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Dominion "Off Spec" Riven

Last updated on October 5, 2011
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The Build Summary

This is my off build for "Riven: The Road to Dominion By: Zedera"

By all means use Zederas build i recommend it. Note that my runes are a bit different.
Thats my choice i prefer a more stable start. But Zenderas runes also work with this build in my opinion. Also i buy the two health pots.

For starters I use this build when we are at a loosing streak after i buy Youmoos Ghostblade. If we have top and have a decent lead in nexus HP then i keep going with Zenderas build for a faster win.

I do not have proof of the build since my "Screen Shot" has a mind of its own.
Also i do not know for sure if this makes your chance of winning higher.
But all i can say, the tables do turn quite a lot when going with this build.
my average score is 12-18/2-6/8-11(Kill and Assists flip depend on ally champions). Yes i have gotten a quite a few 18+/5-9/5-10(Kills and Assists flip depend on ally champions) couple of games, but that's only because either they have no tank/good off tank champions (example: most health enemy champion is like a Jax) and have at least 3 maybe 2 squishy carries (Ashe, Vayne, Yi, ext.) that go for pure damage, and not do not compassionate for the possible gank at anytime. (in my opinion a item build for the "classic" mode)

I also throw in a Frozen Mallet and dump the Cloak and Dagger if i find my target keeps getting away to from me.(since Ghostblade is on a CD) Item order after Ghostblade: Warmongs, Phage, Atmas, Frozen Mallet, Infinty. This ends up increasing your basic damage out put from a 308.5 to a 328.5 and increase your health from a 3942 to a 5072. but deceases your critical chance from a 96 to a 58. (Purchased all items) I have not had a game last long enough to get all of the items with this change.

I even (depending if i notice i am getting lesser targeted champions then my allies) then i go Infinity Edge first. Putting a little faith in my companions and if we start turning the tables, and make a noticeable comeback, i proceed with Zenderas build. If not then i build my warmong's and proceed down the list.

Then the last build i use is only when we have no specific tank/off-tank champion to "grab aggro". (Example: all high damage carries or something of the sort) I drop trying to build Ghostblade and go for Phage, Warmongs, Atmas, Frozen Mallet, Infinity Edge, and end with Cloak and Dagger. Note: I rarely get farther then Frozen Mallet, if im lucky i might get B-F sword to have fun with it before the end. I find for me at least i average 2-4/7-9(3-6 if i have a partner all the time)/10-15+. I Personally have never had many kills with this build, though i have seen a few builds close to this one (a change in ending items or order of purchasing) and they have done (in my opinion) well as a "tank" Riven. I understand that it might seem stupid to have a "tank" Riven, but i believe at least one champion needs to be tanky enough initiate, sit, and take the damage to let your allies kill the enemy.

With the build posted and the build with Infinity Edge before Warmong's. I have Gotten all items 3 times combined (twice with Posted build and once with Infinity Edge first). Mind you it only lasted a few more seconds, enough time to kill 1/2 way across the map and kill a group of 2-(3 i almost died) enemy champions, (with and without help, and depending who the champions are) ending the game close to 5 hp to 0 Hp Nexus.

My average last buy is the Infinity Edge or i just get Cloak of Agility. If we have a good fight decently long fight. If we loose my average last buy is Atmas, B-F Sword, or the Pickaxe. (Depending on K/D ratio)

I STRESS TO YOU THAT I AM NOT SAYING THAT THIS BUILD WILL GUARANTEE YOU WINNING IF YOU ARE STARTING TO LOSE. I DO NOT HAVE PROOF OF THAT GOING THIS BUILD WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER, THEN ENDING THE WITH Zenderas BUILD, NOR CAN I POSSIBLY IMAGINE TRYING TO PROVE THAT. Though i do believe strongly that it has turned the score around because i started going down this Build then Zenderas build. Noticing that either we are loosing, or i am being targeted (My definition of being targeted. There is an Ashe with noticeably less health, an easy kill for two champs, and they go for you who might take a little longer, and they possibly end up dieing from ally team help because of they targeted you instead of Ashe) multiple times in group fights, if those do not happen. Please keep going with Zenderas build.

I have noticed through experimenting, that going back to Zenderas Build after buying the Warmongers does not work. I end up with a noticeable drop in kills, and an increase in deaths(4-9+), assists varies to much. I am unable to end with finished 4th item or starting 5th item. I also notice a drop of win/loss ratio. Then again it might be because of how i play Revin.

Feel to comment.
This is the order i get my items to play my play-style of my off-spec Riven, so please feel free to mix and match.