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DPS Janna Can be Good?

Last updated on December 19, 2010
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Before i start i must say i dont know how to get the pictures in the description and if anyone would like to tell me id be thankful.

Nothing in this guide is set in stone, change it around and see what you like the most, this is just made to my playstyle, and will probably not be your playstyle.

So i have always been one for support janna, and that works out very well but i have recently come across a very good dps janna player, going 13/0/14 and such, so i thought i might try it out. The main thing is- you are amazing at chasing, even as normal support janna, but and dps janna you have the relyable damage to back it up, where as support janna cant hit hard at all, and ap janna may miss with the tornado. In this guide i will tell you a bit about the wonders of dps janna, and why it can be used.

Why Play attack speed janna?
if you are in a team with no dps, already has enough casters or if you just plain want to.
AS janna is like an ashe, just faster with more survivability. Play her with your friends using this build to try it out, tweak it to your liking and see if you enjoy it.

Summoner Spells-

Teleport- Great for getting back to your lane after buying/getting harassed to much or indeed defending a tower from a major creep wave.(In some cases it can pop you out of a tight spot, rarely but it has happened to me.)

Flash- Amazing skill to get close enough for a killing shot or getting away through terrain while being chased by xin when you have 100 hp.

Ignite- Wonderful for those hard-to-reach champs, but all in all you wont be needing it with your chasing power.

Cleanse- May save you *** from rammus/galio/shen taunt or ashe arrow, i normally take this on most champs i play.

Clairvoyance- Very helpful to find out if someones in the bush or if there doing dragon/baron, and even at the start of the game to get lane advantage(most people in random wont go where you say.)

Fortify- This can save your turrets life, maybe even net you a kill from a shaco bding, very helpful.

Get any of the above, exhaust,revive,smite,clarity and heal should not be your top priority.

Full down offense, you want the extra damage output. I spent the rest in defense for more survivability but you can really do anything with those.

Arpen reds for the extra boost of damage for your autoattacks OR Mpen reds for the extra damage with your madreds and sword of the divine, yes it does work.

Dodge yellows for that extra survivability, or you could go with AS, then you will be able to trade out your boots for new ones before nashor's.

AS blue gives you that boost of AS you need at the start, and allows you to replace your boots after nashor's, or you could go for CD reduction, yet i dont recommend it.

Arpen Quints give you even more damage, but really you can go with anything, AS allows you to not even get the zerker boots and gives you the ability to get a sword/cloth armor or any other components to the boots you do want. Mpen gives you more damage with madreds/sword of the divine and anything like health/dodge will give you more surviveability.

So let me talk a little about the items.
Berserker's Greaves-
Yes i know they are one of the worst boots but hear me out- early game you NEED the attack speed, it can help out a lot, once you get enough(should be over 2.0 late game) you can replace them with the boots of your choice, i normally go for ninja or merc depending on whos hurting me the most. You could even get sorc shoes for the mpen to help your madreds.

This is the core item of the build, it has everything you want, AS, AD and that nice 4% health per hit, you cant go wrong!

Frozen Mallet-
This is another core item, BUT you can go without it if you are not having trouble with chasing. If you choose not to get this i recommend getting sword of the divine first then getting some defensive item(without the hp from frozen mallet, you will die. a lot.)

Sword of the Divine-
I love this item, yet many people do not use it. It has that nice 100 extra damage every four hits, and with at least 2.0 AS, thats every 2 seconds. PLUS the active gives you a nice amount or Arpen and makes it so those dodgers such as jax and udyr wont be living through your storm of attacks.

This is another great item and gives you as much AD and lifesteal you will need. BUT if you want to go more as a support/dps you can go with stark's but i would not recommend it unless the other team is real tankey and you need the arpen.

This gives you tons more AS and enough CD reduction and AP to aid in your killings. This can be changed as well, yet whithout its AS you will be under 2.0, so id recommend getting an attack speed item in this slot at least, such as a Malady for the increase of damage with your spells as you hit or a wit's end if they all have lots of mana, or if your main target has lots of mana.

Early Game-
Grab your Dagger and hpot and head to a lane, mid should be your best bet as you are a great pusher. Try to be harass and last hit up to lvl 4-5, at that time you should have your slow and if your opponent(s) are pushing up against your tower, its time to strike. Put on your shield, hit em with your gale then when they land slow em, this could net you a kill or two depending on how much you harassed them. If not they will have to b and not get any xp for a while. If your mid be wary of the map and try to play it safe so you dont get ganked. If you do have mid try to ward the bushes to the left and right of the lane to avoid ganks.

Mid Game-
By this time you should at least have your recurve bow and longsword/pickaxe, and doing decent damage. Try to farm a lot since you need a good amount of cash(16025 to be exact) for your whole build. If your lane is secure, try and go find some ganks, your slow can really help out with killing people, and your ult can push them back. The way to gank is start out knocking them in the air with your gale, shield yourself(or another dps champ that happens to have more attack speed then you) and then proceed to slow them. If you pull off a few successful ganks you could get towers pushed and items gained. Once you get Madreds its time for the fun to begin.

Late Game-
Once you have madreds you can pretty much destroy anything, but with a frozen mallet your even more deadly. frozen mallet will keep your target slowed in between zephyrs and madreds will give you that extra boost of damage to nuke down your target. By this time in the game you should be pushing a lot and getting in more teamfights. The way dps janna works in a teamfight is sort of like a kog'maw, burn down their heavy hitters but if a tank gets in the way, punish him for it. Dont get greedy and only shield yourself, do it to a teammate thats getting focused, it could be the difference from a win and a lose.

Final notes-
As Attack Speed DPS janna your role is similar to that of an ashe or any other ranged DPS, to destroy their heavy hitters before they destroy you. You can do a good job at that with your shield and outstanding speed, make sure you always hit champs with your gale and try to chase away their hard hitters. If you can move into teamfights from the back, getting right at their ranged DPS carries, focusing them down then getting away with your speed. Is this better then playing support janna? in some cases it very well may be, but it is up to you, and your playing style, to judge if this is good or not.

Give it a try, it may be worth your while. If it is not, im sorry to have wasted your time.