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General Guide by Dr Drago

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dr Drago

Ekko Top (Not a tank!)

Dr Drago Last updated on April 15, 2016
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Im a ekko main, and have been since release ive got over 230k champ points on ekko and this is my custom build that ive used since about 10-15k points

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If against: Nasus, Poppy, Sion
Bring Flash / Ignite
If against anyone else bring
Flash / tp
If Against Liss bring:
Cleanse / Tp

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Skill Sequence

Start q
Then e
Then w
Max Q
Max W
Max E

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(this is mostly pref) but i run +31 ap +9 Armour

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Standard Thunderlords setup

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This is the build IN ORDER

Start dorans ring + 2 pots (warding trinket)
Then First back get a blasting wand
2nd Back complete Void staff (sell dorans if needed)
3rd Back Work To a rabadons
4th Back Work into nashors tooth
(roam / split)
Then get Morrelos
Then Ludens
Then Lich bane
(you dont need boots with ludens and lich bane)
Now just split push! at this point no one can 1v1 you if your not very behind and make sure to always be pressuring turrets!

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Pros / Cons

You dont really want to face a nasus / poppy / other huge tank
Try to lane swap with mid if practical


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