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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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DPS cait

Last updated on January 25, 2011
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Firstly, excuse me because im not going to use proper english here.

This guide is something that i came up with as i noticed that caitlyn has to either sacrifice atk spd for dmg or vice versa. So after playin afew games n getting screwed while trying to get both at the same time, i decided to go for an atk spd build as it compliments cait's passive ability.

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Ok so if u guys had not noticed, i chose all runes to increase atk spd. Well, this is an atk spd build so yea, deal with it. But its customizable if u want.

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Summoner Spells:

Ok, some of u might scold me noob for choosing heal as a summoner spell. But i found it very useful in early game situations where farming for cait is the most crucial. If u cant farm, ur screwed.

But i do not get smite coz its basically useless as a good cait is able to kill every creep by last hitting so yea..

And for flash, cait is thinner than paper to me. So getting it would be a good idea to back out of any situation.

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When building the items, get the atk spd components 1st b4 the other components as atk spd is the main purpose of this build.

In my opinion, do not sell off doran blade as it gives you increase health. This health could decide your survivability. Sell it only when you got 5 of the items and have enough money to buy the last item in 1 go.

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Early Game:

So basically any lane is good for cait as she has good range and would be able to kill while stayin far from the enemies. Just try not to lane with another carry hero as u might just screw that guy up or even worse, both getting screwed.

Do get on the offensive once in a while to harass ur enemies but try not to get too low on health as cait dies easy. Also, your trap is ur best friend when it comes to having ur enemies take a small detour just to avoid or attack you.

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Mid Game:

At this part of the game, you will have 2 options. Either go around the map ganking enemy heroes or stay in lane and farm. Personally i would choose to farm as if you failed a gank, there goes the amount of farming time. Also another reason to farm would be that no 1 would like to go against a fed dps and so they will try to kill u. So just wait in lane for them to come gank you and make sure to plant traps just to make sure that you survive and possibly kill off the enemy hero.

Also, by this time you should have enough atk spd to make your little dmg be painful.

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Late Game:

When late game starts, you should be a threat to your enemies. This will make them fear you alot and so will aim you during team fights. Them aiming you is a good thing as it helps the rest of the team feel at ease with no 1 hitting them, boosting their morale. Sooner or later they would give up chasing you and so turn around and make them feel sorry for chasing you.

If they do not aim you, then go trigger happy with your dps.

If they dont think so, well, good for you as you will be aimed as fodder for them. Im saying its good as you will be bait. Cait has very nice escaping skills and so in most of the time where enemy heroes gank u, they get counter ganked and killed.