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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mythol

Dr. Mundo, Usain Bolt who?

Mythol Last updated on October 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I really like playing Mundo but I didn't actually like any builds I ran across.
I soon noticed that I was getting alot of kills early game due to boots of swiftness and the sweet *** Infected cleaver and of course Sadism.
You gain goldcoins so incredibly fast when you can just stick around, crushing minions and kill the other champs whenever they come back.

Another thing I noticed is that ability power champs are the ones dominating midgame. So I like to rush Force of Nature for even more speed and large amount of magic resist and the health regen is great for filling the hp lost when using skills.

Next item is actually optional, check out the bad guys from the other team, I usually go for Thornmail or Sunfire Cape, both great and it really doesn't matter which one you pick, I actually take Sunfire first more often but against guys like Master Yi/Warwick/Twitch I usually take Thornmail over Sunfire.

If you played it right you shouldn't even be able to die by now and I often replace the guy in mid when I have these items so I can laneswap faster and the midfielder can go gank due to lvl and item difference.

The item build is nothing you have to stick with, it's all about the team you face. Do remember to take into account optional champions like Katarina/Ezreal/Teemo, check out the items they are buying so you don't stack armor instead of magic resist and end up playing against 4 ability power champs.

Get your pendant, maybe one health pot and rush to the bushes, and remember to take your lanebuddy with you. Start throwing axes like you're crazy. It hurts alot and you get your hp up in no time. If you are facing other tanks go behind their minions and keep them from XP farming by throwing axes at them every now and then. When you get to lvl 2, pick Masochism and now the harassing starts, whenever you hit an enemy with your axe, enable Masochism and hit them once or twice, they usually don't even bother to turn around and hit you back because it's just instinct to run back up when you hit them with your axe. Then when you see them at 20-40% you go in for the kill, ghost/infected cleaver/ignite/masochism and it's a 90% a kill.
Try to stick around until you have around 1800goldcoins, get your Swiftness Boots, Negatron Cloak and a couple of health potions.
Go back to your lane and try to fetch more kills and last hit minions using your Masochism
Next time you turn back you go for full Force of Nature and start either Sunfire or Thornmail.

Now you're next to unkillable and you can actually kite most of your enemies into disaster. Try to steal the midfielder position when the former one go for ganks, keep and eye on the map, whenever you see enemies with 50% or lower hp you get get your *** going and finish them off. Don't be afraid of killstealing, a team needs a tank and a tank needs gold, that's how it works and they get their kills in lategame.

Stay with your team harass and when they are going low, go all in. Burn them in Agony and don't dare to go back, ulti and Masochism their squishys. If they try to run slow them down and let your dpsers finish them off.

Well, that's the way I play Dr. Mundo. I really like playing tanks but most of them count on a good start and maybe getting a kill every now and then to finally get the items they need to be able to tank a teamfight, but with Mundo you do get kills, you are insane early game and everyone is afraid of you, making them lvl slower, getting less gold that gives you just the headstart you need.

Thanks for reading