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Taric Build Guide by Sophie Lhant

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sophie Lhant

Dominion: Never underestimate the healing damage dealer

Sophie Lhant Last updated on October 23, 2011
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"Never underestimate the healing damage dealer"

Well Ezreal lost his heal :( good thing Taric is here to fill in that role (insert Taric x Ezreal jokes here). You might think Taric is only good as a 0 cs support, but his skill set synergizes quite well in Dominion as a tanky healer/dps. The best part of this is that he does not lose supporting power by building AD/AS oriented items. More on this will be discussed in the skills section. So before you say "lol GG, we have a troll", give AD Taric a fair chance to prove his worth on Dominion.

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Greater Mark of Desolation You will be focusing on AD more so than your AP, so the extra penetration will help your auto attacks hurt more.

You already get plenty of armor from your defensive masteries and shatter. The extra dodge chance can really save you or help you chase when combined with your nimbleness mastery.

The main stat this build lacks before Force of Nature is magic resistance. Taric does not have any natural magic resistance growth so this helps fix that problem.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation For the same reason as the Desolation marks. More armor pen = more damage.

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9 in offense for the exhaust mastery and the 15% magic penetration. 21 in the defensive tree to make you more tanky without the need of items. The main reason I choose 9/21/0 instead of 21/9/0 is because Havoc only increases your damage to a single target, whereas Tenacity reduces damage from up to 5 potential enemies. The ghost mastery is not worth the 15% magic penetration you lose from archaic knowledge.

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Skills/Skill Sequence

7.5% of your damage back as mana is surprisingly useful once you build up more AD. Hitting a minion wave after a mid-late game teamfight will grant you a decent amount of life steal and mana steal. This extra sustain can mean being able to defend a point after a fight instead of going back to heal.

Imbue: Because of the nature of Dominion, small scale skirmishes happen all the time. Taric doesn't have a bush to sit in all day. He will be on the front lines with his teammates taking damage. This effectively gives Imbue a 1.2 AP ratio because the selfheal is pretty much never wasted. With the attack speed from this item build you will find your imbue coming off cooldown extremely quickly when fighting enemy champions and also while whacking minion waves.

Shatter: This skill essentially replaces your need for an armor item and even gives your team extra armor as well. Most team comps in Dominion are more AD oriented, so you provides a huge boost for your team just by being in the fight. Activating the skill provides a decent nuke plus armor debuff without compromising your aura.

Dazzle: Most fights in Dominion are smaller scale, sometimes even 1 v 1. In a 1 v 1 this gives Taric a free 1.5 second headstart, which means free damage and 1.5 second worth of attacks to bring imbue off cooldown again. In team fights this enables Taric to stun a carry on the enemy team. Because positioning isn't as defined as it is in summoner's rift, it is pretty easy to focus down the stunned carry.

Radiance: Another reason that AD Taric shines in Dominion. Your ult is almost always off cooldown for every major fight that occurs. By using this you get extra AD and AP, which boosts your heals and your nuke, a quick burst right off the bat, AND you get to give your team free AD and AP just by being there.

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Start with an Ionian boots of lucidity. Your main damage in the early stages of Dominion comes from your skills. This is also your only source of cooldown reduction.

Take merc's treads instead of the Ionian Boots of Lucidity if the enemy team is very CC heavy. Nothing sucks more than being chain stunned, slowed etc.

If you find yourself against a lot of auto attackers (3 or more in my opinion) then take a ninja tabi instead of the Ionian boots or merc's treads for the extra dodge and armor.

Build a phantom dancer next, starting with zeal then to dagger then to cloak of agility. I choose to prioritize AS over AD first because of Imbue's passive effect. -3 seconds every time you hit a champion becomes critical to sustaining yourself and your teammates with this build. As you approach late game you will find your heal coming off cooldown after like 2 seconds of combat if you are fighting an enemy champion.

After building attack speed you need some AD to back it up. The lifesteal is also a nice bonus and will become more important as you build more AD. You can also stack up its passive pretty quickly with your phantom dancer.

Pick up a zeal before starting Infinity edge for the extra attack speed, critical chance, but most important the movement speed. Taric needs to be able to catch up to his enemies.

This will make your crits hurt a lot more and provide some extra critical chance as well. This will give a huge boost to your damage output but should not be rushed before the Sanguine Blade because it doesn't provide life steal and it costs about 1,000 gold more.

Even though this is listed as the 5th item, it can be built before Infinity Edge if the you find yourself getting bursted down (or if the enemy team is predominantly AP). You should build an early negatron cloak if you find yourself getting blown up too quickly and then finish FoN whenever it becomes necessary. The extra 8% movement speed is also a nice bonus.

Your last item is another phantom dancer. Again, the extra attack speed synergizes with Imbue while the extra crit chance puts you at an 85% chance of scoring a crit. The movement speed also lets you chase or escape as needed.

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Summoner Spells

This lets you move much faster, which lets you chase enemies, reach a point faster, and otherwise reposition yourself. It also helps you reach the top point a little bit faster right at the beginning.

As previously established most teams in Dominion are slightly more AD oriented. Exhaust shuts down AD hard.

What not to bring/Not as viable picks

While you technically can bring this the spell isn't as useful as it is on Summoner's Rift. In SR dying is pretty detrimental to your team. You become 300 gold behind, underleveled and can lose objectives like turrets, dragon or baron. In Dominion a death is only 100 gold and -2 health to your nexus. The respawn time is also considerably shorter, so escaping or securing a kill with flash isn't as important as it is in SR. In many scenarios exhaust will probably yield more results.

You could bring this to secure a kill, but as established in the flash section kills aren't nearly as important as they are in Summoner's Rift. Instead of dealing 410 true damage over time and reducing healing by 50% you could have just exhausted the enemy, stopping 70% AD damage and 35% AP damage as well as slowing them for 3.5 seconds.

The biggest problem with this summoner spell is that the turrets can be suppressed by attempting to capture it. If you are defending the enemy team can very easily just have one person suppress the turret while the others attack. If you are attacking then you can just have one person suppress the turret and not have to waste a summoner spell.

The amount healed becomes pathetic as the game drags on. Dominion reaches late game much faster so this spell drops off even faster

You should not be having any serious mana problems with the Crystal Scar aura and all the health packs scattered about. Even if you do you can just recall back to base in a few seconds and return to your point (obviously do not leave if the enemy is about to push).

Champions are generally much more of a threat than a minion. If you can use exhaust to win a teamfight then the enemy promote is essentially wasted. It also isn't very hard to kill the super minion later in the game. And if you capture the point they die off just like the normal minions; they don't even move to the next point.

It's actually not too bad, but the 9 minute cooldown kills it. You will pretty much only be able to revive twice or so per game. Even when you do revive you can only stop a capture if enough of the enemy team died. If 3-4 of you died at top and only 1 of them died you won't be able to stop them.

It's the counter to promote, another reason why promote isn't that useful. However, using one of your slots just to counter an already mediocre summoner spell isn't the best choice. Smite can't really stop a minion wave and there are no neutral monsters to steal, so its only use is to counter promote. And if the enemy team doesn't bring promote then you just wasted a slot for nothing.

Because positioning isn't as clearly defined in Dominion you will be eating a lot more CC than normal. Cleanse has a 2 min 30 second cooldown, meaning you won't even come close to cleansing all the CC you will be eating.

Most of the map is already revealed to you. Hardly ever will you find enemies just camping in some random brush waiting to jump you. This is especially true when you hold at least 3 points, because they will obviously be trying to capture them back.

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Team fighting/solo fights

In general you do not want to open a 1 v 1 with dazzle. If the enemy is off a capture point then they will want to return to it for protection. If that is the case then you will waste a lot of your stun time running up to them. If you're the one defending then they have to take the fight to you, so there really is no reason to leave your point to open with dazzle. Ideally you should use dazzle after you've taken a few hits and used Imbue. This will give you a free 1.5 seconds to get some auto attacks to cooldown your heal. Your standard 1 v 1 skill combo should be R->W->Q->E. By using dazzle later/last you actually get a little more damage from Radiance and because you are closer (remember dazzle does less damage the further your target is). You probably won't need exhaust for most 1 v 1s but if you need to use it go ahead and use it. Do not waste it if nothing major will result from you dying, but if the kill on your enemy means that you can cap the point and win the game then do not hesitate.

For team fights feel free to open by dazzling a key enemy target (AD and AP carries as well as assassins take the highest priority). Whenever the fight starts use Radiance ASAP to deal a quick burst and give yourself and your teammates extra AD and AP. Then continue with shatter for more burst and armor reduction and Q yourself or any teammates whenever it is necessary. After all your skills are on cooldown just play Taric like any other melee character. Remember, your Q should come off cooldown fairly quickly, so be ready to Q again as soon as it's ready. Dazzle and shatter also cooldown pretty quickly so be ready to reuse those if the fight lasts long enough. Drop exhaust as a last resort if your team is losing due to its long cooldown, but don't hesitate to use it to turn the tide for a key team fight (like if both teams' nexus are at low hp and you are contesting the top point. If exhaust can help you take the point then use it. After the enemy team has been defeated they won't have enough time to respawn, reach the point, fight your team again and capture it even if they do win.)

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And there you have it. Remember though, this guide is just an outline. As you play a champion more and more you will develop your own tastes and preferences. Do whatever works for you :)

Good luck in Dominion!