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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Dominion Katrina, let leblanc and co. eat your burst, over a

Last updated on January 26, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Summoner spells

the shield will secure you some kill with giving you the ability to get out some more spells in some situations, ignite is necessary as it gives you more dmg and counters heal effects (especially useful when fighting near a heal point and you can't collect it prefight/infight)

she is not as dependant on blink as she has her own blink which she can use most of the time because most battlefield will either have minion to jump on our bushes to hide in/allies to jump on

additionally you can jump onto the buffs in mid and the towers as they count as units as well

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As katarina you want to go top most of the time, because you benefit from teamfights when your enemies die, through your passive and you can thus burst out great amounts of dmg and secure kills on enemies that try to escape with minons near their path, if your team picked non-useless champs and their teamfight abilities are not miserable

After securing top with your allies you go to rush their mid point if there is another ally alive with enough health and b afterwards, but you have to know that you can take the point unpunished, tell your allies to go b if you think taking the midpoint will fail and they will die.

With full health and more items you will react to your oppents and your teams positioning, defending where it's needed and holding points and slaying enemies where you can, you should be able to know when an engage will let you horribly die and when you can get 1-3 kills at once, afte a few games.

You should use your Q and W whenever you can, you should use your E when the engage is near or your team already engaged, while waiting for your cooldown to get up again you want to get out of AA range of the melees and avoid skillshots thrown at you, you can use your W if someone uses a gabcloser or has enough MS to get near you to get away in combination with your E.

If everything goes fine and your team pokes and focuses well enough you should be able to jump in with E then Q and W, and repeat it as your enemies are falling, if the teamfight did not go so well try to kill low hp enemies and delay capture as long as possible, but dont get into danger unnecessarily, go to their midpoint instead and try to bait them to go there and kite them afterwards giving your team time to get the top point with low defence or kill the enemies that are following you. Go b when low health and buy your core as soon as possible

Go b after succesful fights and captures when you have low hp or when you have enough money to get core item or important item parts (435/870 gold or 1200 for the 1st time b when not low health, enough gold to get spell vamp for the 2nd b or 830/870 gold for the 3rd/4th b and 970 godl for the 5th time b)

You should not go b when you see easy to acquire kills or capturable points (watch the map and enemy death timers, whenever you dont have to micro eg. while traveling or going b in a save place, so you don't get surprise by enemies hiding in the bushes top)
You should also be killing creeps when there are no easy to aquire kills or points, but watch out that you still have enough time to b if necessary and you don't lose points as a result of delaying your b/or not helping allies

After getting the blackfire torch you always initiate with it's active followed up with E, Q, W and then R, you can skip W when your enemy may have silence, and you can delay your ult and try and kite an enemy if he has a stun until he used it

When you kite an enemy it is most of the time usefull to wait till QWE are all up again to burst them with as much dmg as possible, and sometimes only use q and w on them to make damage from a distance repidetly (w has a short distance so not always possible, especially when you fear stuns or slow from your enemy, or huge burst)

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Playing against leblanc

As leblanc is picked quite often in dominion, it's worthwhile mentioning how to kill her.

When you fight against leblanc you have make sure that you are not in range of her spells when you don't have vision of her, that means when you see her running into a bush you dont follow her, and you dont go near a wall when you saw that she went to the other side of the wall and still has vision over you but you not over her.

When you avoid her skillshot and don't get silenced, which will mostly happen when you attack her from a bush or across a wall where she can't see you, then you will be able to kill her easily with one combo after you have your blackfire torch, or with assistance of an ally earlier on