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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Dunks for Days ~Pure AP Evelynn~

Last updated on December 31, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone, This will be one of my first builds for this site, I am not a well known summoner. But I have found quite a fun build for Evelynn in season three that I tweaked from an old build I found.

Simply put this build will introduce a pure ability power guide for evelynn who's goal is to do three things for the team. Dunk the major key damage dealers of the enemy team for quick kills while also aiding in making sure they arn't in team fights. She should also be able to perform the duties of changing a team fight in her favor based on the use of her ulti. Lastly She will catch off key champions roaming solo by assassinating them in seconds.

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- Her damage scale is crazy
- You can solo dunk any champ under turret with the first needless rod
- AOE ult changes the tide of team fights while also doing a fixed percent not actual damage.
- Fast and maneuverable, able to escape as fast as she enters.
- I've seen some say she's still bad
- few counters

- Getting caught out of place or first in a team fight will screw you.
- You are still squishy the max champs you should take on at once are two, and only if they are squishy and you have an ult up
- I've seen her moves not go off due to odd things like random stuns in the middle of your move. So she sometimes misses priority
- Focused sadly
- Her counters change your play slightly

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Runes ~Lv 20 and above~

SO, I rune an interesting rune set up i'd say. Most would focus eve into all of her power, or mix it up for jungle sets. Eve is a decent jungle but I actually played against one with this build. Getting your one needless rod over her 1 maldreds claw and you throttle her gank back onto her. Here are the runes.

Greater Quints of Ability Power - Easy reason they give you enough damage to sustain your lane and harass.

Greater Marks of Magic pen - Gives you the small step into puncture wounds you'll need in order to harass your lane fully, stacks with the early boots early mid game for high ravenge damage.

Greater Seals of Armor/Greater Glyphs of Magic Resist - Gives you the early game tank needed to hold your lane.

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Masteries and spell sequence

Work down the list from your offensive tree then work towards your defensive. Make sure that you get the points in M resist on the defensive tree first if your not level thirty.

Spell Sequence

Passive~Shadow Walk: This is both a long distance sight and good stealth. Use the distance of which enemies can see you to your advantage. If you see an exclamation point over you, be sure to move quickly as someone has spotted you. At the same time if your setting up a gank or just stealthing for a kill.Be sure to shift around if your seen. They may not retreat but don't let them expect you. Another key note. The mana regen here is your friend. if you find yourself out of mana. stealth for a bit. The regen takes about thirty seconds until your halfway maxed on mana.

Hate Spike: 1 3 5 7 9: This spell is your harassment. Most want to focus on Ravange due to the damage scale on the ability power, but trust me this skill will sustain much longer. It's a low cost skill that auto locks onto the nearest target. I've also noticed it tends to focus those will low hit points as well Ravanges cooldown will take a couple seconds and this can pick up those kills while you have to wait for it.

Dark Frenzy: 2 13 15 17 18: This skill is very handy, but at the same time not a damage dealer. Your passive for this at level 1 is enough to get you into fights and chace with hate spike. Once you start performing super ganks or catching off guarded ADCs, will you level this up because by then you'll be going on level 16-18. Another key note is the free cost of the skill, letting you escape alot easier even with low mana.

Ravage: 4 8 10 12 14: Odd that this isn't maxed first I know, but the scale of damage you get at level one is amazing. Why is it still amazing? if you check the green numbers, Ravage scales damage off of your ability power split in half. One needless rod gives 80 AP, Which is an extra 40 to ravage plus your current AP which should be around one hundred or so. This is what you'll use as your burst set up

Agony's Embrace: 6 11 16: This ult, this ult man so many dunks. Simply put this ult, the damage is all percentage based. Along with that, it also get's a higher percentage for every 100 AP you gain. By the time you get your first deathfire. This ability will be hitting for about 21% of damage. Dropped with Ravage and following a hate spike Ignite, you should kite your first kill. This skill's cooldown by level 11 is amazing, you'll be dropping this in less than a minute.

Your burst combo should go as so.

Spike - Ignite - Agony's - Ravage - Spike,Spike,Spike,Spike etc

Once you have deathfires grasp

Ignite - Agony's - Ravage - Deathfire - Spikespikespikespikespike

The damage output on both should set up insta kills. The first burst is a surefire instakill in the early game. I recommend hot keying Deathfire grasp as Item two.

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Playing style

Here comes the fun part. How the hell do you play this? Well Mid lane is the best lane if you get it. All you need to do is basic strike minions, and finish them with your spike. You'll notice to other AP mid champ doing what ever they may be doing. Take any chance you can and harass them. Spiking them, and dropping an early ignite isn't bad as you may not see a first kill until level six anyways. Focus on minions and levels as priority until about level 6, If your still low on CC to buy the needless rod, see if you have the HP to drop your mid lane enemy. If it's too risky, turret hide until you get the CC you need. most mid APs haven't tried to dive into me even with less than 100 HP. By the time you finish your Deathfire, it's dunk time. Set up your agony's and go to town with burst. If they try to run do some math. If you have half HP or more, Dive the turret for a quick kill and dark frenzy out. If you don't, let them run and heal. Most AP champs are ballsy and will use two HP pots before running back into the mid thinking they are safe. Once you are close to Rabadons, you should be pushing up mid or have broken the turret. If alls clear, then start roaming to other lanes. Catch their jungle off guard and be sure to dunk them. If their jungle is tanky it shouldn't be a problem due to the percentage drain. (Warning: Amumu/anyone that drains HP is not a good idea to attempt to solo. They will beat you before you do.) Once you have all of the lanes pushing with your endless gank supply, start buying your void staff and Liandry's Torment. The staff will give you enough Magic Pen to laugh at any tank, even Amumu. the Torment is just amazing with your ult as if you line up 5 group champs into your ult with Torment ready, you deal about 31% drain with your ult by this level along with an additional 10% more drain. Following whoever you target first in the team fight. By this point you can either get an Abyysmal Scepter or a Guardian Angel.

In team fights, your role is to ninja in and ninja out. Be sure you run in stealthed and ignore the minions. Keep your distance from the enemies enough to know your not there. If they think your not, their dumb enough to try to initiate. Once the fight starts, Hit the biggest group with your ult OR the far off ADC. If you can dunk their highest damage dealer, take it. Even if you do die you'll set up your team and your ADC for an easy pick up in kills considering you beat their mid lane.

Top Lane; Plays similar to mid except for if you play along or doubles. In doubles try to act like the support of the bruiser, but there shouldn't be a need to ward. Just don't dive into 2v1's until you have a deathfire and a maxed hate spike or your setting yourself up to be ganked or stun killed. If you solo top, focus your leveling while hiding under turret. Then peg off the weakest link stealth CC and repeat.

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Alright let's explain the counters to Evelynn

Mid Lane Counters

Ashe/Lee Sin/Nunu/Any AD Tank - Playing against these kinds of champs really screw your hole harass idea by pumbling you with the same treatment Ashe's arrows have a range further than your spike along with the fact that they hurt alot even at early levels. Lee Sin will dive you early and close your gap so you can't run or harass, and Nunus ice chunk will slow you while also chunking your health making you waste HP pots. The only thing to do at this point is focus CC and ignore the harassment, get to about level 8-9 and get your needless and then drop all of your skills on them, even with their lane harass your first needless dunk should drop them quickly.

Veigar/Morg/Stun Champs - These guys are simply the ******** *******s of the game. All they do is drop a stun then poke you and run behind their turret. Veigar is especially annoying due to his stun being learned early on. Keep the harass up in the lane until you see the stun and call MIAs often to ensure they don't stun kill an opposing lane. When you notice them targeting you for stuns and attempted kills, be sure to either dodge or Dark Frenzy out when needed. When your ready to drop them, proceed normally but if they stun you be prepared for a turret dive decision. Veigars stun only works on the edges so you may have a grace period before it kicks in, if you react fast enough you can flash out of it.

Everyone else- I've yet to see any other major problem champs, till I find them all others are about in this category of easy harassment. and lane sustain

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Ranked play~Credits.

I've yet to try her in ranked play as i've just recently hit lv 30 and am attempting to buy a few more champs for ranked play, till then this is normal attributed

Thank you for reading, I hope this build works as good as it works for me. I usually can't get three items in until a match ends with a surrender. Even if you loose you should end up with a high Killscore, and most times a positive KD.


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