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League of Legends Build Guide Author Britlind

Doran's Blade Twitch

Britlind Last updated on November 7, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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-Doran's Blades give extra survivability at the start of the game (+360 hp is pretty hefty early, by any standards)
-This is Twitch, he does a ****ton of damage.
-12% lifesteal from the blades doesn't hurt either
-Sword of the Occult helps you keep your damage increasing while you save up for inf edge

-Despite +360 hp, twitch is squishy and vulnerable to CC's
-Oracles and wards can be a killer

Obviously, with twitch it is best to max out the offensive tree. I chose the defensive tree as secondary because twitch needs a little extra survivability, but you could probably get away with choosing utility just as easily.

Armor pen: early-game runes that are beastly for twitch.
Evasion: helps proc that +15% ms from masteries more often, and gives a little more survivability.
Magic Resistance: this helps out early in that it makes spells fro folks such as ryze not hurt nearly as much, whereas without these runes, such spells are very annoying

You could probably swap out the evasion and magic resist runes for crit chance, but just be aware you will be losing survivability this way.

Item Set:
Start out with a Doran's blade and a health potion. After laning for a bit, you should have around 1300- enough to go back and buy another Dorans and your Bezerkers Greaves. DONT get boots of mobility, ever since they nerfed his attack speed bonus, this is really quite necessary. Next, grab another Doran's blade and your sword of the occult. Farm, gank, jungle, or w.e and get enough money for your B.F.S. At this time, you should have reached the team fights stage of the game and so you should be getting stacks on occult and getting money fairly quickly. Complete your infinity edge and sell two Doran's blade in exchange for a vampiric scepter. Next complete Bloodthirster.

That is the end of the core item set, now there are options. Firstly, if they have a team heavy on magic, or have blinds, stuns, etc. that rape you, get Banshees Veil. Magic resist and a spell block, it doesn't get any better than that for anti-magic items. If you don't have to worry about magic resist, get another infinity edge. If you are having trouble surviving, you can get a frozen mallet, but honestly it is way too expensive to actually be worth it. If the game has still not ended at this point, sell your final dorans blade and get a final item. It really is up to you at this point, but I personally go for a 2nd/3rd infinity edge, just because they wreck so hard.

Take the mid lane! If you find it is someone you can't lane against, you can always switch with someone else on you team- bad people to lane against I found have been teemo, kassadin, and others with either a blind or heavy magic dps.
First Kill- this works for me about 25% of the time, but it is worth trying anyway just because it will drop their health like a rock at the start. Wait in the grass at the side, stealth when the creeps meet in the middle, wait for a good time, and pop out behind the guy laning against you. Autoattack him until he is almost down/at the tower, then ignite him and flash out to avoid his minions. If you can, keep harassing this way. If they don't get wards it may get to the point where you can go back to base and return to the lane while they just sit tower hugging not getting exp or gold.
Team Battles- Well, you want to pick a good position behind your tank before you pop out, and try to line the other team up. Pop out, use your ult, if they start to run, hit w, and hit e last to kill them all. Remember, expunge has huge range so even if they escaped and you can't see them, hit it.
If they set out wards/shrooms, get an oracles and kill them. Tell your team to target the players who get oracle on the other team. Oracle isn't a huge issue, as its range is so small, but by killing whoever has it thye will quickly tire of the expense of buying it.

Well this is my twitch build, +1 if you like it -1 if you don't but please let me know why!