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Kog'Maw Build Guide by akid54

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League of Legends Build Guide Author akid54

Dominion Kog'Maw

akid54 Last updated on September 24, 2011
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To play Kog'Maw in Dominion, there are specific tactics that should be utilized. He's extremely squishy, so it pays off to keep distance in any sort of team fights. Never capture a point alone when you cannot see at least 3 of the enemy champions on the map. Once you get the Malady, however, it is possible to completely annihilate 2 champions by yourself. When engaging, use flash and void ooze to keep a healthy distance from your enemies so that bio-arcane barrage can seriously destroy them. Also, void ooze can go through walls, so it can be used from another area to assist a teammate to either escape or catch a kiting champion.

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The marks of desolation are key to making you strong early game. The armor pen tears through all enemy defenses, making it easy and simple to snatch the first kill of the game. The seals of alacrity raise your attack speed greatly, and as you may have noticed, this build relies strongly on the attack speed combined with the razors and Bio-Arcane barrage. You can either use glyphs of warding or glyphs of resilience, but both are intended for a bit of surviving longer in lane.

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9/21/0 is a standard for Kog, because it helps spell penetration, and enables that little bit of early survivability with the 21 in defense. Some people may argue to go 21/9/0 or 21/0/9, but neither are as supportive. The damage is not necessary, because that comes from the items, and a 2.5 attack speed definitely makes up.

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The recurve bow in the beginning starts you off with a nice attack speed, and the bio-arcane also adds to the attack speed to help dominate. More attack speed comes from your berserker's greaves, which also provide a great assistance. Kitae's bloodrazer is a substitute for the Madred's bloodrazors, but the % of health dealt is slightly lower. Either way, it is essential to dominating a fight. The Sword of the Divine is next, because with the 60% attack speed, your speed goes off the charts and few champions can match you. Malady is a massive assist, and is an obvious choice. Once this item is finished, you can start taking on 2 champions at a time as long as you make sure to keep a distance. The cutlass is also a key item, because of the damage and lifesteal. At this point, your lifesteal combined with attack speed should enable you to stay around for quite a while before returning. The hextech revolver is also a critical item, because it boosts Kog in both damage and AP, as well as spell vamp. Now, the ability to stay in lane is drastically improved and you should be losing little health as you take on champion after champion. Make sure to use the cutlass' active in team fights, it is there for a reason! Finally, you want an Entropy for some health and damage. If you think you don't need it, you can always get yourself an ionic spark, for both the extra attack speed as well as the extra damage every 4th hit. 4 hits should come up very quick, due to the extreme attack speed and it works very well with your Sword of the Divine.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a must for Kog'Maw because he is easily killed so it allows him to get out of a fight easily. It also enables him to keep a strong range, making sure that you aren't obliterated by an enemy team.

Cleanse is my other choice because if you get exhausted then you are screwed, you won't be able to escape. Cleanse can also be used to save yourself from ignite. It is a key choice of surviving.

Ghost is an solid choice for kog but if you get exhausted then you will most likely get killed because exhaust overpowers ghost. It could still be useful, however.

Exhaust is also a decent option, but not one of Kog's better choices. It can help your team catch someone, or keep them in range of bio-arcane barrage.

All the others are a waste for Kog.