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double supress/teamfight comp

Last updated on September 7, 2011
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Warwick Build

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very elementary, teamfight based setup. double suppression of ww and malzahar ult with spellvamp. alistar jungle cuz u dont need a tank or assassin.. heals serve as good anti-poke which this team sacrifices for the ww/malz combo. cait has good poke and is very safe through range. important cuz ww and ali are gonna be fighting more than babysitting. janna is important to prevent ww and ali from getting kited to uselessness. the other supports do nothing for this team.

cait and janna should play very, very safe and passive so ali can roam top and mid. ww scales awesome but is not the best solo top in terms of just laning. malz is too powerful at lane harrass/push for ali to not take advantage of. malz can force mid back then coordinate gank with ww+malz ult and ali top = top dead and tower gone.

ali heavily focus on roaming top/mid and ignore bot if at all possible. bot needs to stick to the plan and play passive/not push or ruin early game for top, mid and jungle.

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ww: dorans ring, mercs, chalice, visage, 1 more hp+armor/mr item, will of the ancients
malz: boots, catalyst, mercs, rod of ages, deathcap
ali: cloth, boots, philo, depends... frozen heart
cait: dorans blade, madreds razors, boots+wriggles, bloodthirster, phantom
wriggles is absolutely necessary on cait for sustainability because its very important for ali to roam top/mid. bloodthirster is a must over infinity because ww/malz/ali even to some degree janna can't babysit cait because they need to prevent team from getting kited/be active/aggressive in cc. cait can go ghost, exhaust or cleanse.. just needs to be able to kite/keep herself alive.

also ali is phy, which helps that cait is potentially ignored.


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