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League of Legends Build Guide Author IronVirus

Dynasty Warrior Xin

IronVirus Last updated on July 15, 2010
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This is my first Xin Zhou build, from what I have seen, it is relatively different from the other builds here, but it has worked very well for me, and I have single handedly turned around games with it. This build will give you High Attack Speed, to mix well with Three Talon, Battle Cry, Your Passive Healing ability, and Life Steal. Later in the match, you will also have very high attack with it, and amazing laning/jungle powers.

(Side Note)
Wriggles Lantern should be in the item build, but is not in the database for MobaFire yet, so the Vampiric Scepter, and Madred's Razor should be counted as Wriggle's Lantern

Summoner Abilities
I like to use ghost, and ignite. Ghost is good for most heroes, and it really will help you break a distance in a chase seeing as you already have a nice jump ability, no one will be able to escape you.
Ignite really is just insurance for the kill, and a help early game, I like using it, but you can replace this with whatever you prefer.

I go for a Defensive Mastery for Xin, to take advantage of the Passive Dodge, and Nimbleness, combined with Ninja Tabi, to make you even more potent of a chaser, while still being able to get away easier. I put the rest into offense for additional damage/crit.

Skill Over View
Three Talon Strike
This is one of your main spells you will be using a lot. When Activated it increases the next 3 hits damage, and makes the 3rd hit knock your enemy into the air. Combining this With Attack Speed is really deadly, which is really nice considering the next Skill.

Battle Cry
This spell makes your attack speed passively higher by a percentage, and when activated, doubles that percentage for a short time, Giving you really high attack speed. If linked with Three Talon, you are guaranteed a lot of damage, and you will knock your foe into the air really quick, mixing it with your next ability, and your ultimate, it can be very good for initiating a fight.
Audacious Charge
This Skill gives Xin the Audacity to jump over the target and hit them all. Essentially, you jump, and hurt and anything near by your target, it can only be targeted on enemies, so no targeting allies to make a quick get away. You can start a fight easily with this, before doing so though, make sure you activate Three Talon Strike, and Battle Cry, so you are ready to fight whoever you target, and win.

Crescent Sweep
This is a low cool down ultimate that you should use as much as possible, to take advantage of the low cool down. When activated, you strike every enemy near by you for a flat amount of damage + 25% of their current health in physical damage. This is best used upon starting a fight, because the more health the enemy has the more damage it will do. And it will hurt anyone close enough. You can initiate well with this and Audacious Charge.

Add whatever your personal preference for your starter items, I usually just go Doran Shield + Red Potion.
Ninja Tabi
I get Ninja Tabi for the great dodge chance, stacked with the Defensive Mastery, and Nimbleness.

Wriggles Lantern
The new item that came out. It gives a nice attack/armor boost, it has low price, it has decent life steal, and the Madreds Razor effect it has, it amazing for Laning/Farming, and its special ability that lets you put a sight ward down every 3 minutes, is incredibly useful if placed correctly. If you get enough gold late game, you can replace this with Blood Thirster, but other wise, it is great.

Last Whisper
This is one I see in most builds, but it is pretty nice to have. It will add a great chunk to your attack speed, and that extra armor pent is pretty nice to have mixed with your amazing attack speed, and not to mention this item is also fairly cheap.

Sword of the Divine (Edit)
This gives you amazing attack speed, plus that additional 100 damage per 4 hits goes really well with your 3 hits abilities.

This is a favorite of mine. Good Additional Damage, decent regen, and Cleaving. With the Cleaving, and creep spawn, or minion lane, will be dead on arrival, because you can clear them with ease using this, and the Wriggles Madred effect.

Frozen Mallet
To top it all off, Frozen Mallet. This will give you that additional health you needed to stay alive, if you were dying, while adding more attack damage. The additional slow effect added will be deadly with your attack speed, so no one you target is getting away.

Later on if the match goes for longer then you had hoped, and your money starts piling up, just replace the Wriggles Lantern with a Blood Thirster, by this point you won't need to be jungling anymore, and the Tiamat will take care of the laning for you.