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League of Legends Build Guide Author FatBastardo

DPS Fate insane

FatBastardo Last updated on August 7, 2010
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Hey guys i am new here.
I was playing Twisted Fate as QQ More Plz posted it up here.
Dont get me wrong, it is a great build but if u have the money to buy even more stuff u can get TF even better than his is. I tihnk

I start with pick a card of course and harras the enemy palyers. i usually click for the pick a card so the cards is rollin from blue to gold to red on your head, and when enemies see that they usualy turn back, so i lock the blue card to get some sweet mana back from minions. When enemies are close enough I harras them with red or gold card, but as i said usually they turn away. This gives u the chance to stay with enough mana on the lane.

Second skill is on wild cards cause the range. dont use them all the time, but when u have the chance to. it helps u to move enemies arround the lane. especially in the first stages.

So i keep doing this until i am level 6, when the ulti comes in. Use your ulti with care and for gank purposes, and of course for enemies runin away with low health. but only port there if there are no other enemies there. Many times i use ulti just for revealing the nemies position, like the times u dont see them on the map and they are all alive.
use ulti and port maybe to a turrent location and push the line. u can save your friends with this, cause u all see the enemies, so u can turn back if there is the need, and u cant be ganked if u know where they are.

I use ghost cause tf is pretty slow so it gives me the chasing opportuninty or when u need to to get out of there fast. if u are runing away from someone make sure u have a gold card ready. if he gets in range stun him and run away. saved me many times.
and another thing with the gold card. u can use it greatly on an enemy that is tryin to get to u under the turret at lower levels. stun him and he will die. :)

ekhaust is a good spell for many reasons and i think it not needs explainin.
it slows the target gives it a 100% miss chance. nice spell. i usually use it after i stun an enemy with the gold card then place exhaust on him, and when exhaust is over u have another gold card ready. just sweet

Item sequence build:
vampiric scepter - cause it gives u life steal and u can keep longer on the lane with that
berserker greaves
zeal - u ll make phantom dancer from this
bloodthirster - u need damage
phantom dancer - from zeal
phantom dancer
infinity edge

when u have all this and if u still have enough money u can sell the berserker greaves and buy anothe phantom dancer if u d like or another damager. or keep with the shoes. your choice. U will almost never get all this stuff in a game. but if u do u gonna have fun.

I ended up with over 1000 dmg per attack, in 8 attacks out of 10. u have 50% lifesteal and 2 attacks per second.
u can tear down their base with this build all alone.
But with all this u still need to be careful. TF has little survivability so when they get to u from different corners and all at once, you ll still die most probably. be affraid of stuns and slows and spells like that. u need to avoid that. and remember TF is a support charater so do not be the first one to get in the fights. But u ll figure it out on your own.

I am still not level 30 but runes will be like the order i gave up there. almost are need 3 levels more. lol

try it out and comment.