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Draaaaaaaaven - 'NOTHER AXE IN YOUR FACE

Last updated on April 26, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Because he's a freaking Draaaaaaven. Draven, for me at least, is the most fun ADC of all to play (maybe with Vayne come near there) because it simply requires he best mechanics of all ADCs. Yeah, learning to Catch Axes is easy enough, but it's a whole another ordeal when you're spinning two of those bad boys in the team fight.

Draven has the highest damage output among all AD carries without any items simply due to his kit. He also has one of the best kiting options because of the innate steroid (+ add up to that Furor enhancement) while being able to break through all defenses. He also has hard CC which can interrupt leaps onto you, channel ulties etc. (Fiddle, Karthus, Lucian, Leona E, Kha'Zix's leap etc.) and has global ult. Seriously, why not?

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Early and Mid game

Pre level 2, you want to land at least 3-4 axes on your enemy ADC or support. You want to force them to use pot, or to make them distance from the wave. Once you hit lvl 2, immediately press CTRL+W and start spamming those axes in their faces. Remember: YOU have the highest damage output and nothing can stand in your way.

However, please, MAKE SURE YOU KNOW HOW TO MANIPULATE THE AXES IF YOU WANNA PLAY DRAVEN. His entire kit is revolved around catching those axes and if you keep missing them, you won't do ****. Literally.

Now, depending on your support (I like aggressive supports with Draven: Thresh/Leona/Blitz/Annie/Morgana etc.), something that can lock up your enemy long enough for you to dish 2-3 axes in their way. As with any ADC, you have to be careful of the minion wave though. Let your support take aggro of the minions before you go in; those little ****ers can deal a lot of damage early on so be careful.

Depending on how well you did, you should be coming into mid game with at least BT & LW. If you have only one of those, fret not: you still should be able to dish out enough damage since tanks are still building up their items.

Another thing I want to point out: don't overstack your passive. It serves you **** if you have 400 stacks and no kills. This just puts a huge target on your head since enemy team doesn't want you to cash in all that free gold. Always try to cash in around 200-250 since it's free 400-550 gold. Be careful if you don't stack any; if enemy team knows what they're doing, they'll go after you before you get a chance to get all that sweet, free gold.

In mid game you should simply follow the rotation of the team. Since this is the point where you, as ADC, actually shine the most, try to group up and siege turrets or force fights around Drakes. I don't need to point out that you should watch your positioning. Despite of the damage you can dish out, you can't do **** if you're caught out of position and bursted down. Be careful of that.

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Team Work

As ADC, you always want o stay in the back line. Let your tanks/frontlines deal with the enemy mid laner and ADC. You'll have your hands busy with dealing with their tanks. For instance, Shyv. You can easily kite Shyv. If she uses your ult to get close to you, she no longer has any CC to stop you from kiting. With your W and furor enhancement, she has no chance of catching up. And, depending on the support, she'll be dead before she has a chance to do anything. On the other hand though, if the enemy team has something like LeBlanc, Zed, Irelia etc., something that can easily shove up your face, you should be careful. Let them come to you and always ask for a peel. Always have at least 1 axe spinning and cooldown prepared for the 2nd one. It's preferable if you have two spinning and CD ready, but hey, sometimes that's just not the case.

Always spam W when you're in a team fight, and always catch your axes. However, do NOT go out of the position where you can be caught out to catch the axe - it's not worth it. Be careful, especially if you don't have a full and clean vision of the fight and if you can't see enemy assassins - they might be lurking to jump on you.

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Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaven can easily snowball the game out of hand. His kit allows him to do so. Even if you fall behind, ask for a solo lane farm and stack up your passive, then tell your team you need a kill.

That's the great thing about Draven - you always have ways to come back into the game, even if you're down 50-100cs. Your axes make up for at least 1 item beneath other ADC, but you should never allow yourself to come into that position.

First play a lot of custom and team builder games to learn the mechanics of axes, mana usage, his steroid and ultimate before you decide to bring him to ranked. He's unforgiving to those that are not yet ready to go big all the time!

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Hard match-ups

In reality, Draven doesn't have a true counter - however, there are SOME that can easily give you immense trouble, so let's list them out:


- This is probably the hardest match-up for Draven, supports excluded. With her superior range, she can poke you down fairly easily, and when you go in for an axe, she can just do her E+Q annoying combo and bang, you're below half HP. This match-up, for Draven, heavily depends on the support. This is the only time I'd take shield/sustain support over the aggressive one. Something like Karma should do fine; she can poke Cait herself and can give you shield and double speed buff when you want to go in for a trade. Be careful though, Cait is really annoying to play against.


- I really hate playing against Thresh as Draven. His kit is literally made to screw yours up. His flay negates your steroid, his hook will make you drop your axe, his ult basically stuns you ... and he has that annoying lantern so when you make a good trade with enemy ADC and are about to kill him, Thresh just throws that **** up and is like "Nope, not today brah." Ask for Morgana support. You need that shield to negate slows and flays and hooks, because otherwise you're screwed up. And, yeah, if the enemy team locked Cait/Thresh, don't bother taking Draven. Just don't. It's a suicide.

Jinx + Morg

- Jinx alone is not much of a threat for Draven. However, pit her with Morgana, and she becomes annoying *****. Because her rockets give her splash damage, she can slowly poke you down. +Combined with Morgana's binding and her W, you can be simply frozen in place for 4 seconds without being able to do jack **** since you probably dropped your axe. Be careful. Try to establish lane dominance early on, and take immensely aggressive support (Leona/Thresh) because you need the kills early, otherwise Jinx will heavily out-scale you and be more of a factor in team fights later on.

Other match-ups are bearable, but here are some where you should take caution:

- Blitzcrank
- Varus
- Lulu
- Twitch + Thresh

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Pros / Cons


- Highest damage output among all other ADC's without items
- Great mobility/kiting potential for an ADC
- Global ult
- Mustache
- Spikes with 2 items
- Can easily come back into game even if he's behind on CS and kills


- One of the hardest (if not the hardest) ADC to master
- Falls off during the late game
- Enemies can see where your axes will fall and can either poke you or zone you out of catching it

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The end

Thank you for reading this little guide. These are just basic guidelines on how to play Draaaaaaven, and you'll need a lot of time on your own to actually learn how to play him. He requires great mechanics and understanding, and is dependent on the overall knowledge about trading/positioning the most out of all ADC's because he doesn't have super good ultimate or dash or knockback.

Have fun rocking those axes into enemy faces!


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