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early aggressive split-push/lategame kayle snowball

Last updated on September 7, 2011
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the new kayle has very strong solo top early game. urgot is a much better pick with the nerf to support, can harrass bot lane hard. urgot basically tank, all harrass/push while kayle farm/push another lane. kayle carry. brand push/roam/harrass. noc can dive towers, which is really important to making this work and getting anything out of early-midgame thats worth the bad scaling. i chose noc over lee sin cuz team has good early game and noc can farm to lvl 6 without worrying about lanes, and noc has stronger midgame, and urgot can tank. basically push/harrass till noc or urgot can initiate with ult. kayle has to farm hard, but aggressively solo push or counter-jungle. if kayle can severely outfarm through jungle control or freefarm/push, scaling doesnt matter. this team doesnt have a lot of cc and relies on sona to be able flash/ult at the right time and trust that her team can destroy everyone real quick. :)
summary: aggressive, sort of sustained split-push team that relies on strong early-midgame and kayle farm/snowball lategame. emphasis always on pushing to prevent open teamfights without minions.

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kayle (top): dorans ring, greaves, rageblade, cleaver, bilgewater cutlass, trinity
brand (mid): boots, catalyst, sorcerers shoes, deathcap, banshees veil, void staff
noc (jungle): wriggles, mercs, trinity, banshees veil
urgot (bot): dorans blade, mercs or ionian, brutalizer, youmuus, banshee's veil