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Evelynn Build Guide by brianmdc

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author brianmdc

Dominion Eve

brianmdc Last updated on October 20, 2011
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This is my first guide but I hope it will be of some help. I have a lot of fun playing Eve and after a lot of tweaking this build is the best I've come up with so far. The idea is to have malady, spark and razor deal big magic damage (MR gets neglected a lot in dominion) with malady and Ravage you really get a lot of damage out of the items.

I'm half looking to share my experience and half looking for advice, so please give me some ideas! Of course nothing is set in stone, If i find myself on a team of mages (rare in Dominion, but its happened) Ill forsake this build all together and go for AD/AS/Crits.

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I haven't been playing too long, so I just have the runes that i bought for SR, I'd appreciate any input on better rune possibilities. Planning on trading the health quints for speed once i get IP. And probably the Armor runes for something else, but thats down the line for me :D

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I went with 21 0 9 over 9 0 21 because i felt the extra damage was worth more than the utility tree.

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To start buy basic boots, red gem and the amp tome. The extra HP and damage can help in the initial battle up top. If the initial battle seems like a lost cause due to an OP at start enemy team and an underpowered at start my team, ill just grab the mobs first and try to take their middle, this will sometimes pull a champ away from top giving my team a better chance.

Either way, next grab malady which stacks nice with your E and from there the spark (If up against jax, grab Sword of Divine instead!) Once you've got those items you can quickly shred through minion waves to push towers and easily assassinate some squishies. Once you've got enough for the Razor. Once you've got those three you'll be dealing serious damage and beable to pick off stragglers no problem.

Pricilla's blessing is godly on Eve, I've won the game for my team many times with the item and the right time to buy it changes game to game. If you're losing early on its worth grabbing early. If you find yourself in a close game towards the end and haven't got the cash, go ahead and sell your Malady and backdoor like a mofo! With Eve's stealth, mob boots and blessing you'll beable to atleast neutralize some points, keeping the pressure on the enemy team. Don't forget about its active!

After you've got all of that, I havent quite decided what I like yet. Force of Nature is nice for the extra move speed and health regen is great for eve because it lets you stick around in the field after a narrow stealth escape (which happen often for me!) Gunblade is nice too.

I realize all the attack speed kind of goes to waste with Eves ult putting her well above the 2.5 cap, but the magic damage is really the goal. Also it lets you rely a little less on your ult, enabling you to waste it on an escape if you really need to.

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Skill Sequence

To start i grab all 3. Ravage is priority, hate spike after. Shadow Walk needs to get to at least level 2 early on, depending on how things are going ill take level 2 at 5 or 7.

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Summoner Spells

Flash! I always grab flash! lets you jump in to finish off a fleeing enemy, lets you escape into stealth mode and lots more. I dont leave home without it.

As far as my 2nd skill, I am still seeing what works. Garrison, exhaust, and ghost are all good options.

Garrison - Good for waiting in stealth at a tower for someone to come capture then bam! they are slowed, ravaged, full of hate spikes and being pelted by your turret with lots of extra damage.

Exhaust - Good for escaping and good for throwing down against AS guys like Yi, Xin, Jax etc.

Ghost - Mob boots, pricilla's blessing, spite and malice and're MOVIN'! I do prefer Exhaust and Garrison over Ghost though.