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Dr. Mundo - Strong Upper Body

Last updated on September 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a tank build for Dr. Mundo that I have always had very good games with. If you don't win early on you will be indestructable late game, being able to take on multiple enemy champions with ease. Let's get started.

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You are probably looking at the runes and are incredibly confused. Let me break it down for you. This build starts off with a Warmog's (which we will explain later on) so during the laning phase your resistances will be pretty much non existent without the runes. Mundo as a character doesn't have mana or and large cooldowns so the only thing that controls your sustainability in lane is health and resistances, and the health portion will be covered by your starting items.

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The masteries are really pretty simple. Even though Mundo is a tank his infected cleaver can really push out some heavy damage, that is the reason I prefer going 9/21/0 instead of 0/21/9. I take the crit in offense because getting a lucky crit with your E up is a lot more devastating than a very minor AP increase on your W. Also I skip over ardor and go for the more tanky traits in defense since no item in the build will increase attack speed or AP. Once again, pretty simple stuff.

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This is where the 'Strong Upper Body' portion comes in. Just look at Dr. Mundo, his upper body is HUGE! So we should gear him appropriately, with nothing but chest pieces!

Warmog's Armor - This is pretty much a staple Dr. Mundo item. Warmog's amazing bonus hp helps not only your ult pump out more hp over time but also provides your passive with an extra boost that works excellently with Warmog's hp regen also. Hp and Hp regen, it's what mundo is about.

Merc Treds - The tenacity from Merc Treads combined with your W makes you unstoppable. Crowd Control will practically fall off of you the moment it is placed. Of course if the team is lacking in CC or if very melee heavy Ninja Tabi or Boots of Swiftness would also be very good choices.

Spirit Visage - Another staple Dr. Mundo item. It benefits your passive, it benefits your ult, it also benefits your Warmog's and Force of Nature. It works amazingly well with everything in the build and gives your ult a little less of a cooldown, making your massive healing even more frequent.

Guardian Angel - Since we are going for a very rounded out Dr. Mundo build (combining effective health with even resistances), this is a perfect item. The bonus armor and magic resist will benefit you greatly as well as the passive on the item. If you pop your ult and then die while guardian is active, you will continue to gain hp through your rebirth! This allows you to come up from a guardian angel rez with maybe even close to full hp after dying which is an amazing utility if you get caught in a sticky situation or if your initiation doesn't go so smoothly.

Thornmail and Force of Nature - These two are really the titans of the resistance world. If you want the max resistance possible from one item, you go for one of these. Not only are they both a huge brick of resists but also have very helpful passives!

* Thornmail's passive allows you to really go toe to toe with the enemy carries without dying, it is also a huge deterrent to physical carries. It allows you to get up in their faces and make them sweat.

* Force of Nature not only gives you even MORE hp regen, but also gives you run speed which is perfect. Any character without a trinity force, phantom dancer/zeal, lich bane, or force of nature of their own will NOT be able to outrun you. Combine Force of Nature with Infected Cleaver and Ghost and you can really stick on to a champion and burn them with your W. It's an amazing Mundo Item.

The reason these two items are grouped together is because you are a tank, you need to contour to whatever the enemy team is throwing at you. If they have a pretty fed ap nuke, get Force of Nature. If their AD carry is ripping you to pieces, get a thorn mail.

Also, Sunfire cape is a very good utility if you find that the enemy team isn't even glancing at you, it works very well in conjunction with your W to pump out the aoe damage and offers more hp as an added bonus. It's just not listed as a main item because it ruins the whole theme. :)

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Skill Sequence

These are pretty basic skills for a Dr. Mundo player. Max out Infected Cleaver first for lane harass and to pick off minion last hits out of your range. Burning Agony second for decreased CC and some AOE damage. Finally Masochism for some added damage once you have all of that wonderful HP. I decide to put one point into Masochism at 4 because it really allows you to be more of a threat in lane, you will have around 100 AD early game with Masochism popped, and thats with full HP! One basic attack combined with an initial Infected Cleaver is some pretty scary damage output for a tanky character.

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Summoner Spells

I am a stong believer that every tank should have teleport. It is an amazing spell to keep you with your team at all times. It's uses are endless really in game and situations will always come up where you will say to yourself "I wish I had teleport." So just take it already and you wont have any regrets! :D

I know flash is the go to escape mechanism but I prefer ghost for Dr. Mundo for multiple reasons. Mundo is a melee character with a sunfire cape-esque ability; he NEEDS to stick on to his target in order to be effective. Ghost + Infected Cleaver = Kill, no doubt about it.

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Farming on Mundo is a bit complicated. While you are playing the role of a tank and you should be letting your nukes and carries get most of the minion feed, remember that Mundo can actually put out a decent ammount of damage for a tank. I look at his farming the same way I would look at Mordekaiser or Cho'Gath, if they end up with a lot of minion kills they will be definitely be putting them to good use, not only by tanking but by also putting up some digits.

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I had been doing this build for a while and have never really had any bad games using it, I have had amazing games where I have carried the team to victory even. I just figured I would post it on here after being nagged by some friends to do it to see how the mobafire community reacts. :P I am in no way a pro player and do not claim to be so any constructive criticism and feedback would be amazing. Thank you all and I hope you enjoy. :)