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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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DPSkarner: Energize!

Last updated on October 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, this is my first guide, with a different approach to Skarner.

The Objective of this build is to gain a highly Durable laner, using Crystalline Exoskeleton AS and Armor Boost to gain melee advantage in early game, also to make Energize more effective, spamming the other abilities more quickly. Also the constant use of Fracture will keep your HP being replenished in a high rate than regular LS.

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For Runes I'm taking Armor Penetration Marks, for early game, Attack Speed Seals and Quints for boost his Attacks Speed from beginning to end, and finally some AP per level glyphs to raise his AP in late game.

You can also get a more tankier approach to resist better early game, exchanging the seals for armor and the glyphs for some MR.

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For Masteries I take 21/0/9, increasing his offensive side for greater damage in early game.

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Well, I begin the game with a Dagger to raise up his AS and a mana potion because he will expand great amounts of mana in early game.

Then I build a berserks for movement speed and more AS, also making a Tear of the Goddess for raise his mana and mana regeneration levels. Keep in mind that with a high attack speed hitting everything and activating energize, feed the Tear (and, after, Manamune), is very easy and quick.

After the Tear, I get Malady, for some AP, AS and mostly for its MR shreding, to help Skarner skills to hurt some more. This done, buy Manamune. The reasons are the Mana and damage. At this point you need a high amount of Mana to unstoppably use Skarners skills, keeping Fracture active all the time to regain health in every attack.

The next item is Nashor's Tooth. More AP ans AS, and cooldown enough to keep Crystalline Exoskeleton always active. At this rate you always will have almos 2.0 attacks per second, and will keep shielding constantly, giving more time tom fracture recover you every damage that enemy champs do in you.

Rabadon to raise your AP, increasing The amount of damage done with Crystal Slash, Impale and Fracture, also increasing the shield of Crystalline Exoskeleton and the recovering of Fracture as well.

Then to make your attacks even more heavy, add Lich Bane for the AP damage.

As that last resort item, exchange the Berserks for a Wits end, for some extra damage and MR.

Other choices you may use is:

Hextech Gunblade/Guinso - In the place of Malady. Hextech give you more damage, lifesteal and spell vamp, making you more durable. Also the active is another "don't run away from me now" tool. Guinsoo is an option that doesnt change a lot from malady, but maybe you can feel more confident with it.

Guardian Angel/Banshees - In the place of Lich bane. If you are causeing enough damage, and need some tanky stuff. Banshee also add some HP/mana.

PD/Trinity - insteat of Wits angel as replacement item for berserks. Are good choices always, trinity, besides not givingbonus damage If you're using Lich, give you some movement, ,critical, life, ap, mana and all taht stuff that make it that expansive. Also, if you're not using Lichbane, you can use it's sheen power.

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Skill Sequence

First you put a point in Crystalline Exoskeleton to raise your AS in the early game, then Fracture, and put only one point in crystal slash until late game.

Max Exoskeleton first, then Fracture to raise your AS and healing rate over time.

Wisely using Fracture and Exo will keep you laning for more time.

Crystal Slash is a skill to be mastered later, first because when you get enough AP and AS, you can hit Q all the time for the extra damage (the secondary, that counts AP%), alowing to quickly farm minions and also damage champs and monsters like baron and the Dragon.

Impale is your tool to keep enimies from running away. With the full build you can almost score 1k of damage, and with the high attack speed you will be constantly using it. Also, in mid game is a great tool to defend/drag enimies in yourteam fight, or out of theirs.

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Summoner Spells

I get flash, for evasive and offensive reasons, and exhaust. Exhaust is more to downgrade enemy attacks than to stop they from running away (remember, you got crystal slash and Impale for this).

Other choices are:

Teleport - If you're gonna solo lane, you cant do it right withouth TP.

Ignite - The same thing of exhaust, but applying it to healers, ignite can help you from keep enemies from healing.

Smite - If you're gonna jungle, always take smite. ALWAYS.

Clarity - Keep you in lane some more time. TP and Clarity are the perfect combo to solo top.

Cleanse/Clarivoyance - The first is a viable choice, this is a squish build for Skarner, and CC is a problem to everyone, but I rather rely on my own awarness to prevent from being CC and ganked. The second one is good, but its best used with a support or tank.

Heal-Fortify/Rally-Promote - Best used in Tanks/Pushers.

Ghost - Only if you are gonna roam A LOT. Also, it greatly improves with EXO movement speed bonus.

Revive - Meh. Good only in Dominion and if you're not a feeder.

Garrison - Essential If you're gonna assault enemies under their points.

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I hope you enjoy and develop new aways to use this build. I didnt test it so much in Dominion, but you can start with Berserks+Meki 2 points in Exo and one in fracture, heading to solo mid.

Let me know If you are using it and If its helping you winning.