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League of Legends Build Guide Author HayateKyun

Don't Twitch.

HayateKyun Last updated on October 10, 2010
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Okay, so people think that Twitch is just a kill stealer, well that is partially true, but not how he gets kills. To put it in another way, early game, it is better for Twitch to get the kills because he is what he is, a hard carry. If Twitch gets fed, he will carry your team to victory with just a bit of understanding of positioning.

greater mark of desolation- Armor penetration is good for any DPS champion, so it's quite self explanatory.
Greater Seal of Attack Speed - Attack speed isn't necessary, but to maximize damage output, getting it from runes is a good choice.
Greater Glyph of Attack Speed - Again, attack speed is one of the better choices.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation - Same as the marks.

Other Options:
Greater Glyph of Critical Chance Greater Seal of Critical Chance - This works but I feel crit chance is already high enough and can be covered by an elixir.
Greater Glyph of Critical Damage Greater Seal of Critical Damage - This works but is a bit pricy
Greater Quintessence of Health - This improves your survivability early but lowers your damage output late AND early game.

Summoner Spells
Ghost - This is quite self explanatory, viable for any DPS champion and especially for Twitch, for he has the ability to catch practically anyone with Ghost and Venom Cask
Flash - This is your AIO positioning, escaping, and catching tool. Use it to shoot at a good angle with Spray and Pray, use it to escape over walls, use it to chase when ghost is down, use it to dodge turret fire.

Other options:
Ignite - I feel this isn't necessary and not effective, to use this properly, you'll have to land it near your enemy while in stealth, wasting the precious time of Ambush, I feel that you should be able to kill anyone down without this because of your sweet passive Deadly Venom and Expunge to kill off escaping Champs.
Exhaust - This is a viable spell but it's more of a single target spell, as it can either bring you a single kill on one champ or be used on their carry in a teamfight, which shouldn't happen, I'll explain why later.

Deadly Venom - The DoT by itself isn't that good, it can finish off escaping Champs but what the real point of this is to stack up Expunge and Debilitating Poison.

Ambush - This is what makes Twitch, Twitch; He does some weird stuff for 1.25 seconds and goes into stealth, the longer he stays, the longer the duration the attack speed buff will stay. The attack speed is the true selling point of this skill, it does many things, kill things faster, break turrets faster, and of course the stealth to get away or set up ganks. Now, you may ask, why I don't get this first to scout and first blood; well, It's because I'm usually soloing top or mid, if you are laning with someone who can get you first blood [Examples: Xin Zhao, Janna, Morgana, Garen], then sure go ahead and get it, but Expunge would do better if you are soloing.

Venom Cask - This is your slowing skill, very basic, use it to lower their move speed, dependent on the number of stacks, the only difference between the levels is the duration of the slow, so keeping it at level 1 until late game is good enough.

Expunge - This is your early game killer, this makes twitch a threat early game because this does quite a lot of damage even at level 5, doing 90 base and adding 40 per stack of Deadly venom. Use it early game for kills, use it late game for escaping champs.

Spray and Pray - This is what makes Twitch a team killer, a hard carry, a hated Champ. This skill can rip through a whole team in a matter of seconds. It shoots missiles in a direct line from you when you auto attack, it pierces and hits everyone behind the target, if it crits on the target, it will crit on everyone else behind the target, this grants a HUGE amount of attack speed, which is the primary reason why you don't need attack speed items. This is best used when you have an Amumu or Galio ult, this skill is all about positioning, line yourself up so that you hit the most Champs. Without this skill, you can melt someone 1 on 1 in a matter of seconds, guess what? Now you can melt FIVE people in a matter of seconds. This is what makes Twitch a huge threat late game.

Item Explanations
Doran's Blade - Very nice starting item, good amount of HP, decent attack, and enough life steal to get a bit back from last hits. Doran's Shield is another good choice if you are still new and don't know how to avoid harassment by positioning.
Avarice Blade - Get this quick, it's cheap and it gives you gold while you get your other items, not to mention the tiny burst from the crits
Berserker's Greaves - There aren't any other choices with boots besides Boots of Mobility, but getting to your targets isn't usually a problem, why not get a nice attack speed boost?
Executioner's Calling - Cheap, life steal, crit, and a bonus healing reduction for those nasty Tarics getting away with a silver of HP.
Cloak of Agility - Again, this has a very nice amount of crit, adding to your tiny bursts, however get a BF sword first if you can afford that
Infinity Edge - Self explanatory, 80 attack, 250% crit damage? YES.
Youmuu's Ghostblade - Attack damage, crit chance, and armor pen? yes, furthermore the active synergies with Spray and Pray incredibly well.
The rest is really just a choice of personal preference, they're stacking armor? Well get The Black Cleaver or Madred's Bloodrazor, you're really just stomping them all? Well this usually happens so stack up them The Bloodthister

Early Game:
Early game you gotta focus alot of last hits, they are absolutely vital, you want your items as fast as possible, remember you are a HARD carry, if you get your items, you will dominate. Remember to play defensively though, let them push to tower, and if they get too cocky, shoot a few pot shots and Expunge them up. Learning how to last hit by your tower is an important asset, it helps every champion. My rule is: hit once for mage minions, let turret hit once, and kill; for melee minions, hit once and let turret hit twice for the kill, later on, you'll need to readjust according to your attack power but it's not like laning is that long for Twitch.

Mid Game:
Can't help it but during this time, your mostly going to go after low HP champions, or "kill-steal", you don't have enough firepower at this time (You should have up to the Executioner or Cloak of Agility now]. You can however still pick off squishies with good positioning, Venom Cask, and Expunge. Try and coordinate ganks with your teammates, have them ward vital areas so you can catch enemies off guard HOWEVER try not to buy wards as you're very desperate for money, and the carry shouldn't exactly be buying wards.

Late Game:
Here is when you shine, you should have your Infinity Edge by now, and finishing up Youmuu's Ghost Blade. To pull off those tasty pentas and quadras in team fights, either have an Amumu or Galio ult, and shoot them to death; if you for some reason don't have Galio or Amumu at your disposal (Twitch does way better with them =]), then you have to line yourself up so that you are so far away from your targets, only the ends of Spray and Pray hits them, this will maximize survivability and still have a ****load of damage. There really isn't anything to say about Twitch at this point, main focus is to catch people off guard and shoot them to death or sneak in out of nowhere in teamfights and melt them. Just remember to be map aware, Twitch is insanely squishy at practically every point of the game, so try not to get ganked, if you however are, press Q and flash away, remember to press Ambush first because the time flash takes to teleport is about half the required time for Ambush to put you into stealth.

Important Tips

    -Don't be afraid to use Spray and Pray early game, if you can hit a few champs and clear creep waves, go ahead and spam it.
    -Getting Last hits is vital, learn to attack and move around so it's easier to detect when your being targeted by the enemy. Don't neglect last hitting even if you are attempting to harass. DO NOT STAND THERE AND AUTO ATTACK, you won't get last hits that often and you will be easy to target from skill shots.
    -First blood is incredibly easy with Twitch if you are laning, you have to get Ambush first for this case, it depends alot on your partner though, viable partners for first blood are: Garen, Janna, Amumu, etc]
    -Don't attempt to kill more than 2 full HP champs before your Infinity Edge, only target a single enemy; the strategy for killing a single target is to position yourself on their escape route (By this, I mean corner them out, have their other routes be dangerous: your own turrets, ally champs, etc), remember to stay in ambush for a bit to make the effect last the longest, attack 2 times and activate W, keep auto attacking if they got away with just a bit of hp, use E to finish them off.
    -You are a very good turret killer, if you feel like your lane is safe and you have map awareness (wards), then go ahead and full charge Ambush, activate Spray and Pray, and watch the turret go down.
    -The main reason AD Twitch > AS Twitch is that even in a AD Twitch build, after you ambush you will near around 1.7 AS, and if you Spray and Pray, that jumps to 2.3 AS or so. While an AS Twitch might have more AS normally to farm, they are horrible in killing champs late game, but they may do great early game.
    -The enemy has wards? No worries, buy an oracle and break them all; enemy bought oracles? No worries, tell your team to focus him down ASAP; it's a squishy? Do it yourself.
    -Stacking Doran's Blades isn't my thing but if you just can't get your BF sword yet, go ahead and stack them, sell them when your Inf is up.

Here's a win from today [10.8.10]