mates doing it) fade next to the mushroom wall and wait for the explosion. One explosion is rarely sufficient to one shot your enemy. But with Toxic Shot + Blinding Dart + 40% attack speed thanks to camouflage, you can secure a kill on shako or Riven.

Mushrooms during the fight
Ok. It is not easy. Do not do it if you are not confident with the rest of the explanations because you will easily die for nothing and waste your precious noxious traps.
The most simple application of the art of fighting with Noxious Trap is the bush-and-kill. The bush-and-kill sequence is very simple : enter a bush when the enemy is chasing you. At the very entrance, put a Noxious Trap. When he is shot, he will be surprised and damaged. [blinding dart]], Toxic Shot, Move Quick to escape. If the enemy is not dead, escape. Most of the time, you are not strong enough to kill him easily. If you are certain to kill him, of course, do it.
Another use of your mushroom is the lasy-defensive-mushrooms. The enemy attacks your point and they are here around you. Do not hesitate to waste an auto-attack to put a Noxious Trap where the enemy will go to start the capture. Indeed, it will do amazing damages and slow. But make sure the enemy will walk here before the point becomes neutral. Indeed, mushrooms will become visible in that case.
There are other cases but you have understood the idea. Noxious Trap's damages are insane and the slow will allow you to keep the distance between the enemy and you. That sounds like a KILL.

Tricky trick : trapping the buffs
Ok, so you want you weak enemies to die? Then put mushrooms next to health buffs. Be careful! You may never put your trap on the buff, but always next to it.
Why? Simply because the enemy will cross the place so it will take the buff + the mushroom anyway. The major difference is that he could take the buff and then the mushroom or the opposite. Select the side where the enemy comes from and put it there. If you are lucky, you will kill an enemy that would have survived it he had taken the health buff first.
Remember that the enemy won't run to your base when being hurt.

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Your job : Fighting

You have to rememeber that you are not only a Noxious Trapper. Indeed, you will have to fight at least from lvl 3 to lvl 6. But that is not all. Indeed, you will see that you will fight very often. Moreover, you will like it. When you will master AP Teemo, you will see that you can stay at a resonable distance from the enemy and do amazing damages.

Early Game : fighting for the Windmill

You all know it. The first teamfight that occurs in the top lane in crucial. As Teemo, your first role will be to take the mid point ( the refinery or the drill). After that, run as fast as possible to the Windmill to join the teamfight.
If you still think that mid-point has to be taken by the slowest character, just try it. If you do it, the teamfight will start as a 3v3 and the two mids will join it at the end. If Teemo takes the mid point, then you will do a 4v3 fight until the enemy mid-character arrives. It is amazing. You will love it (but you are probably used to it).
During the fight, you have to blind the enemy that are damaging your team. Most of the time, I blind Katarina, Riven or Sion because they tend to hit our DPS.

Fighting opportunities
Teemo is not an excellent 1v1 fighter. Try it, die, now you know what he can't do. Nevertheless, he is an amazing slayer. If you think that an ally champion will loose a 1v1, then I can tell you that he would have won it with you. Indeed, most mages will be easily killed by your Blinding Dart or Toxic Shots. Auto-attackers are even more simple to kill. Use Blinding Dart on the enemy. At the end of the blind, you and your ally will have killed him.
The only difficulty with teemo is to make sure you are the hunter and not the prey. If you fight next to a tank ( Rammus, Alistar, Blitzcrank I love you), you can't loose.
In conclusion, remember that you are an excellent 2v2 slayer. You will have to select your fights. You will need to cooperate with your teammates because the engagement has to be fairly rapid. If you can't surprise the enemy, you will have troubles because they will try to focus Teemo.

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Skills description

Blinding Dart
Shots a dart that blinds and damages the target
This skill is the spell that will save your life the most. Indeed, blinding an enemy reduces his burst by a lot when it is an AD carry or an AD offtank. You shall never engage the fight with it when you don't have Lich Bane. However, you should harass and attract the enemy to you or your team with Toxic Shot and then blind him.

Move Quick
Increases passively and actively Teemo's movement speed
A very useful spell that I often take as soon as possible. The higher level it is, the faster you will run. The faster you will run, the longer you will live and disturb the enemy team.

Toxic Shot
Your basic attacks have a magic poison effect that damages the enemy
Nothing to say. The more AP you have, the higher the damages will be. In combination with Lich Bane or attack speed items, this skill offers a amazing burst to Teemo.

Noxious Trap
Plants a toxic mushroom that explodes when an enemy passes next to it
It will be your main spell. Amazing damages, vicious traps. They are the reason why you are reading this guide and why you will love following it.

After 2 seconds spent immobile, Teemo disappears
He can not move without re-appearing, but at that moment his attack speed is increased by 40%. You will generally use it to trap your enemy or to escape. You also can be used as the ward of the team in certain situations.

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Skill sequence

This section describes a good skill sequence for a capturer. The argument are based on this aim to show you that every skill is important and useful. You should always adapt to the situation. I mean, you should sometimes find that you don't need Blinding Dart because you are facing mages that you harass more efficiently with Toxic Shot etc... Think. You are not playing a one-way-brainless-character.

Move Quick

Move Quick is the 2nd spell you will use the most. Indeed, you are here to put Noxious Traps all around the map. It is important to put points in this spell because the extra mobility it provides is just amazing. Moreover, during a fight, it will be your tool to chase, back or keep a constant distance between you and your enemy. Try it and try without, it will lead you to this conclusion.

Move Quick : are you serious?
Anyway, you may find it strange not to take Blinding Dart or Toxic Shot instead?
The answer is : "As a capturer temmo, you are not a teamfighter early game". Akali, ww and jax would kill you. To defeat them, you are not reading the good guide. Indeed, you are a Noxious Trap provider. End-game, you will be able to kill them. But first (without Lich Bane), just run away. Of course, you can harass in teamfights with Toxic Shot and Blinding Dart, but you will need to Move Quick when the enemy will focus you.

And late game?
The only skill sequence you need is your late game one with Lich Bane : Blinding Dart - shot - Move Quick - shot and continue hitting until Blinding Dart is available. Restart...
As you can see, even if you have spend your early game capturing, you can become an insane slayer end game.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, Greater Seal of Replenishment and Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction plus Greater Quintessence of Cooldown Reduction are the things you need the most. Juste take these runes.

CDR and Teemo

Remember that Teemo really needs to have 40% CDR. Indeed, it will condition the number of Noxious Traps that you will be able to use, but also your burst with liche bane + Blinding Dart. You can be a capturer or a slayer, a fighter or a defender, you will need these runes.

What about Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration
A very good choice but :
  • You will have less CDR so do not waste your mushrooms
  • You will do more damage but you will have a longer CDR on your blind. Do not die.
I start to use these quintessences instead of the focus ones, but I don't think it should be done by a beginner.

Other runes
To sum up, I can say that there are many possible runes. Depending on the enemy team, you will prefer flat runes or per-level ones. Moreover, you have to choose your own balance between ability power, magic penetration and cooldown reduction. The ones I suggest are the ones I prefer, but you can make your own tests and choices. If you find another configuration that works well, do not hesitate to tell me your secret.

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Masteries are very important. The new version of masteries is even more powerful. However, you can take anything. I mean, with the old version of the guide, this section was called "why should I take defensive masteries?". Now, I don't take them.
Remember that your choices in terms of masteries have to be determined by your playstyle.

Offensive masteries : 21
This is obviously suicidal. Obviously. But the offensive masteries are amazing. Arcane Knowledge , Archmage and Executioner are simply lovely. Oh yes, a lovely mushroom in the forest... what about touching it!
Moreover, you can't play without Arcane Knowledge . We lack magic penetration so there is no way you could kill without it.
Now you have put 9 points in this tree, what about taking Executioner ? Do you remember the section about Noxious Trap in which I explained how to kill weakened enemies?
No Summoner's Wrath ? You could take it instead of a Archmage point. The trade is subtle : boosting Ghost or your damages? My answer is not clear, but I tend to prefer Archmage .

Utility masteries
You need Swiftness . That's the reason why I use 9 points here. Good Hands is always useful and Improved Recall saved my life several times.

No defensive masteries?
You could go 9/21/0. These masteries are good and in some cases they can be better that the offensive ones. If you tend to die too much, you can take them. Remember that you should never die when you are at the right place at the right moment. Be the hunter, not the prey.

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Summoner Spells

Removes all stuns, slows, taunts, fears, snares, sleeps, silences, blinds and immobilizers and reduces the duration of subsequent crowd control effects applied by 65% for 3 seconds
An excellent choice to make sure you can escape when you are trapped. If you want to focus undefended points, you will probably need it. You run so fast that your only threat is CC. Cleanse fixes it.

Your champion ignores unit collision and moves 27% faster for 10 seconds
An excellent choice with cleanse. It will provide the mobility you need. However, if you takes Boots of Swiftness, you would better take another summoner spell : you can survive without Ghost.

Teleports your Champion to your mouse cursor. 475 range.
The third possibility. I really love it. Indeed, in some rare but lethal situations, Teemo needs it to jump by a wall to survive. Moreover, it can be used in a lot of offensive situations so you will never regret this choice, even as Teemo.

Reduces a target's Attack Damage by 70%, Ability/Item damage by 35% and slows its Movement Speed by 40% for 3 seconds. 550 Range (estimate)
Good to attack or to defend, this spell will dramatically increase your ability to survive during the fights, to kill and (why not) to escape in certain cases.

Empowers your champion, increasing Attack Speed by 35% and Ability Power by 10-78 (depending on champion level) for 12 seconds.
Good if you play Teemo as an assassin. Learn when and how to use it. It is amazing.

If you see other possible spells, do not hesitate to write a small message. I will test it and answer your question.

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A simple explanation of my default itemization

What do we need?

  • Movement speed
  • Ability Power
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Mana regeneration (not too much)
  • Magic penetration
  • Survivability (try not to take Rylai's Crystal Scepter and see the difference)

Boots of Mobility or Boots of Swiftness ?
I think that both are nice. In one case, you will be able to travel faster in order to discover a lot of places in the world. But swiftness boots can save your life when you are fighting. Your choice. If you don't like these ones, mercurys treads is also a good choice without Cleanse.
Do not take Sorcerer's Shoes. They look good, but you will lack mobility. Some of you can try and like it, but you will be an easy-kill-target in many situations.

Before you enter the crystal scar : Boots of Mobility + Health Potion
With this stuff, you will be able to take the mid and join the teamfight of the Windmill. If you think that you could take something else, feel free to choose your items. The main reason for choosing it is that Boots of Speed are not fast enough to survive during the teamfight in my opinion.

To start with Rylai's Crystal Scepter?
The best item you could think of for teemo. You will become less squishy, and it will increase your damages. Moreover, your blinding darts will now have a slow effect. An excellent surviving tool that you will need for everything : fights, capture, mushroom damages. The only thing you could need is attack speed, but your passive can be used properly ;)

Need attack speed? Stinger
To fight properly, you will need a small amount of attack speed. Moreover, Stinger offers some cooldown reduction, that will be extremely useful for your Noxious Traps. I sometimes skip this item to focus on magic damages. If you do it, remember that you could have had more attack speed and cooldown reduction for only 1140 gold.

From that stage, you have to think about the situation. What are your team's strengths? What are the problems you could fix? Indeed, you can change the order of my build order if needed. If you follow the order without considering the game, you will randomly loose.

Rabadon's Deathcap kills
I take rabbadon most of the time because of the ability power. Of course. In addition to Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Rabadon's Deathcap is amazing. Your mushroom will easily kill any 25%life enemy. Read the Noxious Trap section if you want to take rabbadon. Do not waste your mushrooms.

Fighting with Lich Bane
This item is .... insane. To kill someone, a Blinding Dart Toxic Shot Move Quick Toxic Shot combo is a must have. You can't play without it. It gives a reason for having taken so much AP, and it provides even more damages. You will love it.

Nashor's Tooth, or the Noxious Trap provider
Cooldown reduction can't overpass 40%. Then, you need 40% cooldown reduction to have as many mushrooms as possible? Right? In addition, this item will give you an amazing tone of attack speed and a little bit of ability power.
I don't take this item on each game because the previous ones are just better in many cases. Nevertheless, when you want to keep 3 points and def, putting as many mushrooms as possible can be a very good idea.

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Items and explanations

CORE ITEM | Boots of Swiftness : the capturer's stuff

Why would you take these boots? The reason is obvious : Teemo is weak. With them, you will be able to escape from teamfights and traps easily ( Cleanse my love). Don't think that movement 2 and movement 3 are the same : they can't be compared.
With these boots, I can harass my enemies easily. That is why I take them against a team that lacks CC (or at least distance-CC) : Shyvana, Garen, Master Yi or Teemo are the kind of opponents against whom you should take these shoes.
Remember that when you have these boots you are supposed to fight a lot. If not, you would have better taken the next ones.

CORE ITEM | Boots of Mobility : My name is Teemo and I am boring
These ones are my favorite boots. Thanks to Move Quick, you don't need more than movement 2 during the fights (but you need it to harass). Therefore, you can buy these shoes and enjoy the incredible mobility they provide.
You are supposed to take these boots when your team has no capturer, and when you think that you won't be needed to harass too much. Against a rather slow team with distance CC like Sion, Warwick or Taric, you will shine as a capturer.

Sorcerer's Shoes : damages and nothing else
Ok, then I don't need movement 3. Why don't you advise these ones?
The reason for it is that you are not an AP carry. Teemo's AP is very small at the beginning of the game, and it takes time to increase. Without Rabadon's Deathcap + another AP item, your damages are not high enough to use these shoes properly. Consequently, you will have wasted you time during about 10 minutes for nothing in return.
Some of you will take them anyway and like it, and that is the reason why I have decided to describe them. But if you are not confident with Teemo and with squishy heroes, you should not even try.

CORE ITEM | Ability Power = Rabadon's Deathcap?
This item is a must-have. As you are here to put heavy mushrooms in the map, you can't play without an important score of ability power. There is nothing else to say.
So why don't you take it as your first item?
Then because I have to survive. If you don't buy any health-heavy item first, you will see that you will need luck and skill to survive.

CORE ITEM | Rylai's Crystal Scepter : no choice
This is why this item is amazing. It is my first item in most cases and happens to be very useful. Moreover, its passive combined with Move Quick is very powerful. An enemy simply can't run away from you. Conclusion : you will never let your prey escape.
My advice is to make your Giant's Belt first, because it will allow you to take risks. Without it, you will have to be more careful than the rest of your team, which implies that you won't be in the group but a little bit behind. Consequence? => less damages.

What about Nashor's Tooth?
Ok, now we are done with my core items. This one used to be one of my favorite items because of the cooldown reduction. With your core items + Nashor's Tooth, you can spam Noxious Trap around the map with an incredible efficiency.
The problem it that most of the time I harass more than I really fight. In that case, attack speed is not as important as damages / attack. And what do you need to harass? Try to guess? Lich Bane!

Killing thanks to Lich Bane
Indeed, this item is a must-have for fighting with AP- Teemo. Indeed, your combo Blinding Dart + Lich Bane + Move Quick + Lich Bane (+ Noxious Trap + Lich Bane) is .... can't find a word. Is there a poet here?
Lich Bane also fixes your lack of magic resistance. Indeed, Teemo has a problem wit it. Just have a look to his magic resistance per level. Oh god! They forgot it!

Lich Bane vs Nashor's Tooth
You want both of them? Then you have to choose the one you will buy first!

You will take Lich Bane when : You will take Nashor's Tooth when :
  • You like mushrooms
  • The enemy team does not like mushroom
  • You know that you will be able to use your attack speed
    => Most of the time because you have CC-tanks like Amumu or Alistar with you)
  • Your enemies are rather squishy (your harass damages are lower with Nashor)

Need Mpen, take Void Staff
Ok, then they build so much magic resistance that you can't even play? This is the solution. Haunting Guise is better against low-magic resist teams, but when nearly all the enemies have some magic resistance anyway. Void Staff is better to eliminate enemies that have a very high magic resistance.

I like Zhonya's Hourglass
Zhonya is a very good item : ability power, armor, active effet. All you need in Dominion to kill most AD carries. However, you also need your core items, so you will have to wait for this one because it is very expensive. In some cases it can be a very good choice.

What about Haunting Guise?
This is a very good item. Really underestimated. If you need a slight survivability buff, you should consider buying it. The only reason why I haven't included this item in my main way is that I really need my core items first.
If you think that you need more survivability, making an Haunting Guise after Stinger is a good idea. Moreover, 1485 gold is a very small amount when you think about the extra damages that you will do thanks to its +20 magic penetration.

Surviving with Moonflair Spellblade
Most players are not used to taking this item, but from the up to 35 tenacity, it has become a must have. If you want to be a capturer and that you have not taken Cleanse, this item will save your life for 1200 gold. Moreover, just have a look at the AP that is provided! You can't face a CC team without it.

AP + CDR : Morello's Evil Tome
For those who consider that they don't need attack speed, Morello's Evil Tome is the best alternative to Stinger. First of all, you should buy a Fiendish Codex. After you have bought your Rabadon's Deathcap, you can finish Morello's Evil Tome.
If we consider the pros and cons of taking Morello instead of taking Nashor's Tooth you will see that is saves about 500 gold and offers an extra 20 ability power. I think that it is not sufficient to renounce to the 50% attack speed, but it is still an option

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Changing the order of your items depending on your aim

Classic way :

Survivor way
Full AP way
This way is the best one for those who want to have fun with their Noxious traps. You will see that only one of your mushrooms can annihilate the enemy carry.
Early-Farmer Way :
If your team is dangerous enough early game, you can try to make gold by pushing bot lane. Mid-game, you can put mushrooms to protect the place and take the point safely.
The way to fight
This build order is really special but it actually works. As soon as you have your Lich Bane, you will be able to do tons of damages. Nevertheless, every single attack will not necessarily be very strong because you don't have Rabadon's Deathcap yet.
I sometimes do Rabadon's Deathcap before Malady when I need to do more damages. You also can make Lich Bane soon but then go back to the classic way. In some cases, it will offer a teamfight win to your team. Do not underestimate this item.

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Your own AP Teemo

Well, now you know almost everything I know about this character. You need two things : practice and personalisation.

I will describe here an example of playstyle-specific Teemo build. I want to show you how to make your own guide that corresponds perfectly with you playstyle. There are many things to take in consideration but I will try to describe it in a simple way.

My playstyle

In this example, I will describe a guide oriented in bot-lane farming and domination. The aim is to be able to defend and farm efficiently, without being scared about ganks etc...

My needs
The first step is to identify clearly the main difference between your playstyle and mine. Here, we can see that we will need:
  • Sustainability : there is no way we could go back to the base each time we get hurt.
  • Attack speed : to be able to fight soon enough
  • Movement speed : in order to be able to escape / gank / harass
  • Crowd control counter : like clease or moonflair, against ridiculous deaths.

My core items
In my opinion, your items are the most difficult thing to choose. That is the reason why I start with them. After that, we will compensate the drawbacks with our masteries and runes.

To start with
My first items will provide me a sufficient harass / survivability. I don't need any source of mana regeneration as I will mostly fight with my auto-attacks. Depending on the enemy, I won't necessarily need Blinding Dart.
I have to put a point in Move Quick to run faster that my enemy. I have to harass and to use the bushes correctly. A good choice for me will be to take Boots of Speed, Ruby Crystal and Amplifying Tome. Of course, I will take Health Potions next to it. These items will become my Boots of Swiftness and my Haunting Guise.

Farming time
The main problem with this stuff is my movement speed. Maxing Move Quick can be a solution, as well as taking Ghost. However, we will see that there are other emergencies. Consequently, I will buy my Boots of Swiftness first.
Then, I could finish my Haunting Guise to hide my tiny mouth. In spite of the importance of your appearance, I will buy Malady first. Indeed, we need attack speed and we already have the Amplifying Tome. With this item, Teemo becomes a real threat.

Mid game
The main problem for me is to farm efficiently without being hurt too much. Depending on the enemy, the strategy will be very different. Sion can be harassed if you use the bushes, while Lux will be harder to defeat without a better strategy.
From that stage, I will have to find a way to stay in my lane efficiently, but also to make the difference, to become a threat. For these reasons, I can say that mid-game items have to be balanced between countering your opponent and following your build.

What core items do I need
I think that, one more time, Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a good choice. It synergies well with Move Quick and Malady, and you will become dangerous and harder to catch (thanks to the slow).
Another option is to rush Rabadon's Deathcap. I haven't tried this build because I want to show the conception process, but I suppose that it would be a bad choice : Teemo wouldn't be able to survive from the enemy harass.
What about Haunting Guise? You have a cheap item that provides all we need. But you don't necessarily need more magic penetration now (depending on the enemy).

My conclusion about my core items is that I need Rylai's Crystal Scepter to survive and maintain the distance. The question is : what shall I take after that?
However, it would be too complicated to answer as a general question and without tests. We will stop here and choose our masteries and runes before we do our first game with this bot-farming-oriented stuff.

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Your own AP Teemo - part 2

Summoner spells

My items are :
First, I will select my summoner spells.
  • Heal : good for sustainability and saving your life.
  • Cleanse : good against ganks and CC-enemies.
  • Ignite : good for damages, but Toxic Shots are sufficient
  • Promote : an excellent choice to be able to quit your lane. Promote + Noxious Trap makes it impossible to take your lane directly. Good for ganking or capturing another point, as well as taking mid buff.
  • Surge : not a bad spell, mostly with Teemo. I would take it if I renounced to Malady for the early game. However, Malady is nice for farming, so it would be strange not to take it.
In conclusion, I think that Heal, Cleanse and Promote are the best spells for my playstyle.

Masteries and runes
I would like to compare two possibilities : taking defensive masteries in one hand, in order to be able to stay in the lane longer, or filling the offensive tree in the other hand to make higher damages.
My idea is to harass the enemy. The deal is : being able to take more risks or having better results when I take these risks.
My masteries should be a 12 / 18 as following :

With this mix, I hope that I have a correct base for my masteries. However, I will have to make tests to make sure it is correct.

I have chosen these runes to go without. Magic penetration and damages are very important to make sure the enemy will die fast enough. If I cant kill fast, I will die before. Teemo is surprise-reliant.
Next to it, I have taken mana regeneration and cooldown reduction per level to be able to use Noxious Trap as much as possible. With these runes and masteries, I won't need Nashor's Tooth normally.

My playstyle : now lets try
Now, all we have to do is to try. I have tried to guess what is important for this playstyle, but the most important thing is to try.
If the game last longer than I have planned with my core items, I will make a Rabadon's Deathcap and a Lich Bane, and Haunting Guise or a Void Staff.

Remember that it is a game : you have to have fun. Take the time to make a build that is yours and that you like. The more you will work on it and play with it, the more fun you will have!
I hope you enjoyed that part!

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Why the hell did you think about teemo AP?

I am a Teemo fan for a long time. I have made most of my games with this char, and I really like the AP version. Otherwise, I admit that the AS version is really stronger in League of Legend.

When I started Dominion, I wondered if Teemo was still good. After a few tests, I realized that my mushrooms were becoming my strength, even more than my auto-attacks. Was AP-Teemo back? That was the question.

So I started to test it and test it. Changed things, etc... And this guide came out. Why do I think that I can write it? Is it perfect? Of course not. But I am sure that it is fun to play.

Do not think that you will have the best score in points. This build gives you something more that countable score : it scares your opponents. What you will love with it is that the enemy team will start to hate the bushes, the jungle, the buffs, the map, the game.


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This Champion build is new. It is not the best way of playing teemo ... but I like it.

If you have suggestions, I would really love it. Please vote honestly (I dont ask you to like it) but tell me why you downvote.

Even if you don't like it, try it because you will have fun.


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Patch notes

- 13/10 : changed the classic way.
Indeed, Rylai's Crystal Scepter has become a core item in my games. I need it. I love it and I often take it very soon (first or second item after boots)

- 5/11 : the guide's design has been improved (haven't 100% finished yet) and Teemo AP is not only a capturer anymore.

- 8/12 : Items detailed and "your own teemo" part added.