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Kayle Build Guide by spellbomb

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League of Legends Build Guide Author spellbomb

DPS - Kayle - Shock and Awe

spellbomb Last updated on May 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys this is Spellbombs here bringing you my very first guide. I hope you enjoy it and if you have anything you would like to add feel free to comment. A little advice on something i missed would also be great. I could have went into a little more detail on some things so I will add them as they come. So give me the little thumbs up if this guide works for you or the dreaded thumbs down if it don't either way hope you like it.

So here we go!

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Pros / Cons

- Very strong damage output
- Great Support
- Very maneuverable
- Great ability to not only carry but have a double carry


- Slow early game
- Need to have a good farm
- Can't single handedly carry ( GREAT DUO QUEUE CHAMP! )

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(Magic Penetration Marks): I run Magic Pen marks on Kayle because ALOT of her damage ends up being magic damage. These give you just a little bit of an edge going into the fight.

(Attack Speed Seals): I run Attack Speed on Kayle because stacked with he passive makes a dominating early game.

(Cool Down Glyphs) I love the cool down with the items it makes it possible to use your abilities without such a long cool down.

(Flat HP Quintessences): Kayle is not a very tanky hero. Actually on the contrary, she is a 4bar mage early game unless you get some sort of HP, and since I chose to get the Mana Crystal as opposed to the Dorans, I feel as though getting health quints is necessary. You could go dorans ring too if you'd like.

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I go 18/12/0 because i like to go a little more damage than support it just fits my play style. This build gives you great damage along wit great deffences as long as you dont over extend yourself witch is easy to do with any champ. Playing safe is the key.

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I Like to start my build with a Mana Crystal and Health pot or a Doran's Ring and then follow the build order above.

(Trinity Force) I get this item because its just great on alot of champs. First it makes you next attack after an ability 150% of your ad and what does it not give you. Great item for almost anyone that uses ad.

(Ionian Boots of Lucidity) I get these cause stacked with Nashor's Tooth Your Flaming Sword never has to die. That and being able to spam your q can be nice it a tight situation being able to slow, hit, and run gives you great harass.

(Nashor's Tooth) This is a beautiful item and can't get a better one for Kayle it has great attack speed, ability power, mana regen, and cool down. The attack speed it nice cause when you use your Reckoning followed by Righteous Fury you get a damage buff because of the slow.

(Guinsoo's Rageblade) As of when you pick up this item, your damage hits a huge spike. This item is great because as it stacks AP, it stacks part of that as AD as well, making you hit much harder.

(Hextech Gunblade) The hexxtech gunblade (if you get this far) is the tip of the iceberg. At this point you will have a tremendous damage output, you would do ALOT more damage. The active and spell vamp (along with lifesteal) are also nice because your Righteous Fury will gain from both spell vamp and lifesteal (because it does magic AND physical damage).

And lets not forget the Maw of Malmortius super fun item you get attack damage, magic res, and an attack damage buff for how much hp u are missing and if u are brought to low hp by a spell it give u a spell shield. Gotta love it.

Maw of malmortius can be replaced wit a better defense item if you like. because it works great for prtection for ap but if they have a heavy ad team thornmail Thormail would be a better item so remember the last item you get is up to you.

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Skill Sequence

The thing about kayle that confuses me is she doesn't really have a sequence. You have to get a feel for her before you go into fights and such. A good initiation is popping your Slow (Q) then using Righteous Fury (E) to shred their health as they run away. I would always save your ult for your carries (or yourself) when they get low, dont waste an ulti on a tank unless you HAVE to. Use your ult on the person who will do the most damage with it in the fight. Ex. if you have a twitch and an alistar in a fight. If the alistar is dying and 4 of them are in a row, when twitch pops out and they switch, use it on twitch, not alistar, because it is likely that he can kill more than the 1 that died in the fight, when alistar couldnt.

Use your W as not only a heal but a speed buff. If you see someone chasing the enemy, pop it on them for a huge speed bonus, use it on yourself to get away, etc.

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Summoner Spells

(Ghost) Ghost is a great skill for Kayle. When combined with all of her speed it lets her keep up with any hero in the game (except for a rolling Rammus... :( ... ). This will give you the ability to maneuver around their heroes or even run around to the back of the fight DURING a fight to get a kill on the carry, and worst case scenario, run away when you are low.

(Cleanse) Cleanse is another great skill for Kayle because coupled withe all her speed nothing can stop her. Works great against a Nunu's slow or just someone with alot of cc.

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Working the Lane

Kayle is a great champ to lane with a carry or any dps champ. You always want to start the fight with your Q cause the slow is a great initiator and when slowed your E deals extra damage.
A great combo is Q the focused champ and then E you lane partner followed by E and both of you begin to shred some hp. She can be a great solo top if you play safe and poke with your q and last hit minions. Just remember not to push to far off your turret cause she is slow early game.
Kayle excels in bottom lane partnered with a carry slow shred and give the kill to them. How every you want to play she can even carry if u dont like the support role.

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Being a support class champ its up to you to help ward the nedded locations. The most important spots to keep warded are baron and dragon. You want to keep these warded at all time after lvl 6 remember map control give you the extra edge and the win. you see ganks coming and know when to jump the enemy team on dragon or baron. Other key locations for warding are red and blue buffs on both sides of jungle ward yours so that you know when they are up. Ward the enemies so you know when they are up so you can steal them and gain advatage over the enemy team also great for jungle ganks. These six ward locations can change the outcome of the game if your team keeps them warded. warding is a very important thing to remember when playing a support role. Also if the enemy team has a stealth champ like twitch or teemo use vision ward so you can see them even if they are stealthed and also dont forget oracles it will save you life.

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If you want to jungle Kayle you might want to find another build cause i dont jungle her and have never tried this build in the jungle. If u want to be my guest and let me know how it works for you.