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Last updated on February 2, 2016
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Hi guys this is my standard elise build for climbing elo.

Elise is a great jungler with a high mobility kit and large damage source.
Elise can easily get fed as well as get your teammates fed and can be very tricky to kill which leads to lots of outplay ability. please refer to build and notes for understandings. hope you like the guide even though its very brief.

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maximize ability power with a little bit of cooldown blues (6), take hybrid reds to maximize damage with burst combo as well as auto dps when activating spider form (w) if combo does not kill enemy, ap quints, armor yellows for jungle resistance.

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pretty self explanatory, take wanderer as elise clears fairly fast, runic as you are mana dependent and a jungler, merciless as it will scale with spider form (q) well, dangerous game as your not in lane, precision will help you do more magic dmg and armor pen for the dps between burst, thunderlords for bonus dmg as you have good gap closers, sorcery for extra dmg, double edged sword for extra dmg, natural talent for more dmg as you already have built in sustain, oppresor for increased damage when ganking.

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start with hunters talisman as it will give you mana regen on your first clears as elise is very mana reliant and will need the extra regen to complete her clears quicker. spiderlings will provide sustain.

stalkers blade is essential on elise, the slow will help you land cocoon. when you do land cocoon you can full combo and if they flash use your blue smite to slow and gap close with your (e) or (q) if enemy is out of range when in spider form.

these are core for early game damage and will help bursting enemies down quickly. recommended to go resistance items after unless the enemy lacks damage early game than you can finish haunting guise.

visage will provide CDR and good sustain for healing from spiderlings, Frozen heart will provide CDR and good trade potential with bonus mana and attk speed slow aura.

finish haunting guise into liandrys if this hasnt been done yet, purchase a void staff to stay relevant in damage late game as the enemy builds resistance, complete with captain enhancement due to elise's high mobility and gap close you will want your team to be as close to you as possible when you engage. finish with pot if you have gold.

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Skill Sequence

take w than q than e.

proceed to max q

than max w

than max e

take r at 6,11,16

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smite essential
flash essential


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