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Azir Build Guide by Guest

Middle DragonLordMarlax Tower Power Build

Middle DragonLordMarlax Tower Power Build

Updated on April 11, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 1,924 Views 0 Comments
1,924 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Azir Build Guide By Guest Updated on April 11, 2018
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basic laning and build

in lane you play safer since you don't have as much mana and poke to press with. you trade with soldiers and sue the speed to clear waves faster to pressure them under turret opening precious time to get early wards in the jng.

blasting wand into roa as fast as possible. using tp will help get you back into lane. feel free to use other summoners if needed.

nashors second or a situational item as needed such as banshi or zhonias.

after than build whatever your heart desires or if ahead skip the situational item.

the key to this build is lane pressure just like any azir however any roam the enemy takes will be way worse with demolisher.

even early levels before you get a roa demolisher can do 300 damage on its own.

freezing the wave will allow for better ganks from teammates.

after roa is stacked and you have a nashors you can solo a turret no problem anytime their laner is gone with no time for them to really challenge it. usually after I get a stacked roa I have 100 or 200 extra hp from overgrowth and can half a turret with just the demolisher proc.
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your weaker early game wont last long if you focus on farm and stack that roa as soon as you can. roa with a nashors and you can both press lanes hard and fight without much worry. it gives you so much hp and attackspeed with lethal that you can shred anyone who gets close and if they roam welp free towers.

you poke from a distance and hit them hard. by the time they get to you they will be weak anyway and you will be way more beefy then they will think if you have been farming. 3-4k hp if not more at some points plus your e shield and ult

buying boots is nice if needing to dodge skillshots but honestly seems to hurt your power spike so maybe just basics until you get 2 items. sorc boots for pen damage and beserkers for more lane pressure and tower pressure or if enemy has lots of tanks though I havnt got to test them out as much.
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pros and cons

pros of this build is survivability, tower pressure, very large power spike after stacking roa with your cdr from nashors. being able to end games very fast if their team makes a mistake.

cons are a weak early game, takes time to adjust to playstyle, if enemy laners get ahead before you can get your stinger or nashors it will be a rough game. if behind its hard to come back but if even or ahead you can basicly solo push a lane to nexas with no problems in a few seconds. I once did this when my team died and almost pushed as fast as their 5 man squad with just my azir.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Azir Guide
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DragonLordMarlax Tower Power Build

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